Friday, October 14, 2011

Jewish Nazi Warmongers step up PROPAGANDA LIES to JUSTIFY their MASS-MURDEROUS plans to invade, conquer, occupy Iran...

The Jews who control America (and Great Britain, and the European Union) are up to their mass-murderous, treasonous old tricks again: a FULL COURT PRESS to JUSTIFY their looming WAR AGAINST IRAN.
 Today,  Fox 'news' reported that the U.S. government - which is to say, the wholly owned puppet Barack Obama presidency - is sending U.S. military troops to Uganda.  In the new (post- stolen election 2000 coup) Neo-Con dictatorship in America, ANY public discussion of sending MORE U.S. troops to start MORE wars, is all but verbotten.
   Speaking of, reports that the British government - home base of the multinational world fiat money cartel  Rothschilds jewish warmongers, who (via israel) rule the United States -
 - has banned the Iranian internet news service, , from British viewers.

   As in NAZI Germany, British citizens are being subject to CENSORSHIP in what they see and hear - always bolstering the elite autocracy "consensus"  (or "con-ventional wisdom")  that WHAT IS NEEDED for America and Great Britain are MORE WARS to "secure national security" - even though those mass-murderous elites care no more for Americans and Britons denied health care, jobs, or pension security, than the evil regime of Prime Minister Netanyahu  (whose supporters assassinated then Prime Minister Rabin in 1995) cares for peace or Palestinian rights - or Christian freedom of religion in the so-called "holy land." 
  The American govt. claims that the FBI and CIA broke up Iran's plot to assassinate the Saudi Ambassador - in America! - are especially LUDICROUS.
  To begin with, America's CIA and "black ops" military are ASSASSINATING Muslims THROUGHOUT the world - this is unmistakeably a case of the American pot calling the lesser-used kettle "black."   But more so, it would be foolish for the Iranians to run an assassination plot in America, where the Saudi Ambassador is well guarded. 

   The widely read GeorgeWashington blog even explains that, even in America, national security experts are LAUGHING at the Jewish Neo-Cons in the Obama administration's ham-fisted efforts to whip up this fraudulent "Terror Attack"  plot -

...but it doesn't matter, the Jews in and out of the U.S. government, bolstered by trillions of dollars stolen from the people of America and the world (by their GS, jpm, 'Federal' Reserve fiat money, fraudulent debt extortion cabal);
 -  bolstered by their own rogue, nuclear terrorism nuclear arsenal, and of course
 -  bolstered by their own claims to be the sole, ONLY CONCERN in the ENTIRE universe for their blood-thirsty 'god' - will GRIND OUT the IRAN WAR,  just as they stole the election of 2000,  let SAUDI hijackers destroy the Twin Towers in New York on 9-11-2001, and then LIED America into a mass-murderous war of theft and occupation against a prostrate Iraq - all while driving the American economy into the cesspit sewer of Bob Rubin & Larry Summers "DEREGULATION" and post-Soviet Russia style, PENSIONS LOOTING, HEALTH CARE TRASHING, JOBS DESTROYING "radical privatization."

  America's jews are fully NAZIESQUE in their devotion to war, mass-murder, and fabricating lies to whitewash their war lust insanity and world economies sabotaging ruthless, relentless greed.