Saturday, November 26, 2011

The very Jewish Goddamn-Sachs bank (that is, de facto, a rotchilds front in America) is THE POWER BEHIND the INTENTIONAL ECONOMIC CRISIS and Europe's new DICTATORIAL "of, by, and for banksters" kleptocracy...

  Goddamn-Sachs - the main American front bank for the very Jewish "money power" - has INTENTIONALLY SABOTAGED the entire American & Europe-wide economies, and have, using text-book "DISASTER CAPITALISM" - placed their own banking-extortion expert appartchiks at the top of Europe's once democratically elected governments....
  The Goddamn-Sachs HIJACKING of America and Europe in 2011, is a REPEAT of  the Rothschild bankers FUNDING the REPRESSION and SUPRESSION of the Europe-wide 1848 democratic revolutions.... get over it.
   The wealthy bankers behind the Jewish war state, who, via relentless and effective propaganda backed by "the money power"  also control the Jewish diaspora (Jews in America, Europe, and elsewhere) DESPISE Democracy, and are about to unleash a new wave of global repression that will mimic both the widespread blood-letting of the ruthless suppression of the 1848 revolutions, AND the bloodshed of WWI that followed inevitably thereafter (when imperial autocrats artificially kept in power by the suppression of popular revolutions,  had nothing better to do than command armies, and become slaves to their own pride and arrogance). 
    Indeed, if the ruthless, genocidal Jewish autocrats have their way, and invade Iran as they had the U.S. & British militaries invade Iraq, a nuclear war is almost inevitable - which would quickly surpass WWI AND WWII death tolls.   
      It is a crime and a travesty - and an aknowledgement of the power of Jewish propaganda - that Americans are clueless to both their pending fate, and to the very simple fact that,  "the more Jewish (religious, 'conservative,' "orthodox") a person is... the MORE THEY DESPISE democracy, in favor of the 'divine right of god' model infused in the BRONZE AGE written jewish bible."
Former Assistant Secretary of Treasury (under President Reagan) Dr. Paul Craig Roberts explains the obvious:  Goddamn-Sachs is a criminal institution that has, via its access to zero-interest "money" printed by the (wholly owned)  Fed and ECB, over the years BRIBED EVERY POLITICAL PARTY in America and Europe, and has now reached a point where its choosen candidates have been APPOINTED - NOT ELECTED - as 'leaders' in Greece, Italy, and over the ECB, the European Central Bank itself - the  new DICTATORIAL core of Europe government. 

    Americans and Europeans have, over the decades, been intentionally DUMBED DOWN by the 'elites' controlled 'major media,'  to where Americans are now grossly ignorant of the powers of DESTRUCTIVE,  "pump-and-dump" PREDATORY FINANCE.   Americans just can not wrap their heads around the notion that this economic crisis is INTENTIONAL SABOTAGE by the hyper-wealthy elites... just as the Great Depression was before it.

   The key to understanding this intentional sabotage, Great Depressions creating predatory finance is to understand how the Rothschilds bankers became the most powerful political-financial  force in the Anglo/American world in the 19th century, and thereby the power behind Britain and America's military empires.   

  Quite simply, the Rothschilds banking family did NOT like "free market competition" - they preferred dealing with dictators, autocrats, and elite controlled Parliaments, who could then issue financial deals that were beyond public inspection and very profitable to the monopoly power behind those lucrative, privately issued deals.    With bank branches in all major European nations (save Russia), the family was effectively ABOVE THE LAWS of individual European countries - and were dispersed and diversified enough that they could withstand the failures and crisis that would bankrupt their competitors. 

  BANKRUPTING the COMPETITION is the financial equivalent of defeating an enemy in war - and the Rotchilds became quite expert in this most fundamental form of financial competition.   They were masters of market pyschology, at knowing the vanities and weaknesses of ruling elites,  and understanding the national pyschology of the host nations they set their banks up in. The Rotchilds set up a courier and "intel" organization that rivaled - and usually exceeded - those of individual states, Nathan Rothschild learning about Wellington's victory over Napoleon at Waterloo, before the British government in London, the textbook example.
   The Rothschilds loved nothing better than DRIVING THEIR RIVALS TO RUIN, and picking up their rivals' assets for pennies on the dollar.    Since it is well established that the Rothschilds were, financially, MORE POWERFUL than most nations in Europe, it is easy to understand how they could BANKRUPT an ENTIRE NATION for profit and power.  

  Today, Europe and America are again witnessing "the money power" using INTENTIONAL FINANCIAL SABOTAGE to increase their wealth and absolute power. 

