Thursday, December 29, 2011

Anti-Zionist-war-lobby activist Brother Nathanael spells out the FULL COURT PRESS Israel & 'American' Jews are pushing to START ANOTHER AMERICAN WAR in Mideast; cites "HYSTERIA" of the Jewish war lobby, being trumpeted throughout the Jewish owned, and Jewish dominated 'American' press/media for IMMEDIATE WAR vs Iran...

We here at The Jewish Wars fully agree with Brother Nathanael's video (a former Jew who converted to Christian Orthoox) explaining that any country in the world that does not immediately cave in to the Jewish war-lobby's extortion demands - backed by the entire U.S. military & financial system, and now by NATO's (so-called) "democratic" Western European armies - will see, first "political" domestic opposition groups funded with tens of millions of dollars by Jewish war lobby fronts (including those so-called 'liberal' NGO's and American 'liberal' organizations like MediaMatters funded by George Soros) seeking to oust that government... or next, active external support of terrorist groups, followed by an  OVERT MILITARY INVASION, as happened in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and now in Syria.
 Brother Nathan reports:
"With the illegal invasion of Libya by US-Nato forces resulting in the brutal murder of Gadafi, ALL military options of the Zionist West against ANY sovereign nation are now on the table. In other words, if a nation is not on board with the Judaic World Order, then that country is like a marked man, doomed for the hangman's noose. The world is now awhirl with fears of WWIII, due to the flood of headline 'news' of an imminent attack on Iran by Israel and its colony abroad, the Zionist States of America.  And the Jewish propaganda machine is wasting no time exploiting the International Atomic Energy Agency's recent Zionist-inspired report that Iran's nuclear programme includes a 'military dimension' that will be 'operational' in months. Somehow that report came just in time for JEWISH HYSTERIA to MOVE INTO FULL gear."
[after, that is, Libya's "ally of the west" Gadafi had first been knocked off by a terrorist NATO bombing campaign,  and proxy terrorist mercenary invasion.   NATO hired the very al Qaeda Sunni fundamentalist mercenaries - terrorists! - that America's entire wars of global imperial expansion has been propagandized as opposing! Today Syria is now seeing dozens, if not hundreds, of America, israel, Turkey, and other Jewish funded proxy terror groups - INCLUDING Al QAEDA combat hardened (against U.S. troops in Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, etc.) Sunni, reactionary fundamentalist mercenaries! -  unleash a bloody & terrifying civil war in Syria.  see video below, or here.]
"The Jewish Policy Center, for instance, among hundreds of Jewish Lobbies in America, is spinning the report as 'compelling evidence' that Iran is building 'an arsenal' of nuclear weapons. And we have Jewish neocon leader, Bill Kristol, who appeared on this week's edition of Fox News Sunday, spouting the PERSISTENT JUDAIC WAR CRY that AMERICA has 'an OBLIGATION to act' to stop a nuclear armed Iran...."
[note: both Bill Kirstol, and the puppet-of-jewish-war-lobby IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency)  were demonstrably, provably WRONG about IRAQ's "Weapons of Mass Destruction" programs - now they are both REPEATING, VERBATIM, their LIES which launched the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003, and the subsequent murder-by-war of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi victims of that Israel (neocon) incited U.S. invasion of Iraq.]
 "That omnipresent Jewish warmonger, Jeffrey Goldberg, whose agenda for stuffing body bags with more Gentile American soldiers (their own [Jews] do not die in Zionist inspired wars), is featured on this week's [jewish owned] Bloomberg 'news,' calling on Obama to 'save' israel from Iran. 

...Last week, the New York Times, the flagship of our JEWISH-CONTROLLED MEDIA, announced that the Pentagon IS ENGAGED in a BUILDUP OF TROOPS in the Persian Gulf region. Both China (Iran's number 1 oil importer) and Russia (whose friendship with Iran throws a curveball with at the Zionist puppet Obama), have warned that an attack on Iran would have 'serious consequences.' But 'serious consequences' for the world, are NO concern for International Jewry's warmongers, led by the NEO-CONS who JUST WON'T GO AWAY. And since 9-11, the Jewish neocons HAVE LED us into UNCEASING CHAOS and UNNECESSARY BLOODSHED."
[AS the jewish financial swindlers & loan-shark extortionists behind Goddamn-Sachs, JP Morgan, Lehman, Bear-Stearns, MF Global, and other failed, bankrupt, insolvent, but con-gress bribing banks, and the extortion-by-fiat-money printing "judenfetzen" Bernanke so-called 'Federal' Reserve, CONTINUE their jihad to DISMANTLE America's economy, and IMPOVERISH and ENSLAVE American (pink-slipped)  workers, pensioners, retirees, savers,our debt-extorted college students and graduates, America's "50% in poverty" children who no longer get access to health care;  and anyone not directly connected to the Jewish money-printing debt extortion global banking cartel.]
"What's now left of any sane opportunity for concord and harmony between soverign nations, is about to be SHATTERED through an attack on Iran, which can only mean (good news for International Jewry, but bad news for the rest of us), World War III."
screen-shot: "The Jewish Policy Center AMONG HUNDREDS of jewish lobbies in America" -
 and they ALL want ANOTHER American war in the Mideast! -

