Sunday, July 31, 2011

Obama's Jews, Following Bush & Cheney's Neo-Con Likudniks (Jewish Warmongers), Are TURNING America into a ROMAN DICTATORSHIP (actually, a JEWISH THEOCRATIC DICtATORSHIP).....

The perceptive & insightful Mr. Paul Craig Roberts - former REPUBLICAN Asst. Treasury Secretary under President Ronald Reagan - BLASTS  today's Congressional & Senate Republicans
(who are wholly owned by, and in the pay of, the same Big Bankers & the hyper-wealthy they front for - that finance the Obama/Pelosi/Reid "Democrats")  
for creating an ARTIFICIAL CRISIS over the so-called "DEBT CEILING" - Mr. Roberts noting that Republican attempts to SLASH the American SOCIAL SAFETY NET, could instead  DEVALUE  the U.S. dollar as WORLD RESERVE CURRENCY, putting the very bankers claims to real wealth at risk (much less those less well insulated against a national currency meltdown crisis).

 The only thing Mr. Roberts falls short on is  just exactly WHO IS DRIVING THE BUS:  and the answer to that question is SIMPLICITY ITSELF, the OBAMA NEO-CONS - the GolddamnSachs + JP Morgan financial swindlers, who are ONE AND THE SAME with the JEWISH WAR LOBBY -  are BIRDS OF A FEATHER with the Bush/Cheney Neo-Cons -
#2.   Bush (W's) 2nd & final WHITE HOUSE CHIEF OF STAFF -  Golddamn-Sachs lawyer appartchik JOSH BOLTEN.
#3. CHENEY's  FIRST CHIEF OF STAFF -  "Washington SUPER LAWYER" I. Lewis 'Scooter'  Libby
   (Libby LATER CONVICTED of PERJURY and OBSTRUCTION of JUSTICE in a case - the INTENTIONAL 'outing' of ENTIRE  C.I.A. undercover operations, in an attempt to SMEAR and discredit a prominent & well known lies-to-war critic -  that would see 'normal' Americans spend the REST OF THEIR LIVES BEHIND BARS, on charges of TREASON) 
#4.  (Obama) Vice President  Biden's  CHIEF OF STAFFANOTHER  Jewish Neo-Con appartchik,  RONALD  KLAIN

  Indeed,  Bush & Cheney's  ENTIRE PRESIDENCY was DRIVEN by  JEWISH LIKUDNIKS, from Libby to WOLFOWITZ to  CHERTOFF to MUKASEY  and many others...   
 ...AS IS the Obama presidency's  DISASTROUS course, of setting up a JEWISH DICTATORSHIP, backed by JEWISH BILLIONAIRES,  operating behind  GENOCIDAL  JEWISH "war on terror"  assassination, NUCLEAR EXTORTION, and NUCLEAR TERRORISM rules. 

  Don't take OUR word for it!
  JEWS in Obama Administration - proudly posted at a Jewish website!

  Jews BEHIND the CHENEY-Bush Administration -
and IN the Bush II administration  - 
 A quick review of the  "Project for a New 'AMERICAN' Century"  June 1998  "letter to President Clinton"   proposing IMMEDIATE  "REGIME CHANGE" in IRAQ   reveals that  the JEWISH WAR LOBBY, has been LUSTING OVER  "REGIME CHANGE" in MUSLIM nations, for  FIVE YEARS before the same treasonous  Neo-Cons in the Cheney-Bush administration  ALLOWED the al Qaeda hijackers to PROCEED UNMOLESTED leading up to the 9-11 terror attacks, in order for the PNAC/Likud war-lobby crew to to get their precious "NEW PEARL HARBOR" EXCUSE to ATTACK, INVADE, DISMEMBER, and PERMANENTLY OCCUPY  IRAQ - something Jews have been DREAMING OF  for CENTURIES,   since Abraham first left the region ("Mesopotamia",  the land between Euphrates and Tigris rivers, i.e. modern-day Iraq)   after VANDALIZING the temple statues there - a BLOOD LUST to KILL their neighbors and centuries old competitors, that was stoked to new heights after the Babylonians conquered and captured Jerusalem in  586 b.c.,  enslaving and exiling the Jews, and destroying the first  temple that had been built by  Jewish rivals-assassinating King Solomon. 

 Psalm 137:
The early lines of the psalm are very well known, as they describe the sadness of the Israelites, asked to "sing the Lord's song in a foreign land". This they refuse to do, leaving their harps hanging on trees. The poem then turns into self-exhortation to remember Jerusalem. It ends with violent fantasies of revenge, telling a "Daughter of Babylon" of the delight of "he who seizes your infants and dashes them against the rocks."