  In the below article, Dr. Roberts gives us a text-book example:  How Goddamn-Sachs and U.S. Treasury Secretary Timmy Geithner  INTENTIONALLY SABOTATED a GERMAN BOND OFFERING... while the economically weaker ITALY's bond offering was a success - a coordinated attack, by the "money power" AND U.S. GOVERNMENT - against the healthiest, strongest economy in Europe -  INTENTIONAL FINANCIAL SABOTAGE. 

 The power of the Rothschilds reached its zenith in the mid-1800s... as the Rothschilds built palatial mansions all in and around London, as -
#1. the GREAT FAMINE was killing somewhere between 1 million and 6 million Irish men, women, and children between 1845-1852 alone, Irish souls  EXTORTED out of their food-stocks, by British and Anglicized Irish military & police, doing the bidding of London elites... who answered to London's financial royalty...
#2. the BLOODY SUPPRESSION of the anti-autocrat, democratic Revolutions in Europe in 1848.  Both American and British history textbooks downplay the 1848 Revolutions, because both Anglo and American elites are inherently autocratic, and don't like the rabble thinking that revolutions are either sympathetic... or repeatable.
#3.  the OPIUM WAR: The British empire, being addicted to tea, chinaware, silk, and other products imported from China, and having nothing but gold to trade with China, FORCED China to IMPORT OPIUM, creating a nation of addicts to support British trade... and British banker profits.    The Rothschilds are never directly linked to the Opium war GENOCIDAL EXTORTION of China, but, as with the Irish holocaust, the "money power" in Britain undoubtably profited from it....
#4.  The American Civil War... was FUNDED by BRITISH and FRENCH BANKERS, who were purchasing SLAVE GROWN southern cotton, from Southern slave-owners who became wealthy enough in the process to finance their own armies to attack the United States army.    Again, what is important here is that the Rothschilds were the undisputed "money power" at the apex of both British and French banking in 1860... but you will never read how the Southern Confederate armies were FINANCED by those ruthless elites who despised American democracy (and the good working-man wages that went along with it).
  The common denominator of all 4 above, is that the Anglo banking elite PROFITED from DEATH AND DESTRUCTION... and they DESPISED DEMOCRACY and human rights. 

    It is a very short line to draw, indeed, that connects England's autocratic, anti-democratic, mass-murderous (genocidal) tendencies, with the banking house at the apex of British imperial finance... the Jewish Rotchilds bankers.   

    JP Morgan bank was the lead front for the Rothschilds in America in the late 1800s... and today, not only does the "money power" STILL CONTROL  JP Morgan-Chase bank, but in Goddamn-Sachs 'bank'  "the money power" dispenses with the pretense of having to hide behind an Anglo/WASP name at all.  
Bankers Have Seized Europe: Goldman Sachs Has Taken Over
Paul Craig Roberts
Saturday, November 26, 2011

On November 25, two days after a failed German government bond auction in which Germany was unable to sell 35% of its offerings of 10-year bonds, the German finance minister, Wolfgang Schaeuble said that Germany might retreat from its demands that the private banks that hold the troubled sovereign debt from Greece, Italy, and Spain must accept part of the cost of their bailout by writing off some of the debt. The private banks want to avoid any losses either by forcing the Greek, Italian, and Spanish governments to make good on the bonds by imposing extreme austerity on their citizens, or by having the European Central Bank print euros with which to buy the sovereign debt from the private banks.
    Printing money to make good on debt is contrary to the ECB’s charter and especially frightens Germans, because of the Weimar experience with hyperinflation.
 [Which was ORCHESTRATED by the English/French bankers after the awful Versaille Treaty of WWI... English and French bankers being practically a synonym for "the Rothschilds," who, through their ownership stake in JP Morgan, Khun, Loeb, and other banks, also controlled American banking & finance]
Obviously, the German government got the message from the orchestrated failed bond auction. As I wrote at the time, there is no reason for Germany, with its relatively low debt to GDP ratio compared to the troubled countries, not to be able to sell its bonds.
If Germany’s creditworthiness is in doubt, how can Germany be expected to bail out other countries? Evidence that Germany’s failed bond auction was orchestrated is provided by troubled Italy’s successful bond auction two days later.
Strange, isn’t it. Italy, the largest EU country that requires a bailout of its debt, can still sell its bonds, but Germany, which requires no bailout and which is expected to bear a disproportionate cost of Italy’s, Greece’s and Spain’s bailout, could not sell its bonds.
In my opinion, the failed German bond auction was orchestrated by the US Treasury, by the European Central Bank and EU authorities, and by the private banks that own the troubled sovereign debt.
My opinion is based on the following facts. Goldman Sachs and US banks have guaranteed perhaps one trillion dollars or more of European sovereign debt by selling swaps or insurance against which they have not reserved. The fees the US banks received for guaranteeing the values of European sovereign debt instruments simply went into profits and executive bonuses. This, of course, is what ruined the American insurance giant, AIG, leading to the TARP bailout at US taxpayer expense and Goldman Sachs’ enormous profits.
If any of the European sovereign debt fails, US financial institutions that issued swaps or unfunded guarantees against the debt are on the hook for large sums that they do not have. The reputation of the US financial system probably could not survive its default on the swaps it has issued. Therefore, the failure of European sovereign debt would renew the financial crisis in the US, requiring a new round of bailouts and/or a new round of Federal Reserve “quantitative easing,” that is, the printing of money in order to make good on irresponsible financial instruments, the issue of which enriched a tiny number of executives.