 ...even as ISRAEL is a known, ROGUE, nuclear armed, expansionist (land-grabbing) regional terrorist-sponsoring,  theocratic apartheid state, and even after the treasonous 'American' Neo-Cons in control of America's press, media, government, financial system, and most corporations (and much of our criminal in-justice system) spent the entire 1990's SABOTAGING Nuclear NON-PROLIFERATION accords worldwide, so
 A.) they (Neo-Con Jews) could lay the foundation for their current "Iran developing nuclear weapons!" hysteria, and
 B.) America's Jewish-finance controlled corporations, like GE (General Electric) and other nuclear reactor building companies, could PROFIT, SHORT TERM, from the PROLIFERATION of nuclear warhead-capable reactors sales  all through the entire 1990s and up to today's Iran war-lust hysteria...
  ...including nuclear reactor sales to South Asia regional tinder-box India, which SPURRED nuclear rival  Islamic PAKISTAN's domestic nuclear weapons production
(the very  "Islamic bomb" jews now claim they are so terrified of... they ENCOURAGED all through the 1990s!)  

  ...all the above  WITH treacherous 'American' Jewish Neo-Con lobbies'  nuclear-PROLIFERATING   APPROVAL, all through the 1990s     


update:  VIDEO of US, Britain, & ISRAEL funded and supported TERRORISTS ATTACKS inside Syria, SHOOTING UP A CIVILIAN CONVOY -
 PrisonPlanet intro: "AlJazera uploaded an edited version of this video, claiming it shows army defectors ambushing a security force convoy. Does it look like a military convoy to you?"

 FOR A TEXT-BOOK example of New York, Washington, London, and Tel Aviv MASS MURDEROUS, NAZI WARMONGERING RHETORIC in action, look at this Jewish dominated "Foreign Policy Institute" calls for MORE WAR IN SYRIA - from start to finish, the murderous Neo-Con warlusting whores at FP label ALL "opposition" forces in Syria as "democratic," and ALL government AND CIVILIAN targets as "oppressors" - even though, in above video, we see gunmen opening fire on a civilian convoy, no army truck in sight!   
Obama administration secretly preparing options for aiding the Syrian "opposition"
Posted By Josh Rogin

   As the violence in Syria spirals out of control,
[thanks to israel & American jews FUNDING TERRORISTS ATTACKS in that country]
 top officials in President Barack Obama's administration are quietly preparing options for how to assist the Syrian opposition, including gaming out the unlikely option of setting up a no-fly zone in Syria and preparing for another major diplomatic initiative.
  ["unlikely option" NOT! - this is THE FIRST OPTION these lying war-pigs are considering - as they used in Iraq for a full decade,  before whipping up their TREASONOUS "new Pearl Harbor" "allow 9-11 attacks to kill Americans" treason  to justify an actual U.S. invasion in 2003.]
Critics on Capitol Hill accuse the Obama administration of being slow to react to the quickening deterioration of the security situation in Syria, where over 5,000 have died, according to the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights.
 [The mass-murderous U.N. HCHR did NOT CARE HOW MANY LIBYANS DIED from AMERICAN supplied NATO bombs in the recent, relentless "NEW EUROPEAN COLONIALISM in Africa" invasion of Libya  - a death toll, far, far, far in excess of the 5,000 Syrians these  lying, jewish funded war pigs are now shedding crocodile tears over. 
   Not to overlook, "THE PLAN" for the Jewish dominated post-Gadaffi Libya, is as a FAILED STATE, like Iraq,  where the Jews BRIBE one ethnic group to attack another, while, meanwhile, the (Goddamn-Sachs & JP Morgan dominated) US & European corporations siphon as much of Libya's oil & resource wealth as possible - with as little economic return to Libya as they can get away with, classic neo-slavery colonial imperialism.]
Many lawmakers say the White House is once again "leading from behind," while the Turks, the French, and the Arab League -- which sent an observer mission to Syria this week - take the initiative to pursue more aggressive strategies for pressuring the Assad regime. 
But U.S. officials said that they are moving cautiously in order to avoid destabilizing Syria further, and to make sure they know as much as possible about the country's complex dynamics before getting more involved.
 [yet another Neo-Con lie: "DESTABLIZING" countries - in today's terms, turning Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and now Syria - if not the now catastrophically "IN DEBT" United States & European host  countries themselves! -  in to FAILED STATES - is THE HOLY GRAIL of the Jews, and has been since their bible claims that they  left the Egyptian army drowned in the Red Sea some 4,000 odd years ago.]   
  "CRITICS on Capitol Hill" is CODE for JEWISH WARMONGERS - they are INSATIABLE, they are backed by the entire rotchilds/bernanke/greenspan/goddamn-sachs/bank-of-london/European Central Bank + U.S.   'Federal' Reserve global FIAT money-printing global DEBT EXTORTION banking cartel,  and they are backed by the jewish war state's American funded NUCLEAR ARMED GLOBAL EXTORTION, blatantly genocidal military mafia.