      ... the Jews for 25 CENTURIES now,  have been FANTASIZING about KILLING Babylonian and Persian (now Iranian and Muslim) babies !!

 - 1 hr. audio by Prof. Michael Hudson -

 Prof. Hudson's insightful commentary CONFIRMED by London Sunday Times, Nov. 2, 2003:
"Rothschild is the new power behind Yukos"  (Russia's oil trading giant)

Michael Lind:  "How Neo-Conservatives CONQUERED WASHINGTON, and LAUNCHED A WAR"

 Mr. Robt Parry,  "Neo-Cons WANT WAR, and MORE WAR" -
  Search "Consortium News Neo-Cons + War"  for far more accurate stories on the NeoCon IMPERIAL ROMAN (Jewish theocratic, but close enough) DICTATORSHIP TENDENCIES, to KILL EVER GREATER NUMBERS of people worldwide - whether AMERICANS DENIED MEDICARE or life sustaining medical coverage for low-income ("uninsured"), or  Libyans killed by  Anglo/American/NATO/judeo BOMBS,  BULLETS, or food-robbing embargos...   

 Mr. Paul Craig Roberts, and Mr. Robert Parry, need to martial their forces and work together:  the DISASTROUS, DICTATORIAL TENDENCIES that are DESTROYING America come STRAIGHT OUT of the mass-murderous Neo-Con playbook, and identifying the perpetrtors, is as simple as NAMING THE NAMES behind the  Bush, Clinton, Bush-II, and Obama presidencies (and the kissingers, Wolfowitzs, Boltons, and other proto-"Neo-Cons" of the Nixon, Ford, and Reagan presidencies before Bush Sr.)   - "The POWERS That BE" tend to be either Jewish,  or RUN by the JEWISH financial swindlers + War Lobby (= "Neo-Cons").

Disastrous Outcomes From An Orchestrated Economic Crisis  
by Paul Craig Roberts, former Assistant Treasury Secretary of the United States of America,
July 31, 2011
With the world concerned about US financial credibility and the poor outlook for the US economy, now is not the time for the Republicans to grandstand on the public debt. The debt ceiling needed to be quietly raised. Instead, the Republicans started a fire and then threw gasoline on it, creating an inferno that could burn up the US social safety net or the US Treasury’s credit rating and the US dollar’s role as reserve currency or what remains of the separation of powers.
Little wonder that the president is becoming a Caesar.Consequently, world financial markets, currency markets, commodity markets, central banks, and mutual fund money market and bond funds are on pins and needles.
This level of irresponsibility is seldom seen even from American politicians. 
Republicans have created a totally unnecessary crisis and turned it into compelling political theater. Will the US default? Will entitlements be slashed? Will Obama seize the power of the purse from Congress in order to save the dollar and the US credit rating? None of these questions needed to arise.
While the world media fixates on the orchestrated debt ceiling crisis, the US government continues to bomb civilians in Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia and continues with preparations to do the same thing to Syria and Iran.
The violations of other countries’ sovereignties, the naked aggressions that constitute war crimes, the murder of noncombatants, and the horrible moral and economic expense inflicted by the maximization of the military/security complex’s profits are somehow not a crisis. These are just routine, normal, everyday necessary events. Nothing to notice or to become upset about.
The offshoring of US jobs, GDP, tax base, and consumer demand that has eroded away the US economy and the government’s tax base, thus elevating the deficit, is somehow not a crisis. These are just the imperatives of globalism and the routine maximization of shareholders’ profits and management’s performance bonuses.
 The US has become such a ridiculous collection of fools that no real crisis can be recognized. Instead, the country is mesmerized by a fake crisis.
The fake orchestrated crisis can easily turn into a real one. If income support programs are slashed, so will be consumer demand, and the US economy will decline further, widening the budget deficit and national debt.
 If the Republicans force the country into default, the dollar will suffer. At the least, import prices will rise and the trade deficit with them. At the worse, the dollar will lose its reserve currency role, and the US will no longer be able to pay its oil bill in its own currency. With its balance of payments deep in the red, it has no foreign currency with which to purchase oil.
If Obama has to seize the power of the purse in order to prevent a new financial crisis from landing on top of the ongoing financial crisis, democracy will take another big hit.
 Americans need desperately to ask themselves why they put into political office such utterly irresponsible and incompetent people capable of creating such a totally unnecessary crisis loaded with such disastrous potential outcomes. It would appear that the American population is too insouciant to use the vote with any care.
Little wonder that the president is becoming a Caesar.
Paul Craig Roberts, a former Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury and former associate editor of the Wall Street Journal, has been reporting shocking cases of prosecutorial abuse for two decades. A new edition of his book, The Tyranny of Good Intentions, co-authored with Lawrence Stratton, a documented account of how Americans lost the protection of law, has been released by Random House.