Certainly, President Obama does not want to go into an election year facing this prospect of high profile US financial failure. So, without any doubt, the US Treasury wants Germany out of the way of a European bailout.
The private French, German, and Dutch banks, which appear to hold most of the troubled sovereign debt, don’t want any losses. Either their balance sheets, already ruined by Wall Street’s fraudulent derivatives, cannot stand further losses or they fear the drop in their share prices from lowered earnings due to write-downs of bad sovereign debts. In other words, for these banks big money is involved, which provides an enormous incentive to get the German government out of the way of their profit statements.
The European Central Bank does not like being a lesser entity than the US Federal Reserve and the UK’s Bank of England. The ECB wants the power to be able to undertake “quantitative easing” on its own. The ECB is frustrated by the restrictions put on its powers by the conditions that Germany required in order to give up its own currency and the German central bank’s control over the country’s money supply. The EU authorities want more “unity,” by which is meant less sovereignty of the member countries of the EU. Germany, being the most powerful member of the EU, is in the way of the power that the EU authorities desire to wield.
Thus, the Germans bond auction failure, an orchestrated event to punish Germany and to warn the German government not to obstruct “unity” or loss of individual country sovereignty.
Germany, which has been browbeat since its defeat in World War II, has been made constitutionally incapable of strong leadership. Any sign of German leadership is quickly quelled by dredging up remembrances of the Third Reich. As a consequence, Germany has been pushed into an European Union that intends to destroy the political sovereignty of the member governments, just as Abe Lincoln destroyed the sovereignty of the American states.
Who will rule the New Europe? Obviously, the private European banks and Goldman Sachs.
The new president of the European Central Bank is Mario Draghi. This person was Vice Chairman and Managing Director of Goldman Sachs International and a member of Goldman Sachs’ Management Committee. Draghi was also Italian Executive Director of the World Bank, Governor of the Bank of Italy, a member of the governing council of the European Central Bank, a member of the board of directors of the Bank for International Settlements, and a member of the boards of governors of the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the Asian Development Bank, and Chairman of the Financial Stability Board.
Obviously, Draghi is going to protect the power of bankers.
Italy’s new prime minister, who was appointed not elected, was a member of Goldman Sachs Board of International Advisers. Mario Monti was appointed to the European Commission, one of the governing organizations of the EU. Monti is European Chairman of the Trilateral Commission, a US organization that advances American hegemony over the world. Monti is a member of the Bilderberg group and a founding member of the Spinelli group, an organization created in September 2010 to facilitate integration within the EU.
Just as an unelected banker was installed as prime minister of Italy, an unelected banker was installed as prime minister of Greece. Obviously, they are intended to produce the bankers’ solution to the sovereign debt crisis.
Greece’s new appointed prime minister, Lucas Papademos, was Governor of the Bank of Greece. From 2002-2010. He was Vice President of the European Central Bank. He, also, is a member of America’s Trilateral Commission.
Jacques Delors, a founder of the European Union, promised the British Trade Union Congress in 1988 that the European Commission would require governments to introduce pro-labor legislation. Instead, we find the banker-controlled European Commission demanding that European labor bail out the private banks by accepting lower pay, fewer social services, and a later retirement.
The European Union, just like everything else, is merely another scheme to concentrate wealth in a few hands at the expense of European citizens, who are destined, like Americans, to be the serfs of the 21st century.  

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts is the father of Reaganomics and the former head of policy at the Department of Treasury. He is a columnist and was previously an editor for the Wall Street Journal. His latest book, “How the Economy Was Lost: The War of the Worlds,” details why America is disintegrating.