Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Jewish dominated Federal Reserve is DRIVING AMERICAN STATES to SEEK ALTERNATIVE CURRENCY to "U.S." dollar: The Treasonous Neo-Cons are pushing America to brink of Civil War disunity

Larry Summers, Alan Greenspan, Ben Bernanke, Tim Geithner and, in the background, Bob Rubin, Lloyd Blankfein, Jamie Dimon:  All of them have ONE SOLUTION to America's ever growing economic crisis:   have the VERY PRIVATE,  rothschilds owned, so-called "Federal" Reserve banking cartel PRINT UP TRILLIONS of  fiat, created-out-of-thin-air dollars... and give them ONLY to member/owner bankers.  

  This allows the parasitic Wall Street "financial funds," now loaded with freshly minted out-of-thin-air cash,  to go on resource, commodities, and asset BUYING SPREES, that,  "Economic Hit Man" style, allow the bankster elites to JACK UP the price ordinary people must pay for water, food, electricity & gas, insurance, health care, and other essentials, now under MONOPOLY CONTROL of the parasitic "vampire squid" cartel. 

   The canard that is used to justify this "exchange fiat paper for ALL THE WEALTH in America" (and Europe) "economic model" is that  AMERICA CAN NOT SURVIVE without its corrupt Wall Street swindlers... when in fact, American ingenuity and productivity would SOAR the moment the  Rubin-Summers-Geithner (= Fed = rotchilds)  troika STRANGLEHOLD were removed from America's throat -

  As we plainly see, under the MALEVOLENT, treasonous influence of these "FREE MONEY FOR us,  POVERTY, BANKRUPTCY, DESTITUTION, PINK SLIPS, UNAFFORDABLE HEALTH CARE, and SUICIDES for everyone else" Neo-Cons,  AMERICA's STATES are GOING BANKRUPT, and they have confidence in the U.S. dollar only in so far as it is "stronger" than the SABOTAGED Euro, English pound, and other foreign currencies.

  This is moving legislators in several states to CONSIDER CURRENCIES BESIDES THE U.S. DOLLAR, which the TREASONOUS bankers, and INSANELY CORRUPT "U.S." Con-gress, are DEBASING and destroying as we speak - a combination of  GREAT DEPRESSION economic collapse, combined with the CIVIL WAR use of a non-US currency! 
South Carolina lawmaker wants separate currency for state
Yahoo News,  Feb. 15, 2011
A South Carolina state politician wants the state to develop its own gold and silver-based currency in case the Federal Reserve collapses and hyper-inflation ensues.
"If folks lose faith in the dollar, we need to have some kind of backup," State Sen. Lee Bright told the Spartanburg Herald Journal's Stephen Largen. His bill asks a committee to look into the development of a state currency, citing the Constitution and Supreme Court precedents to prove the bill's legality.
Slate's Annie Lowrey tracks down similar bills in Georgia and Virginia, and points out that the legislation reflects a larger trend of state politicians wading into monetary policy. A bill in Georgia would require all debts to the state be paid in pre-1965 gold and silver coins. The Virginia proposal would let the state print its own money. Meanwhile, one politician in Utah wants to cut out the middleman entirely and allow the state's residents to run their very own mints.   (cont'd)
   Below: 1912 anti-Trust cartoons presciently predicted the coming GREAT DEPRESSION that would be BROUGHT ON by the TREASONOUS Fed Reserve bankers, which is now merely a PRELUDE to the NEW,  COMING GREAT DEPRESSION brought on by the Wall Street war on the productive American economy, and intentional destruction of the American social safety net, all in the age of nuclear proliferation and a government so corrupt, it will not tell the American people how many trillions of dollars have been handed over to the bankers...