Saturday, August 27, 2011

Jewish Neo-Cons LOATH Bolivia's Economic success, REPEAT ATTEMPTS to SABOTAGE & DISCREDIT Bolivia's popular, populist elected government...

In the "fact is stranger than fiction" category, America's awful Neo-Con owned 'major media' outlets are so  atrocious, that they INVERT reality: they portray the American and British governments as "supporting freedom and democracy" even as they - the Neo-Con elites in Britain and America - support INCREASING INCOME DISPARITY, which creates a PRISON GULAG, POLICE STATE societal breakdown in those countries
(see, London riots, and millions of American dependent on - and in fear of losing - their food stamps). 
Nowhere is this MURDEROUS, Neo-Con ENTITLEMENT HYPOCRISY more glaring than in America's support for MURDEROUS allied DICTATOR REGIMES, including Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Honduras, and China,  WHILE America's Jewish dominated Neo-Cons  POUR HATE, SCORN, LIES, CONTEMPT, smears, false accusations,   and SABOTAGE on freely elected governments of countries such as Evo Moral's Bolivia.
  Jewish Neo-Con warmongering & anti-democracy appartchik  Philip Goldberg - Bush & Cheney's AMBASSADOR to Bolivia  - EXPELLED from Bolivia in Sept. 2008, for trying to instigate a HONDURAS style MASS-MURDEROUS COUP in Bolivia.... 

  The "Democrat" government of Barack Obama is NO better than Bush & Cheney's Republican economy wreckers, TORTURE supporters, WARMONGERS, and  MASS-MURDEROUS COUP INSTIGATORS:   despite the American government TOLERATING OPIUM PRODUCTION in US occupied Afghanistan, the MURDEROUS  Jewish dominated Neo-Con United States government has, according to the Bolivian newspaper La Razon,  attempted to FRAME Bolvian President Morales of being a "Narco terrorist drug lord" by attempting to plant COCAINE on the Bolivian President's aircraft when it was flown to a New York airport for Morals attendence at a UN function. 
  (note: Bolivia has DECRIMINALIZED cocaine in Bolivia - in keeping with the country's ancient traditions of indigenous people chewing cocaine leaves as a stimulant in the mountainous nation's high altitude, thin air environment.   Such decriminalization cuts in to the REAL DRUG CARTEL PROFITS - which has only incensed the REAL  Neo-Con drug lords even more;  DRUG TRAFICKING PROFITS   are part and parcel of the Neo-Con's evil global economic extraction/extortion schemes, see the US government's above mentioned COLLABORATION with OPIUM SMUGGLING in Afghanistan;  see the Obama administration & U.S. government giving a wrist-slap FREE PASS to WACHOVIA Bank for LAUNDERING billions of dollars of Mexico drug cartel profits;  and see the "American" ATF  gestapo government  agency  SUPPLYING GUNS and weapons to Mexico's mass-murderous drug cartels!)

 As alluded to in our 'note' about US government's  COMPLICITY in DRUG TRAFICKING mass-murderous "profits" worldwide, the Obama "Democrat" administration is NO DIFFERENT from the Bush-Cheney-Wolfowitz-Libby warmongering Neo-Con Republicans,  in it's Neo-Con lust for warmongering, global domination, and anti-democracy murderous coups;   for it was in July of   this year - with the "Democrats" in charge of the US White House and Senate - that  President Morales feared that the U.S. government would try to frame him as a narco-traficker when he attended a U.N. function.

  WHY the Neo-Cons - the "Money Power" nuclear armed Jews, and their wholly owned governments worldwide -  DESPISE and LOATH  Bolivia's president and current, elected government:  BECAUSE IT IS SUCCESSFUL, POPULAR, and giving Bolivian citizens what they want, in a world where Neo-Con loan-sharks, "Economic Hit Men,"   economy wreckers, and social safety net rapists  are relentlessly siphoning off the wealth of entire countries as the exclusive, private "profits" of the global banking and financial extortion cartel!

We'll come back and finish this post with links for "U.S. Government TOLERATES (COMPLICITY WITH) OPIUM production in Afghanistan;  U.S. government WRIST-SLAPS for money laundering multi-BILLION dollar NARCO-TRAFICKING drug profits for WACHOVIA bank;
    and for the ATF  SUPPLYING guns that are used in MASS-MURDER narco terrorism in Mexico. 
Till then, enjoy these last dying moments of America's great experiment in democracy, social equality, and constitutional rights - all under assault by the Jewish theocratic supremacists, and their hired appartchik royalist Tories, economy wreckers, treasury looters, and "Conquistador" style nation plunderers and rapists.