Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Netanyahu, the jewish War State's Prime Minister, is an inveterate and pathological liar....

To realize how far into the abyss of evil the Jewish war state - now dominated by genocidal, bible-thumping, "kill every man, woman, and child in Jericho by smashing their skulls or impaling the victims on swords and spears"  jewish supremacists - has fallen, simply recall that  current israel Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, first became Prime Minister in 1995 literally over the body of his dead, killed, murdered, ASSASSINATED political opponent, then Prime Minister Rabin.

 Then realize that Netanyahu is now A MAD WARMONGER on the world stage - even as jewish propagandists across Europe, America, and the world spend their every waking hour trying to portray IRAN  President Ahmedinajad as "mad"!  

  Was it Ahmedinajad who supplied, paid, and instigated the Georgia (former Soviet republic) puppet dictator Mikhail Saakashvilli to ATTACK RUSSIAN TROOPS in South Ossetia on the day the rest of the world was celebrating global peace and cooperation at the start of the summer olympics,  8-8-08  (August 8, 2008) in Beijing???
 (Don't take our word for it - here's the very jewish owned TIME/warner magazine explaining the jewish war state's despicable role in FOMENTING the Georgia army attack on South Ossettia, and, besides, simply imagine the puppet dictator Saakashvilli... taking on the Russian army... without billions of dollars of supplies and equipment provided by somebody....)
"What ISRAEL Lost in the Georgia War"!!)

GOT THAT, you treasonous jewish propagandists?

    IT IS NETANYAHU who is a GLOBAL WARMONGERING MAD-MAN, and you treasonous, traitorous  S.O.B.'s are getting paid  -  like the media whores you are - to portray AHMEDINAJAD as a land-grabbing,  economies wrecking, nuclear proliferating, mass-murdering, civilians killing war-monger !!!
 (Not to metion, the jewish likudniks & Neo-Cons, via their control of American foreign policy, are the actual, de facto, real PUPPET MASTERS of the SAUDI and other Gulf oil states THEOCRATIC dictator regimes, including Bahrain, UAE, and Kuwait! 
The jews (Neo-Cons) who control America's foreign policy  are IN SUPPORT of the women-beheading Islamic radical Wahabi fundamentalist regimes!  Jewish contempt for democracy and human rights stretches back to the bible era, when the jewish war tribe made continual if shifting alliances with other mercenary tribes - the more ruthlessly effective, the better - until such time as the jewish war tribe was able to exterminate their former allies.  See the Egyptians, Midianites, Moabites, Amonites, etc. etc. etc. etc.  Thus today's Neo-Con alliance with the Saudis and other Wahabi dictator, theocrat regimes, is no different from the biblical David making an alliance of convenience with the Philistine king while he was on the run from Saul.)

  Well, today's post just to point out that the despicable, evil Netanyahu is, as we have commented before, the de facto DICTATOR of these (late) 'United' States of America;  so-called "President" Barack Obama is nothing but a puppet to his Neo-Con 'advisors' - the JEWISH supremacist WARMONGERS and financial SWINDLERS who are infested in and run the White House and the Nancy Pelosi "Democratic" party in Congress (and of course the Republican Party as well)...   and, here we get a snippet of Obama's frustration,  THE PRESIDENT of the United States is FORCED to listen to the LYING, MASS-MURDERING, rivals assassinating Jewish WARMONGER netanyahu, on a DAILY basis - because American jews place a HIGHER LOYALTY to a FOREIGN government (israel, the jewish war state) than they do to their own country and "homeland," these late 'United' States of America....
Netanyahu labeled liar in Sarkozy-Obama G20 mic-leak
November 8, 2011
The presidents of America and France have aired complaints about the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, in the course of a private conversation overhead by journalists, reports say. President Sarkozy went so far as to call Netanyahu a liar.
“I can’t stand him!” the Frenchman told his American counterpart in a would-be confidential discussion. Obama’s reply was “You're fed up with him, but I have to deal with him every day!”

The exchange is alleged to have happened on Monday on the fringes of the G20 summit, following a media conference. According to the French website Arret Sur Images, the private conversation between the two was broadcast to a half-dozen-strong press crowd when microphones were accidentally left switched on...

   The report further alleges that the journalists, who involuntarily witnessed the conversation, decided not to make it public due to its sensitive nature. The tensions between the Israeli leader and some of his Western partners, including Obama, are no big secret, but the differences have not been brought to the public eye in such blunt terms before. 
    The bottom paragraph indicates the sad reality in America and Europe today: the treasonous JEWISH CONTROLLED PRESS,  DOES NOT ALLOW  anything to hit the "major media" newswires, which puts the genocidal warmongering jewish state and its pathological, contemptuous of humanity, global peace-wrecking madmen "leaders"  in a bad light....