Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Rotchilds sink their deadly claws into Iraq oil fields, via infamous Gulf of Mexico ecocidal killer, former BP ceo Tony Hayward....

 Before we get to today's headline, "Vallares Acquires Iraq Fields in $2.1 Billion All-Share Merger With Genel"  first some important back-story:                  

We do so hate to include Frederick Morton's family generational biography,  "The Rothchilds" very high up in our "Top 10 Most Important Books this Century" list, because the short, snippy, brief overview & social-gossipy book, written in 1965 at the very height of world sympathy and respect for Judaism
(back when Israel was "the little David" of the world,  and Nazis war crimes were still being freshly uncovered and documented),
completely reeks of smug condescension for those born "lower" on the social hierarchy scale than the Rotchilds (which is to say, ALL of us billions of unwashed humans)
   and because Morton keeps flirting across the line of pure indulgent sycophancy, smugly minimizing any of the financial dynasty's many atrocities and crimes against humanity with a dismissive flourish of his writer's little finger.... 

 ...But we simply can't seem to avoid keeping Morton's book out of our "TOP 5 most informative books we've read" list,  because it is so vital to shaping an accurate understanding of the global power structure today.

    That's because Morton essentially makes the case that  THE ENTIRE BRITISH EMPIRE is SYNONYMOUS with the wealth & power of the Rotchilds cabal,  and that the British empire starts NO wars, taxes NO peasants or industries, exports or imports NO products or commodities,  and sets NO financial, tax, imperial, or industrial policy, without the input, nay approval and/or veto, of the Rotchilds german/anglo/judeo  ruling cabal,  nested behind their many City of London, European, and now American and Tel Aviv banks, financial funds, and corporate fronts.

        According to many now widely accepted historical sources, the Rotchilds financial clan funded the entire later portion of the British empire's many Napoleonic wars and battles;   especially  the Peninsular Campaign in Spain that bled the French army white by funding mercenary guerilla battles,   and by support for the imperial (Austrian, Prussian, et al)  alliance armies that ultimately rendevoused with Wellington's army at the decisive, Napoleon defeating Battle of Waterloo.  

        According to Morton, the R's profited more than any other family in the world from both the costs of the Napoleonic wars  (throughout all of Europe - one person's "costs" are another person's "profits"), and from Britain's ultimate "Britannia rules the waves" imperial supremacy over the next 100 years -  including (if you read between the lines with some historical context) Britain's genocidal Opium War against ChinaBritain's genocidal seizure of food in Ireland leading to the "Great Famine"   Irish holocaust 1845-1852, and including the British banks & government support for the slave owners behind secession and the American Civil War, not ending until over a million men were wounded or killed by the end of that U.S. war in 1865.  
    Morton goes as far as to call one of the Rotchild's original 5 sons's first generation offspring "The King of the Jews" (in a chapter by that name), and explains that by the mid 1800s the Rotchilds were financing an agressive Jewish settlement/occupation of Palestine... in the same "we demand TOTAL AUTONOMY" (= de facto claims to SOVEREIGNTY)  manner that Jews had attempted to foist on their hosts countries, as established over previous centuries in jewish immigrant communities in Russia, Poland, and elsewhere in Eastern Europe, often antagonizing "pogroms" and other violent forms of backlash from those non-Jewish communities being DISPLACED, SUBJUGATED or TAXED TO ENSLAVEMENT by Jewish attempts at sovereignty and domination... by relentless jewish attempts, in Eastern Europe, Russia, the Ukraine, Poland, etc., to create jewish enclaves "GHETTOS" where NON-JEWS WERE NOT WELCOME.  
(For the past 200 years jewish propaganda skillfully portrays the "Ghettos"  as always being hellish zones of starvation and repression, as they became under Nazi occupation during WWII,  but in many locations before WWI  the expanding jewish communities were far from poor, and instead were often wealthy centers of commerce, banking, and luxurious apartments.... just as in America, the luxury apartments of the financial elite were never far from the squalor of the working districts and tenement buildings.)   

  Morton explains that the Rotchilds in England avoided the anti-semitism so prevalent in Germany and Eastern Europe, by the simple expedient of shipping emmigrating Jews from Europe directly to Palestine, bypassing  England, where they might (would!) provoke a resentful English commoner backlash.
    Late in his book,  Morton smugly lets slip the truth - in a single sentence! -  that by the late 1800s, the London Rotchilds had EFFECTIVELY CARVED UP the ENTIRE world oil markets  between themselves, Royal Dutch Shell, and the American Rockefeller Standard Oil trust cartel - both of which global cartel partners, it is implied, where either owned outright or answered to the London R's and their many Europe and US financial fronts through majority or large minority stock purchases and share trades.   

