Monday, December 19, 2011

Confirming our Previous Post, the ROTCHILDS controlled BRITAIN's Central Bank, is running MORE DEBT, than ALL the European Union countries! REPUDIATE the odious, Criminal Debt, and ARREST the treasonous debt bankers for economic sabotage!

 In our previous post, we basically stated that the entire British economy & financial system (and thus, de facto, their entire government) is being run by the London based Rothschilds cabal Jewish financial swindler bankers, who have defrauded English men and women out of tens upon hundreds of billions of dollars (measured in the British currency, pounds sterling)  value over the past 2 decades, in particular  the "Black Wednesday" naked shorting currency attack on the British pound sterling by George Soros' currency attacking cabal on 15 September 1992; a virtual repeat of the criminal banking cabal's attack on British wealth with "Brown's Bottom" naked shorting Britain's gold bullion reserves in 1999-2002,  and then again with the British peon/taxpayer EXTORTED "BAILOUTS" for Blackrock, BoE, RBS, AIG and all the other FAILED, INSOLVENT, BANKRUPT, but government-bribing & extorting British banks & financial funds starting in Sept. 2008 and continuing today

  In short, the entire British financial system is BASED ON FRAUD - the bankers CREATE FAILURE, and GET THE GOVERNMENT TO BAIL THEM OUT (or transfer public wealth to themselves via successful, unregulated "naked short" currency attacks) going back to at least 1992.
 Like astronomers searching for a dark Black Hole, looking for the evil doings of the Jewish financial swindlers cabal is not always easy - they hire the 'best minds' and most well connected professionals in England (Europe, US, and the world) to cover their dirty, criminal tracks - but, with a little practice, familiar patterns emerge - especially in the "BIG PICTURE" looking at the melding of Big FINANCE and national ECONOMICS, where - whadda ya know - THE SIGN of the Rotchilds Jewish Swindler's Debt Extortion Cabal IS DEBT,  and DEBT is  THE  SIGNATURE of this latest US, UK, Europe, & global economic crisis.
  And, with the Rotchilds (and Greenspan/Bernanke Jewish dominated 'Federal' Reserve in America, and Dominique Strauss-Kahn and other Jewish bankers at IMF, World Bank, etc.)  running the ECB as well (European Central Bank),  suddenly you realize you can no more not notice the heavy hand of the Rotchilds Jewish debt extortion cabal, than you can not notice gravity here on planet earth!   

   So - after WEEKS upon WEEKS upon WEEKS  of the American public being "informed" and fed daily 'news' reports of the looming financial crisis of the PENDING BANKRUPTCY and BREAKUP of the EURO.... well, GUESS!  American boys and girls -
 - "WHO is running THE MOST DEBT (to actually productive economy) of them all?" 

 WHY, it's the 200+ year HOME BASE of the Rotchilds - ENGLAND, herself !!!
 As the below chart explains.    Just remember, that "MONEY" is  DEBT - CREATED OUT OF THIN AIR by the Rotchilds model PRIVATELY OWNED but state monopoly Central Bankers...  they LOVE CREATING DEBT that they can "STICK" to citizens & taxpayers, and they CREATED SO MUCH DEBT in the 1920s, that the drove America, Britain, and Europe STRAIGHT INTO THE GREAT DEPRESSION... and are doing so again, today,  20 short years after the breakup of the Soviet Union was supposed to lead to eternal peace and prosperity (the micro-short lived "peace dividend")!!!

  • Psssst France: Here Is Why You May Want To Cool It With The Britain Bashing – The UK’s 950% Debt To GDP

  •       And as the above ZeroHedge headline alludes to, Europeans, who are the victims of this evil, relentless, repeat, serial Rotchilds Jewish swindlers' cabal ATTACKS on their currencies and economies,  CAN'T EVEN SAY ANYTHING about Britain's horrid DEBT-to-GDP load...

     ...because Europe bankers are as 'invested' in British 'wealth' (repeat to yourself: "all money is debt"!) as American bankers are 'invested' in European and British 'securities.'   

      This means European critics would be cutting their own throats... by EXPOSING  BRITISH FINANCIAL FRAUD, they would cause their own banks to fail from  their debt-to-loans ratio skyrocketing once fraudulent British 'securities' were exposed as worthless.... debt !!

      Oh, what an evil,  sick web of  DEBT SLAVERY the treasonous,  nation (and host nation!) gutting Jewish financial swindlers weave...