Sunday, August 28, 2011

Alex Jones explains: The evil "Powers that Be" MUST BLAME OTHERS, for THEIR titanic financial LARCENY, and treasonous ECONOMIC SABOTAGE...

 In explaining how Texas Congressman Ron Paul finds his presidential campaign relentlessly demeaned, diminished,  downplayed, dismissed,  or given only negative coverage by the "mainstream (corporate) media"  if it is mentioned at all, political activist and radio talk show host Alex Jones  explains  THE CRITICAL FEATURE of the American political system today:  the need for "The Powers That Be"  ("TPTB") to BLAME and SCAPEGOAT OTHERS for THEIR  titanic, global,  financial LARCENY and wholesale ECONOMIC SABOTAGE. 

     Mr. Jones captures the evil in a nutshell:  "...the strip mining gulag economy."  We all know that strip-mines in America leave an uninhabitable, toxic (from toxic acids and heavy metals leaching out of mining ores and 'tailings' into local streams and water sources)  moonscape wasteland when corporate strip mines are exhausted;  and we also know that the "GULAG" was Russian Communist dictator Joseph Stalin's vast slave labor system,  the destination of termination (wholesale death) for millions, if not tens of millions, of Russians and other 'Soviet' peoples caught up in Stalin's titanic blood purges. 

  A VERY APT tag or handle for the current "American" system - just look at this map of  BRITISH REGIMENTS used to ENFORCE the GENOCIDAL STARVATION TACTICS the British government imposed on Ireland in the 1840s, resulting in as many (by population census calculations) as TWO MILLION VICTIMS  of starvation and related diseases, MURDERED by the British autocrat elites (who answered to the "Money Power" London based bankers)!!

    Let's NOT BE COY about  just WHO today's "American"   "the powers that be" are:    They are a combination of "the money power" which has been around for over 2 centuries, in concert with their bought and owned American & European appartchik politicians;  bureaucrats;   judicial, law enforcement, and prison industrial complex profiteers;   university and think-tank ideologues;  'news' papers and media publishers, editors, writers, and owners;  all working in concert with the "money power" corporate and financial robber barons, who (the really powerful among them) HIDE behind dozens of shell companies and hired front men - from George W. Bush to Dick Cheney, John Boehner, and Antonin Scalia (et al) Republicans,  to Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, the two Clintons, the current president, and dozens (if not thousands) of lesser "Democratic" and Republican politicians in America and worldwide.

  In the introduction to Janine Wedel's book,  "THE SHADOW ELITE"  Ms. Wedel wastes no time naming names of the "shadow elite," for example,   Bush-Cheney Department of War  appartchik (civilian official SUPERIOR in power to ALL uniformed generals and admirals)  DOUG FEITH,  more infamous for being tagged by U.S. Army General  Tommy Franks as "the f***ing  stupidest guy on the face of the earth."

  Where else have we seen Feith's name?  That's it: On the infamous Netanyahu Jewish war lobby (israel) funded think-tank "BLUE-PRINT FOR IRAQ WAR"  "Securing the Realm" paper!!
(Which was no more than a modified-for-israel 1996 rehash version of the Wolfowitz/Libby "U.S. Defense Policy Guidance" paper commissioned by then Secretary of War Dick Cheney in 1992 after the Gulf 1 War expelled Saddam's army from Kuwait.)

  As we can see, the  WAR LOBBY, the POWERS THAT BE, and the FINANCIAL LARCENISTS are all one and the same:   Paul Wolfowitz was given the "reward" appointment  by President (george W.) Bush to WORLD BANK PRESIDENT -  DESPITE HAVING NO prior financial experience! - for Wolfo being the so-called "ARCHITECT" of Bush's 2003 Iraq war invasion & occupation. 
  MR. WOLFOWTIZ is one of those "POWERS THAT BE" that is personally in the middle of blaming and SCAPEGOATING others for HIS policies and decisions: after the Abu Grhaib TORTURE photos were released worldwide, it was revealed that Mr. Wolfowitz - (then nominally #2 at the War Department, but actually SUPERIOR in power and influence (via Dick Cheney in the White House)  to his nominal superior, then Secretary of Defense Don Rumsfeld) - had VISITED ABU GHRAIB just DAYS before the photos of prisoner abuse were taken,  Wolfowitz personally touring the "SECRET INTEL" wing of the prison WHERE THE SCREAMS OF TORTURE VICTIMS were heard coming from,   the guards and prisoner victims of the infamous photos came from the far less murderous general population wing of the prison!
   (Translation:  Mr. Wolfowitz PERSONALLY OVERSAW the  CIA & War Department's SETTING UP TORTURE OPERATIONS at Saddam's own infamous prison, but Wolfo willing to let  non-com officers and PRIVATES  TAKE THE BLAME, for HIS  MURDEROUS  POLICIES - the so-called "bad apples" non-coms, colonels, and privates.

    YOU CAN'T BLAME OTHERS for YOUR  DESTRUCTION of the American economy, without  casting a shadow of HATE on them:  the "powers that be" that rule America  are HATEMONGERS, scapegoating innocent parties for their treacherous economic sabotage.