Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Jewish Wars: the Neo-Cons - the Jewish War Lobby + GS, JPM, Fed, Rothschilds (& etc.) financial swindlers - are WAGING GENOCIDAL WARS against CHRISTIANS in Muslim lands "freed" by US invasions & occupations...

Little discussed in the Jewish dominated "American" (U.S.A.) major media, is that there is NO religious freedom for Christians in... ISRAEL.
  If the stupid, hypocritical, greedy, and self-righteous American Evangelical Christians  who take their funding, in America, from Israeli & Jewish (war) lobby groups, TRIED to EVANGELIZE in Israel.. THEY WOULD BE ARRESTED.
(If, that is, they weren't beaten, stoned, and torn limb-from-limb by enraged Jewish "Orthodox" mobs first.) 

The Christian population has been DECLINING in Israel, under the murderously genocidal rules the Jewish supremacists impose in a  land - the Jewish ruled state of Israel - that would not exist but for hundreds of billions of dollars of taxpayer funded aid or profits begged, extorted, and swindled out of Christian states and nations.  

     A similar, murderously genocidal rage marks the JEWISH DOMINATED U.S. FOREIGN POLICY towards Christians in the Mideast: EVERYWHERE the U.S. military, under the cold hand of the DC Neo-Cons (Wolfowitz, Perle, Feith, Libby, Wurmser, Zackheim, Sunstein, Emanuel, Ross, Schapiro, William Weld, James Rubin, Henry Kissinger,  etc. etc. etc. etc.  )  INVADES, attacks, and OCCUPIES Muslim countries in the Mideast - within a short time, a MURDEROUS 'cleansing' of LOCAL CHRISTIAN populations takes place,  most notably against the Assyrian Christian population in Iraq, and now on-going in EGYPT and LIBYA - where, as in Iraq & Afghanistan,  the American government CLAIMS  "success" at "FREEING" the people of those countries from dictator oppression - but actually INCITES religious and ethnic hatreds - because the Neo-Cons are ruthless,  GENOCIDAL MASS-MURDERERS who regard people of the world as, at best, beasts to be worked and slaughtered; or, at worst, regards the "unchoosen" people of the world as vermin to be exterminated and disposed of.   (See various English translations of the horrid 'Talmud' - if you can stomach them.)

    AMERICAN CHRISTIANS are IGNORANT DUPES for the Jewish supremacists, who have no more use for Christians in the Mideast, than Jewish billionaires like Michael Bloomberg have for democracy (and democratic protest) in America....  or  than the WWI Turkish government had for Christian Armenians.
  (1.5 million of whom were marched into the Syrian desert and raped, murdered, or left to die during WWI, the "Armenian Genocide," which genocidal mass-murder today's JEWISH HOLOCAUST INDUSTRY professionals CONTINUE to whitewash, downplay, and ignore - the Jewish supremacists have been relentlessly MONOPOLIZING  the political persuasion power of victimization, by downplaying other genocides of the 19th & 20th centuries.)    

   Below, RT (RussiaToday) video discusses the disturbing consequences of America's mass-murderous, Neo-Con dominated "foreign policy" - the ETHNIC CLEANSING of CHRISTIANS from EVERY country that the US & "allied" European forces (NATO) invade & occupy: a "religious" PURGING that has the SUPPORT of AMERICAN "Christians," either through abject ignorance, or, more likely, through racial hatred & contempt (for Iraqis, Egyptians, Libyans, etc.)
  (Much as the Catholic Fourth Crusade laid waste to and massacred Christian Orthodox Constantinople in 1204.)

(terrific commentary, we will return and transcribe more later)
 "The US has been the LEADING FORCE for FOMENTING Sectarian VIOLENCE in the region for some time... the US has been the BIGGEST SUPPORTER of RELIGIOUS INTOLERANCE,  as part of a DIVIDE and RULE strategy for keeping the '3rd world' people of the Mideast from uniting."