Thursday, September 8, 2011

Jews in Israel - the working stiff majority - FEEL THREATENED, NOT by Arabs & Palestinians, but BY THEIR own "fellow jewish" genocidal autocrat TYCOONS....

Well,  we hate to knock our previous post,  disclosing how
    the Britsh and French JEWISH ROTHSCHILD families are the BIGGEST BENEFICIARIES of the "AMERICAN" WAR IN IRAQ -  the ROTHSCHILDS now OWN  IRAQI (and Kurdistan) OIL! -

 -  off our front page, but events are moving so quickly that we must address the budding JEWISH RESISTANCE to the Neo-Con/Rotchilds GLOBAL genocidal DICTATORSHIP agenda... 
     ...which as we KNOW from the example of the IRISH HOLOCAUST is a GENOCIDAL agenda.
 (The Rotchilds were THE MOST POWERFUL FAMILY  (financial power) IN ENGLAND (yes, including Queen Victoria and the royal family) during the Irish Famine, and during the China Opium War years.  The 1840s-1852 famine in Ireland was no "accident of nature," it was a premeditated act of genocide by the British autocrat 'elites', backed by the merchant bankers who ran the British economy, and executed by the British army and the Anglo-Irish occupation government.   See
   So too was the "Opium War" a GENOCIDAL war against China, to EXTRACT commercial trade products of value FROM China, in return for dumping something essentially worthless - if opium was illegal, you could not sell and trade it - by force of arms. In both cases, NO ONE PROFITED from WARS and OCCUPATION ATROCITIES, more than the jewish Rotchilds financial "money power.")  

     Today, there is a similar sense of foreboding... AMONG JEWS IN ISRAEL!
 The Rotchilds favored "BRIBOCRACY" form of government may PRETEND to be "democratic" and advocate "free markets," but of course the Rotchilds and their fellow dictatorial, genocidal autocrats DESPISE "free markets" and genuine competition, and PREFER MONOPOLIES, and nation-looting MONOPOLY TRUSTS at every turn.  
  For those 90% of Jews in Israel NOT part of the "BRIBOCRACY" and "BAILOUTS" largesse,  this portends a troubling future. 
 (note: with BILLIONS upon BILLIONS of U.S. taxpayer extorted dollars flowing in to israel in the so-called "GWOT" war on terra, the proportion of Israelis Jews BENEFITING FROM the "Bribocracy" form of government is far higher than the 1% - 10% in most other occupied, bribocracy nations.)  
    Here's is AP's  downplayed "American media" report  on MASSIVE PROTESTS IN ISRAEL - and how the jewish RIVALS MURDERING, BIBLE THUMPING dictator, Prime Minister Netanyahu
(America's dictator, if not israel's) plans to treat JEWISH PROTESTERS the same way he treats PALESTINIANS:  WITH BULLDOZERS, MILITARY machine guns, and HANGING JUDGES - just like the hapless TWO MILLION IRISH SOULS who DIED from the Rotchilds/Anglo instigated 1840s Great Famine!
Israelis turn out for largest economic protest

