Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Jew Jon Corzine - Former GODDAMN-SACHS CHAIRMAN and NJ GOVERNOR - at CENTER of one-half BILLION dollars "MISSING" from Client accounts at MF Global. JEWISH FINANCE is SWINDLER finance... SAYS THE BIBLE !!

ho hum.

Another day, another instance of the INSANELY CORRUPT (and thereby TREASONOUS) jews in the Barack Obama administration TURNING A WILLFUL BLIND EYE to TITANIC CORRUPTION, FRAUD, LARCENCY, and CRIMES on Wall Street and in the critical, global financial markets.

  And the reason Mary Schapiro, Gary Gensler, and the other Neo-Cons in the Obama administration -  Obama's jewish puppet-masters - turn a willful blind eye to blatant, titanic fraud in America's financial markets is simplicity itself:  THEY ARE PART OF the FRAUDS,  just as Jon Corzine was recently GOVERNOR of New Jersey, and thus a power-broker in NJ "Democratic" party politics.

    Oh - and did we mention,  Corzine - like Obama's CFTC Chairman GARY GENSLER
(the CFTC only ground-zero in the 'deregulated' "Derivatives" ACCOUNTING FRAUD NIGHTMARE that has created this latest 2007-2011 economic crisis) - is a "former" GoddamnSachs excutive?  In Corzine's case, no less than CO-CHAIRMAN, along with Bob Rubin;  in Gensler's case, 'merely'"made man" director/partner.

     All three - Corzine, Rubin, and Gensler - are NY (or New Jersey) based JEWISH MILLIONAIRES, who PROFIT from the DEFRAUDING of their clients and (after 'bailouts') American taxpayers.
 Below - a pair of screen-capture images catches Bloomberg 'news' WHITEWASHING FINANCIAL CRIMES, as "unaccounted customer funds"
   ...that CUSTOMERS WILL BE FORCED TO BEAR losses... 
   ...even as  the "regulatory agency" SIPCA  touts itself as the "Securities INVESTOR PROTECTION Corp." !!!

This is ORWELLIAN DOUBLE-SPEAK PROPAGANDA coming from the mouths (pens) of  Jewish Gestapo-meister (NYdemocracy protest crushing Mayor) Michael Bloomberg's hired writers: Portraying a LAX, SLACK, FRAUDULENT "regulatory" atmosphere as "INVESTOR PROTECTION" - and then telling  'investors' that they will have to eat the losses from years' worth of BLATANTLY CRIMINAL FRAUD & FRAUDULENT ACCOUNTING,
   ....that have been IGNORED, not only by federal oversight agencies, but by Michael Bloomberg and his  "financial expert watchdogs" as well !!   


YOU have made yourself the personification of 3,000 years of so-called "anti-Semitic" complaints:  a jewish billionaire whose own accounts are bloated with some of the TRILLIONS of dollars of  American taxpayer extorted 'bailouts' money  (as his, Bloomberg's own 'news' service has reported on back in 2009!!)  PRETENDING to be a "FINANCIAL EXPERT"   but, as usual,  your  'expertise' distills to reporting on gross, blatant FRAUD....  AFTER  American consumers & investors have been robbed!   

  What an un-American, backstabbing, cheating, lying, brutal, swindling putz.   

  don't take our word for it:  Here is Mr. Bloomberg's own headline & article - they are SO EXPERT at "reporting "MISSING" investor funds & accounts - after YEARS worth of FRAUDULENT ACCOUNTING,   aren't they?!!!

In our headline for this article - about (GODDAMN-SACHS former chairman) Jon Corzine's titanic half-billion dollars fraud at MF Global... and Michael Bloomberg's 'news' company's FRAUDULENT "pretend concern for investors" "reporting" - we said that the BIBLE itself exposes JEWISH FINANCE as SWINDLER & EXTORTION finance? 
   Well, take a gander at THIS little gem of biblical text:

New International Version
35 The Israelites did as Moses instructed and asked  ["asked"!!] the Egyptians for articles of silver and gold and for clothing. 36 The LORD had made the Egyptians favorably disposed toward the people, and they gave them what they asked for; so they plundered the Egyptians.
This amazing little snippet of the bible CONFIRMS something we already knew, and long suspected:
 PEOPLE WHO OWN GOLD and silver, are NOT destitute of bread and food supplies.  

We know that the jews in leaving Egypt - "the Exodus" - had gold on them, because they sheathed their infamous (presumably life sized) "GOLDEN CALF" with gold.  Since there is no gold lying about in desert sands, and since there were no other tribes that the bible mentions Jews coming in contact with on their run from the Egyptian army.... we must conclude that the Jews TOOK THEIR GOLD WITH THEM, OUT OF EGYPT. 
   Exodus 12:35-36 merely confirms our suspicions that the whole "unleavened bread" story is AN EMBELLISHMENT,  designed (written up and memorialized) LONG AFTER THE FACT, to put a MORE SYMPATHETIC FACE on Moses' rampaging "we will conquer the promised land" blood-drenched warriors. 

   In fact,  Exodus 12:35 is a typical example of JEWISH GLOATING: they are SO SUPREMACIST,  they can't even hide - in their own writing! -  their gloating over the EXTORTION of the Egyptian people at sword-point... even as they, jewish writers and 'scholars' and celebrants,  spend the next 3,000 years trying to portray themselves as the injured, aggrieved, downtrodden party!   

  Not only does the powerfully simple Exodus 12:35  undermine the entire "Exodus" narrative,  but it plainly portrays the Jews as what they really were: A POWERFUL MERCENARY WAR TRIBE, at some times ALLIED with the Egyptians and Egyptian army, at other times (probably after the Egyptian army had been reduced and bled white in steady combat with imperial rivals) EXTORTING, MURDERING, and HOLDING HOSTAGE the Egyptian people to Jewish demands for gold, silver, food, and fine clothing! 

Under the (not so) tender mercies of MICHAEL BLOOMBERG, JON CORZINE, LLOYD BLANKFEIN, BOB RUBIN, larry summers, rahm emanuel, GARY GENSLER, MARY SCHAPIRO, michael chertoff, michael mukasey, the Jewish senators & congress-critters, jewish media owners,  and all the other APPARTCHIKS of JEWISH commissar EXTORTION,  America - these late 'United' States of America - is the new EgyptAMERICANS are the new EXTORTED, LOOTED, PLUNDERED, and national security DEMOLISHED Egyptians robbed of their gold, silver, food, sovereign wealth, and financial security,  by the mercenary, loot, plunder, & extortion eternal war tribe.