Friday, September 2, 2011

The Jewish WAR ON AMERICA: Congressman Eric Cantor CALLS FOR MASSIVE CUTS in DISASTER RELIEF for AMERICAN disaster survivors. The uber-Hypocrite wants NO such restrictions on AMERICAN AID to ISRAEL and Jewish "settlers," though...

There is a very simple explanation why the despicable  Eric Cantor is the ONLY Jewish Republican in Con-gress...
   ...but, despite this fact, he is still WA-AY up high in the Rethuglican House (Congressional) power structure (as House MAJORITY 'LEADER' , retch).
 That's because the Jewish War Lobby (coordinated by the full weight and force of the atrocious israel government) + the GS/jpm/Fed  Financial swindlers, treasury looters, and economy wrecking "money power"  OWN the Republican Party,  but their policies and candidates' arrogance are so despicable, that Republican voters - white voters - will never vote for them -  except, as was  the case for Jewish Repub senators Norm Coleman, Arlen Specter, and Joe Lieberman, when Jewish Republican candidates   PRETEND to be "moderates" in  MODERATE to LIBERAL LEANING states or districts. 
 (note:  Coleman won his "liberal" Minnesota senate seat ONLY AFTER native son & hero Paul Wellstone DIED in a suspicious campaign flight plane crash late in the 2002 campaign.   Arlen Specter represented "moderate" Pennsylvania.  Lieberman defected from the "Democrat" Party in 2006, and won re-election to the senate as an "independent" candidate that year, but  only with the backing of the Republican establishment, who only weakly supported the Republican senate candidate in Connecticut that election;  and only after  Lie-berman burnished his "liberal" credentials,  Lie-berman pretended to oppose the expanding U.S. wars in Iraq & Afghanistan in the 2006 election against Democratic senate candidate Ned Lamont.) 
(note 2: While Democratic Senator Paul Wellstone was Jewish, he was an unrepetent "liberal" - and may well represent at least the SECOND prominent 'liberal' Jewish leader ASSASSINATED BY the JEWISH WAR LOBBY in recent times, the first of course being Israel Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, GUNNED DOWN, ASSASSINATED, MURDERED  by HATE WHIPPED jewish Netanyahu "Likud" supporters late in Rabin's 1995 re-election campaign.)

 Sure enough,  as according to our above formula, Cantor represents a northern Virginia district that is far more closely  allied  with the Federal Govt., and  so-called "liberal" BIG GOVERNMENT  jobs and spending, than with the "Old South" economy and voters  of traditional, "Southern" Virginia.

   Which is precisely why Mr. Cantor is such an evil anti-American:   HIS ENTIRE DISTRICT floats on  BILLIONS of dollars of  BIG GOVERNMENT SPENDING money from Washington;
   and he APPROVES of  SUBSIDIZING JEWISH SETTLERS in their high-rise luxury condos on stolen Palestinian lands, 
   but he will PRETEND to be CONCERNED with government DEFICITS...

 (when in fact the "money power"  LOVES U.S. and state government  DEFICITS, it is how they TRANSFER OWNERSHIP OF WEALTH, FROM American working class citizens, to the bankers and money changers of the VERY JEWISH DOMINATED "money power").  

   Mr. Cantor CLAIMS he wants to "MAKE AMERICA SECURE"  by sending American soldiers to die in Muslim lands STEALING FOREIGN OIL -   but he cares NO MORE for the health, well-being, and 'security' of Americans, than his co-religionist,  israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu,  cares for Palestinians in Gaza, the West Bank, or Jerusalem.

     A week after Hurricane Irene roared through his own state, leaving the residents of Cape Hatteras COMPLETELY DEPENDENT on state ferries,   uber hypocrite and America hater Eric Cantor is up on his soap box again,  wanting to SLASH  DISASTER RELIEF  FUNDING in America -  just as  his fellow co-religionist and then FEMA Director  Michael "Heckuva Job, Brownie" Brown  SABOTAGED  post-hurricane  relief efforts in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina rains blew out the fragile New Orleans levees - as hundreds of disaster expects predicted might happen.

 SABOTAGE of America's security, economic health and well being,  IS  THE HALLMARK,  AND GOAL, of the TREASONOUS  Neo-Con (jewish war lobby + financial swindlers)  HIJACKING of America.
Eric Cantor’s Disaster Debacle
The Progress Report:  by ThinkProgress War Room on Sep 1, 2011

Eric Cantor: No Disaster Money For You (Without Massive Budget Cuts)!

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) rarely misses an opportunity to demand draconian spending cuts. And he wasn’t about to let two recent disasters — the East Coast earthquake and Hurricane Irene — go without finding a way to advance his extreme Tea Party agenda.

Immediately after the East Coast earthquake, Cantor announced that there would be no additional funds appropriated for disaster relief unless they were offset with budget cuts elsewhere. This statement drew near-immediate criticism, but that didn’t stop Cantor from doubling down days later as Hurricane Irene was bearing down on the East Coast. And then Cantor reaffirmed his hardline stance just as it was becoming clear that Hurricane Irene had devastated states up and down the East Coast from North Carolina to Vermont.

Here’s a rundown of the action – and why Eric Cantor’s extreme stance is both misguided and dangerous..... (cont'd) 
update: Michael Brown, the UNQUALIFIED, INCOMPETENT Director of the nation's EMERGENCY RELIEF AGENCY, FEMA,   during the Hurricane Katrina disaster,  supports Congressman Cantor's  budget-slashing, DISASTER RELIEF SLASHING  anti-America jihad. 
  As we've said, it is a JEWISH WAR ON AMERICA.

  If Americans are TOO STUPID to connect these very simple dots...  to realize that Eric Cantor and "Heckuva' job, Brownie" LOVE SUCKING UP Federal dollars for themselves, their fellow government appartchik Neo-Cons,  their Wall Street, City-of-London, & Tel Aviv banker "BAILOUTS" recipients,  and their friends in israel  - but HATE dishing American taxpayer dollars out to disaster struck AMERICANS...  then the "JEWISH WAR AGAINST AMERICA" will continue unabated... 

‘Heckuva Job Brownie’ Backs Eric Cantor’s Penny Pinching Disaster Plan