Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bernanke the Jewish Genuis - CNBC video from 2005 captures Bernanke's FAILED predictions. So WHY is he STILL RUNNING AMERICA's MONEY PRINTING "Fed" Reserve" machine ???? Oh yeah... He is a charter member of the Neo-Con (jewish war-lobby + financial swindlers) EHM & global loan-sharking extortion machine...

Why is this man smiling like the proverbial cat who ate the canary?
Marie Antoinette ain't got nothing on
"trillions of printed-out-of-thin-air dollars for my failed, bankrupt, insolvent bankster pals"
  Ben Bernanke...  who SMILES, as he not only WRECKS the American economy,
 but as he turns the late, (almost) great American Social Safety net into a CONCENTRATION CAMP,
 bankers' casino-gulag,  DEBT SLAVERY      SLAVE PLANTATION,
the Fed the new "massa's white house" behind the pretty little white picket fence...

Spliced video from 5 CNBC appearances from 2005-07 where Bernanke demonstrates that he knows absolutely nothing
  • There is no excuse or precedent for the Chairman of the Federal Reserve to misunderstand, miscalculate and misrepresent the greatest debt bubble of the last 200 years so tragically. Thousands saw it coming, but Greenspan & Bernanke were completely and utterly disconnected from reality
  • Bernanke actually said that lending standards were circumspect and safe, or something to that effect, and that regulators were closely monitoring the quality of loans made by banks. I will pause while you get off the floor from laughing.
  • Every time he opens his mouth in this clip, he's not just wrong, but insufferably so. His credibility is non-existent.
  • Chairman Bernanke, there is no excuse. Admit your failure. We the people ask for demand your resignation.
 Fed, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke

According to finance industry friendly (which is to say, "Neo-Con") magazine, American families have lost $5.5 TRILLION in wealth since Bernanke became Fed Chairman.
" America Has Experienced The Biggest Drop In Standard Of Living Since The Sixties"  

 (Actually, the hyper- Neo-Con, financial extortion whitewashing, warmongering Rupert Murdoch owned Wall Street Journal put the figure at $11 trillion... American families lost 18% of their wealth in 2008, alone!  - But $5 trillion, $10 trillion,  $17 trillion, or $20+ trillion lost by American families, who are we to quibble?   "Let 'em eat cake" Bernanke Ben doesn't care, as long as he gets a pat on his head by the NY, DC, Tel Aviv Neo-Con press/media bubble cheerleaders;  and a million+ dollars bonus check from his billionaire bankster  masters.)

Ostensibly charged with "maintaining price stability" and "full employment" (that's the con that the Fed bankers sold to Con-gress on Christmas eve, 1913, to justify their private, national economy controlling debt extortion cabal),     Ben Bernanke's real job is to maximize the wealth and gains of bankers behind the very private 'Federal' Reserve monopoly cartel  -  "wealth" and "profit" gains  now institutionalized by the hook-and-crook of government/IRS  DIRECT  EXTORTION to fund some $20+ TRILLION in "bailouts" to make up for the failures, losses, and bankruptcies of the very banks Mr. Bernanke is supposed to oversee.

Mr. Bernanke is SMILING so often...because his real job is as a predator, as an"economic hit man" banker...   as an agent of DISASTER CAPITALISM... as the cat who eats the house canaries on a daily basis!  
  "Disaster Capitalism"  is perhaps more commonly understood as FINANCIAL WARFARE, the modern, financial equivalent of Conquistador style rape, pillage, plunder, conquest, and resource extortion - the more injured, or distressed, your victims are, the easier it is to loot, extort, and rape them.

  The banks Mr. Bernanke is supposed to oversee are not "earning" money from interest charged to borrowers - they now have license, through the DISASTERS Mr. Bernanke has helped engineer -
 - to PRINT THEMSELVES money, in multi-billion dollar "QE 1, 2 & 3" chunks. 

  Who needs peon depositers and underwater mortgage holders, if, by bribery & intimidation of Con-gress, you have license to PRINT YOURSELF,  TRILLIONS of fiat, made-up-out-of-thin-air BERNANKE bucks $$ every time your banker pals use their access to cheap/free money,
to stage "PUMP & DUMP" RAIDS on real, productive companies and entire national currencies -
 - each time CREATING A NEW ECONOMIC CRISIS, after, each time,  picking up the Soros style DUMPED currency at a steep discount?    (Jewish financial swindler George Soros - backed by the London debt cabal, created the 1992 "BLACK WEDNESDAY" economic crisis in the British pound, by which means he and his syndicate extorted several billion pounds in wealth from English taxpayers, pensioners, and ordinary citizens.) 

Rinse, spin, repeat... after several cycles of EXTRACTING 10% or so of a given company or currency's value after each Soros style "pump & dump" or naked short raid,  you have EXTRACTED nearly all the wealth out of a company, country, or currency - now including the Euro, and under Bernanke's malevolent chokehold, the entire U.S. dollar !

Well, we have to acknowledge that Maria Bartiromo did, in fact, at least once in her career, ask a tough question:   point blank, she confronts Ben Bernanke (then cruising for senate confirmation as the next FED RESERVE CHAIRMAN to replace "bubble maker" Alan Greenspan) about how  (paraphrasing) "MANY economists and guests here on our show, have been urgently warning that we are in a HOUSING BUBBLE" -
   which warnings and concerns Shylock Ben, the Princeton Ivory Tower professor,  blows off with his usual Ivy League professorial pater  bulls***.
  Well, watch it and weep - there was a time when Maria Bartiromo asked tough questions...

...and there WAS a time, when "TRILLIONS OF 'bailouts'  DOLLARS for FAILED, BANKRUPT, INSOLVENT, but con-gress bribing, bailouts sucking,  economy wrecking, world looting, pension gutting,  money hyper-printing banksters"  was still  only a vague nightmare on the horizon....
 (Maria Bartiromo's questions at 50 seconds into below youtube video, also embeded at top of this blog post, above) 

  bonus:  under the relentless, remorseless Jewish WEALTH EXTRACTION & EXTORTION COMMISSAR APPRTCHIK Ben Bernanke's reign,  Americans have become DEBTOR SERFS, praise be!