   In the "more things change, the more they stay the same" category,  here we see that the London/Europe and now U.S.  based R's  STILL demand and claim CONTROL over THE ENTIRE WORLD's oil supply,  with those pesky exceptions of Venezuela and Iran not yet submitting to the nuclear armed terrorism and military aggression of the  Anglo-American-israel/Judeo world dominating "Money Power"  nuclear armed & genocidal extortion.

      However,  merely recall that the 1950s COUP in Iran was INSTIGATED by the ANGLO-IRANIAN OIL COMPANY - a wholly Rotchilds owned shell, front, or subsidiary company of the so-called BP "British" Petroleum co...  with the United States government  & CIA installing the Shah of Iran as a front-boy for the Rotchilds global "money power" cartel;

  ...and recall also that the Anglo/American/judeo  warmongers and war-profiteers  funded  BOTH sides of the deadly Iran-Iraq war (1980-1988, one million killed), especially Saddam's poison-gas using Iraqi armies,  and you realize that, from the "money power" cabal's point-of-view, any Iranian independence from the cartel's deadly, mass-murderous embrace is only a one or two decade "temporary" situation."    

   Well, one does have to give them "credit" - they do understand how to exchange the FIAT CURRENCY that they make WORTHLESS via their Bernanke and ECB "Judenfetzen" printing presses
(see also George Soros's naked "shorting" of the English pound, "Black Wednesday" Sept. 16, 1992 for how the cartel are MASTERS at either INFLATING or DEBASING the value of a currency, depending on their particular needs at the moment) 
for absolute CONTROL of the REAL WEALTH and assets of the world - who can resist a billion dollar bribe, of Bernanke's freshly printed fiat dollars,   for 'money' that they (or their minions) can print out out of thin air, that debases every one else's savings, but spends just like "real" money?      

  Backed by their nuclear armed Anglo, American, and jewish (israel) militaries, and the relentless "BRIBOCRACY"  BRIBING of any and all "free and sovereign state" democracies' "political leaders" and politicians & press/media in Europe, USA, and elsewhere,  there is no power on earth that can stand up to the cartel's ecocidal lust for power, hegemony, control... and global destruction.

    As author Michael Lind explains elsewhere  (Mr. Lind coined, near as we can determine, the term "resource extraction" to describe modern day robber barons)  they - the judeo/rotchilds financial cartel, judeo war lobby,  and their Anglo-American + European "Christ-ian" vassal states and financial funds - really do share an ARMAGEDDON, "pre-millennial" SUICIDAL, GENOCIDAL, "scorched earth"  blood-lust to CONTROL the world's resources  - they would rather BURN UP the world's entire stocks of fossil fuels - or foul the whole planet with toxic pollution, CO2, and now Fukushima radiation -  than potentially allow some competitor power to control those resources at some point in the future... they truly regard all competitors as vile vermin to be enslaved, killed, or destroyed.

    It may have been Saddam Hussein, burning Kuwait's oil fields during the Iraqi army retreat in 1991 Gulf War, who created the hell-on-earth spectacle of oil smoke and fire blackening the sky for as far as the eye could see, but the Rotchilds, and their many vassals, are BURNING EVEN MORE of earth's resources in a suicidal, global genocidal fury as we speak - and it is the Anglo-American-JUDEO power structure that is now dumping bombs and toxic uranium weapons all across the Mideast in the ever expanding, Neo-Con dominated "Global War on Terra,"  aka global extortion resource extraction grab.

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Vallares Acquires Iraq Fields in $2.1 Billion All-Share Merger With Genel
 By Kari Lundgren and Brian Swint - Bloomberg 'news' - Sep 7, 2011
Vallares Plc, the investment vehicle led by BP Plc (BP/)’s former BP Chief Executive Officer Tony Hayward, will merge with Turkey’s Genel Energy International Ltd. in a $2.1 billion deal to gain oil fields in Iraq’s Kurdistan region.
The transaction will be completed as an all-share reverse takeover and leave current holders of Vallares and Genel Energy with equal stakes. The new company will trade in London as Genel Energy Plc, headed by Hayward as CEO.
Vallares, a so-called “blank check” company founded by Hayward, financier Nathaniel Rothschild and banker Julian Metherell, raised 1.35 billion pounds ($2.2 billion) from investors in June. Today’s deal values Genel’s reserves at $5.90 a barrel, cheaper than all but one member of London’s FTSE 350 Oil & Gas Index. Genel produces 41,000 barrels a day, a figure projected to reach 90,000 barrels by 2013.
“Genel has good assets and their fields were some of the first on stream in Kurdistan,” said Doug Youngson, an analyst at Arbuthnot Securities Ltd. in London. “The deal is good for sentiment in the region.”
The company has proved and probable reserves of 356 million barrels, a figure Hayward said would rise quickly given the exploration potential of licenses held by Genel. The cost of finding and developing the oil is low compared with other regions of the world at between $2 and $4 a barrel, he said. (cont'd)