Friday, July 8, 2011

Treasonous Jewish Meyer/Graham Owned WASHINGTON POST practically glib with glee: SOCIAL SECURITY ON CHOPPING BLOCK! Post headlines scream "DEBT! DEBT!" DEBT!" WITHOUT GIVING CONTEXT: that the Greenspan/Bernanke Goldman Sachs JP Morgan (=rothschilds) Fed CREATES this "DEBT" 'money' OUT OF THIN AIR !!

Confirming our previous post - that America's treasonous  war-lobby (jewish dominated) Neo-Cons are INTENTIONALLY SABOTAGING America's economy, so THEY can EXTORT MORE WEALTH to the top 1% elite -   yesterday  (July 7, 2011)  the Meyer/Graham Washington Post headline practically shouts with joy, announcing  that bribed (and probably extorted) so-called "liberal Democratic" President Barack Obama is putting America's Social Security on the chopping block, in his service to his "campaign donating" legalized bribes puppetmasters,   America's ruthless Neo-Con warmongers, executioners, & economy gutting Treasury looters:
Washington Post July 7, 2011:  "Obama: Social Security on Table" 

Today's  (July 8, 2011)  Washington Post headlines practically salivate over  IMPOSING the TREASONOUS DEBT  printed out of thin air by the  Greenspan/Bernanke  (=GodddamnSachs + JP Morgan = rothschilds) so-called 'Federal' Reserve bank (and member/owner big bankers)  ON TO  millions of Americans -   

  Just to confirm our rant - sure enough, besides the treasonous Washington Post's typical economic crisis  headlines
"NO headway on This Year [U.S. Government] SPENDING" 
  is the smaller print headline -   "LESS for Health Care" !! 

  THE ABOVE   _IS_ the TREASONOUS  Washington Post agenda:  MONEY for NOTHING 
("bailouts' for  failed, bankrupt, corrupt, insolvent, but Congress bribing bankers that we American peons  get NO AUDITS for!)
 as THEY, the wealthy, Liebermanesque backstabbing Neo-Con Post editors & writers -  GLOAT over SLASHING  health care for Americans! 
 (And as they, the treasonous Neo-Con Washington Post  editors & writers, and stockholders,  also gloat  over their  ARTIFICIALLY  PUMPED UP  - by TRILLIONS of  fiat Bernanke printed-up-out-of-thin-air dollars -   stock portfolios.)
  note:  ENTIRE  ARMIES of  copyright lawyers, editors, and Neo-Con government appartchik enforcers, would  LOVE TO MAKE THIS web post ILLEGAL - CRIMINAL!! -    for showing, without copyright authorization,  the  LIES & DISTORTIONS  of the treasonous  Neo-Con Washington Post's front page,  IN THE CONTEXT  of the Post's glib  APPROVAL of  the treasonous, FOREIGN BANKER DOMINATED  so-called 'Federal' Reserve   FIAT MONEY cartel  DEBT that has been IMPOSED on American working households and taxpayers -    as  the Post (and Sulzberger NY Slimes, and  cnn/Time/Warner bros. jewish Hollywood media propaganda empire)  
 GIVING TRILLIONS to  failed, bankrupt, insolvent bankers...   WHILE GUTTING America's Social Security AND Health Care (much less gutting the entire economy in general)  IS TREASON !! 

  THEY DO NOT  BELIEVE IN DEMOCRACY, they do NOT believe in "free press,"  they do NOT believe in the social contract of the U.S. Constitution,  they certainly don't believe in "free markets" or fair "enterprise" -   but they DO believe in "money changers running the temple";  they DO  believe in  RIGGED  "central bankers take all" markets, and they  DO  BELIEVE IN SLAVERY, genocide, massacres, and extortions,  - as the jewish bible  (old testament)   has advocated (preached, "justified" and legalized) for 3,000+ years. 

  (jewish Time/Warner co. owned) CNN:  "Goldman says Fed faces $4 trillion hole" 
   ....which they, the treasonous, insanely greedy Goddamn Sachs Wall St debt lords &  anti-democracy media propaganda appartchiks,  want  AMERICAN peon  working stiff families to GIVE to them! 
 (note: the rothschilds model  PRIVATELY OWNED  Central Banking DEBT cartel, is DESIGNED to EXTORT WEALTH _OUT_ of  victim economies.  
 Most Americans understand  intuitively that the post-WWII  "Great American century"    saw an economic miracle of increasing wages, increasing lifespans, more affordable healthcare, more industrial development & production; and  a more representative government - all of which (including the WWII miracle of  vast  wartime production in just 4 years flat; America's "arsenal of democracy") were overseen and financed  by the Federal Reserve banking system.
  HOWEVER!  Many of the banking families  behind the Fed literally had their lives on the line during WWII,  -  they were motivated to increase America's economic activity with actual survival needs  beyond mere personal wealth - and, during the Cold War, the Anglo/American/judeo  elites HAD to SHARE SOME OF THE WEALTH, otherwise they would never have motivated Americans (much less "3rd world" citizens) to fight against communism. 
   WWII tax rates were __90%__ on the top tier American income workers; government war production companies were required to pay (comparatively high) union wages,  SAVINGS in WELL REGULATED bonds & markets were encouraged,  and  30% LOAN SHARKING by banks was ILLEGAL!)  Today's edition of  DEBT and BAILOUTS  economy-gutting economics, almost precisely coincides with the dissolution of the Soviet Union and "end of the Cold War" - when Anglo/American/judeo ELITES  no longer had to make even a PRETENSE of SHARING THE WEALTH.   
(note 2:  The Bush-I economic Recession was brought about by the twin demons of 
#1.  "DEREGULATION" of the Savings & Loan industry... which we now know was an OPEN INVITATION TO FRAUD. and turned mom & pop neighborhood Savings & Loans mortgage banks into CASINO CHIPS for NY, Wall Street CASINO GULAG bankers;  and,
#2.  by the DEBT imposed first by the Cold War military expenditures, and then by the  "BAILOUTS" that the S&L fat cats EXTORTED out of Congress & Taxpayers.
   But the PROSECUTIONS for FRAUD in the S&L debacle saw nearly 1,000 CONVICTIONS.
  Today's  treasonous Neo-Cons are, to repeat, practically GIDDY at how thoroughly they have bought, bribed, extorted, and corrupted the American judicial, financial oversight, press/media,  and  criminal "justice" systems, with no more than a few token prosecutions  - including Bernie Madoff, but NONE of his inner circle or co-complicit banks, like JP Morgan-Chase.)  

 Treacherous economic parasite  NEO-CONS  LOVE  FRAUD,  DEBT SLAVERY, and exchanging   ("trading," "money changing," "loan refinancing",  etc.)    their CREATED OUT OF THIN AIR  Bernanke "judenfetzen" dollars for the REAL, valuable assets, resources, and productive companies (much less, heavens forbid, well funded pension funds)  of a target nation's  economy....

   ...and  they  LOVE  inflicting   ECONOMIC SABOTAGE of  their victim host nations, the necessary prerequiste to handing those valuable assets over to themselves and their  fellow larcenous debt-lord economic hit men extortionists.