TEL AVIV, Israel -- More than 400,000 Israelis poured into streets in cities across the country Saturday night, Israeli media estimated, in a show of strength behind a social protest movement that has rocked the country for two months.
The demonstrations in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa and elsewhere against Israel's high cost of living, its housing crisis and distorted distribution of wealth marked the high point – so far – of a summer-long grass-roots protest movement that has ballooned from a few tents in Tel Aviv to a nationwide phenomenon that has delivered Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's government its most serious domestic crisis.  
Saturday marked the eighth week in a row protesters have taken to the streets.
"I've had enough of always working and never advancing. You have to work several jobs just to survive. All the burden is on the middle class," said Sharon Riwkes, a 30-year-old clinical psychology resident in Tel Aviv.
In response to the summer-long protests, Netanyahu has appointed a committee to address the demands. The demonstrators — a loose coalition of university students, social activists and disenchanted youngsters — have rejected all the reforms offered by the government and have pledged to continue protesting.
The protests have included representatives of all segments of society, with the exception of ultra-Orthodox Jews.
[note: The ORTHODOX - and their STATE SUBSIDIZED luxury condominium "settlements" on stolen Palestinian lands  are THE BIGGEST BENEFICIARIES of AMERICAN TAXPAYER DOLLARS....
= PURE SOCIALISM for the Jewish lunatic theocrats, paid for by COMMISSAR/Anglo overlord Irish famine-esque  CONFISCATION from AMERICAN taxpayers!]     
Many Israelis are concerned about the growing influence of an expanding community where most of its men study scripture and live on government handouts.
A brief flare-up between Israel and Palestinian militants in Gaza deflected attention from the protests, but the large turnout Saturday indicated the focus has returned.   [note: WAR is always how the rapacious, dictatorial, genocidal elites DISTRACT the bleeding peon masses from the LOOTING, pillage, rape, and plunder of public funds.]
Israel emerged from the global financial crisis relatively unscathed. [Thanks to BILLIONS of American taxpayer extorted "aid" dollars.] The economy is enjoying rapid growth, and unemployment is at its lowest in decades at around 5 1/2 percent.
Even so, statistics show the ranks of the working poor have grown dramatically as wealth has increasingly become concentrated among a small group of tycoons.
The middle class has specifically been hit hard, with high taxes and salaries that have not kept pace with rising consumer prices.  [note: BERNANKE's Rotchilds instigated  "JUDENFETZEN" ("jew confetti") MONEY PRINTING, is ROBBING the buying power of middle-class Jews, too!]
Bonus: Was there a Rothschilds connection to the ARMENIAN HOLOCAUST?  In order to secure their OIL RIGHTS to the region, were the Rothschilds both willing and able to REPEAT their IRISH FAMINE TACTICS: incite one government, to ETHNICALLY CLEANSE an "undesirable" ethnic group in that region?
 To those who might dismiss this notion as "conspiracy theory," note that England FOUGHT A WAR WITH RUSSIA, the Crimean War,  to keep Russia away from advancing towards the MEDITERRANEAN, which the British had already fought the Spanish and French navies (at the 1805 Battle of Trafalgar, and earlier Battle of the Nile) to make the Med into a "Britannia rules the waves" British  controlled lake. The Christian Armenians would, under duress of the Armenian holocaust, seek an alliance with Russia - which, from the British point of view, was to be RESISTED as a BACK-DOOR Russian encroachment on the Med. Even in these general terms, the British autocrats were certainly willing to throw the Armenians to the wolves, even if the Rotchilds had no direct hand in the genocide.    Which, "the money power" always insatiably looking for new markets to control and profits to extort, almost certainly did.     
"To an all-powerful banking family like the Rothschilds, whose vast wealth bankrolled many a war, causing millions of fatalities... was the removal of a small minority like the Armenians a fair price to pay for the peace in a region [Baku, Armenia, Caucuses]  so crucial to the development and investment of the Far East, which contained countless millions, later billions of consumers? Squeamish the Rothschilds were not, their line of work requires pragmatism to rule their day.

It would be fair to say that the genocide of a group of a million or so, to serve the benefit of a billion or so, is less of a question of should it be done, than how it could be done.   [note: AMERICANS certainly agree - the so-called "Manifest Destiny" REMOVED MILLIONS of native, indigenous "Indian" tribes from America as a prerequisite to white settlement.]  So as not to reveal any plausible motive which could link the actual planners to the genocide, the scheme involved a proxy party,**  which was manipulated through layers of influence, providing sufficient cover for the planners. 
 ** note: "proxy party" - the bible is replete with examples of the biblical Jews using "proxy parties" - aka hiring allied mercenary tribes - either in alliances against other, more powerful enemies,  or to do their dirty work against smaller, more vulnerable tribes.
   King David handing Sauls grandsons over to the Gibeonites (?) for hanging an example of the later, while the Jews making common cause - alliances - with first the Egyptians, and then the Midianites - ONLY TO TURN ON and try to massacre both - only the most well known,  infamous examples of the former.