Sunday, September 4, 2011

Neo-Cons - israel based Jewish war lobby - have turned NATO into a worldwide force of AGRESSION, COLONIZATION, and 'resource extraction' global extortion...

Something rarely mentioned by the Neo-Con "national security experts" in the "Occupied American press/media"  is that after the collapse of the Soviet Union and "end of the Cold War," Russian (Soviet) military forces DEPARTED from their East European "satellite nations" bases... but the United States,  WITH THE THREAT of the Warsaw Pact DISOLVED MAINTAINED entire U.S. nuclear-armed armies and military forces in Germany.
    Today, we see the continuation of that Neo-Con posture of WORLWIDE, GLOBAL MILITARY AGRESSION, the Neo-Cons have turned ALL OF NATO, into an EXTENSION of the Jewish war state (israel), and are now BOMBING  ANY  Muslim nation that the Neo-Cons owned press and media in the United States can muster enough of a fig-leaf to justify.

     RT - Russia Today - has the down and dirty on America and now NATO's murderous "BOMBS FOR OIL" war in Libya - with the Jewish hypocrites in America and israel trying to forget their TWO DECADES RELATIONSHIP with Qaddafi,  just as they want the world to forget that the United States ARMED SADDAM HUSSEIN not only during the 8 long years of the Iran-Iraq war, 1980-1888, but the U.S. government under presidents Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush also financed Saddam's mass-murderous "ANFAL" repression right up to the moment when Saddam was goaded (by Haliburton helping Kuwait "slant drill" in to Iraqi oil fields)  into seizing Kuwait in 1991. 

bonus: Documents captured in Libya prove that CIA and MI-6 - "U.S." and British "intel" respectively (both OWNED outright by the Jewish war lobby), were IN BED with Qaddafi's regime and security forces - including HANDING OVER "war on terra" suspects to Qaddafi's 'security' regime, for TORTURE and murder (ASSASSINATION)  -
Secret documents show Libya, CIA, MI6 links
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Secret documents show Libya, CIA, MI6 links
(Qaddafi back just a few months ago, when he was the DARLING of NATO, western 'leaders,' and the NY/DC/London/tel aviv Neo-Con war lobby...) 
VERY embarrassing documents have been discovered by Human Rights Watch and the British  Independent  newspaper’s journalists that reveal close intelligence relationship between the United States, the UK and Libya during the so-called War on Terror.
The secret files reveal that the secret services of the UK, MI6 and the United States, the CIA had a regular dialogue with their counterparts in Libyan Intelligence, in particular with the former Libyan foreign minister and head of Libya’s intelligence service, Mussa Kussa who defected days after the outbreak of the uprising that ousted the Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi from power.
Mussa Kussa, who have long been accused by Rights groups of involvement in atrocities, had called on the UK to arrest him at the time, but after first defecting to the UK, he later flew on to Qatar.
The papers were discovered in Mussa Kussa’s private offices in Tripoli, with one file reportedly detailing the UK’s help in drafting a speech for Colonel Gaddafi to make. (cont'd)
   BBC -  Britain's corporate/government/Neo-Con dominated pro-wars media propaganda outlet - confirms above in their own report:
Libya: Gaddafi regime's US-UK spy links revealed
US and UK spy agencies built close ties with their Libyan counterparts during the so-called War on Terror, according to documents discovered at the office of Col Gaddafi's former spy chief.
The papers suggest the CIA abducted several suspected militants from 2002 to 2004 and handed them to Tripoli.
The UK's MI6 also apparently gave the Gaddafi regime details of dissidents.  (cont'd)