Monday, November 21, 2011

Jews "May have a DEATH WISH" - both as a cultish diaspora in foreign countries, and as their own nation (Isreal) surrounded by "enemies" - Reports Jewish, quoting Richard Nixon & Henry Kissinger in 1972 and 1973...

We will return to the very central question of 
"are the Neo-Cons
 (the Jewish War Lobby + Jewish dominated global fiat money central banks & "investment banking" financial swindlers)
genocidal, suicidal, hatemongering, & violent sabotage
(i.e."Mad Max")
in a future commentary, but for now, we will post this screen shot of President Nixon musing on the same question back in 1973... with the very Jewish "holocaust"  survivor (Jewish European WWII refugee) Henry Kissenger musing on that same topic a year earlier....  
  Nixon in 1973: Jews may have a death wish
Recordings from former US president's time in office reveal his thoughts on Jews on eve of Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir's visit to Washington 

See also Ynet news' similar story, quoting then Nixon's "National Security Advisor" the very Jewish Henry Kissinger:,7340,L-4150018,00.html
Kissinger in '72: Jews 'self-serving bastards'
Secret US State Department docs released for publication indicate Jewish-American politician suffered from Jewish lobbyists' pressure prior to Yom Kippur War; reveal he suggested to divide Sinai Peninsula into 'security zones'   
 If those who are in positions of "leadership" in American government, business, finance, and press/media distribution harbor delusions of racial supremacy, and deeply ingrained SUICIDE DEALTH CULT fantasies of VIOLENT, SABOTAGE DESTRUCTION and GENOCIDAL mass-murder,
then the American public should be aware of their (own) looming destruction....  (!!!!!!!!!)