Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Jewish Assault on America kicks in to High Gear: Neo-Con Dominated DHS portrays "WHITE MIDDLE CLASS AMERICANS" as "MOST LIKELY TERRORISTS" !!

 - Alex Jones reports on a recent Department of Homeland Security produced video 
- the 'Homeland Security' agency's first Director was ISRAEL war-state/'American' DUAL CITIZEN appartchik (and, previously, DoJ 9-11 Commission dereliction-of-duth/treason whitewasher) Michael Chertoff - that seeks to portray, NOT "al Qaeda Muslims," BUT WHITE Middle Class AMERICANS, as the "MOST LIKELY TERRORISTS" that our Big Brother relentlessly warmongering & police state government agencies should devote their police & surveillance attention to.
video at - )

UK Guardian: Who does Homeland Security thinks poses the greatest risk?
 Video portrays white middle-class as the most likely terrorists

  Alex Jones:  "The message is 100% clear: they are now migrating publicly, the whole 'Al Qaeda fear of the Muslims fetish' 'give up your rights because they are hiding under every table', to   IMPLANTING A FEAR in Hispanics, Blacks, and others that 'it's the man, it's Whitey  [white, middle-class Americans]  'HE's THE TERRORIST'  and then they use examples like Jihad Jane, a mentally ill provacateur they set up... it [the DHS video] shows [Oklahamo bomber Tim] McVeigh... the point is they are totally now coming out of the shadows with the fact that Homeland Security was ALWAYS  FOR [against] the AMERICAN PEOPLE,   always for the Economic COLLAPSE the mega-banks were engineering  [and here] with the end of Glass-Steagall and the tens of trillions [of "bailouts" and "QE" dollars $$] they have stolen. 

   If you're not going to go along with their carbon taxes, their OPEN BORDERS and their North American union,

  Just like Obama is LAUNCHING WARS  saying he DOESN'T NEED CONGRESS,  and  Obama is setting up GOVERNOR's COUNCILS saying HE DOESN'T NEED STATES,  and the RURAL COUNCIL [rural POLICE STATE apparatus],  and saying he might raise the Debt Ceiling WITHOUT CONGRESSIONAL APPROVAL, and threatening to use a post-Civil War Reconstruction power that Ulysses S. Grant used... is 100% blaring, they are saying  behind the scenes that it is "WHITE AL QAEDA...
   ...FEMA saying that George Washington's bad, Thomas Jefferson, folks that don't like the New World Order  [Neo-Con concentration of wealth, police state,  & war powers] are terrorists.       In 1999 I got a police manuel out of  Phoenix that the FBI gave polices saying that  if people make frequent references to the U.S.  CONSTITUTION 'get 'em' -   Police flipping out if you  VIDEOTAPE  a checkpoint, police will come over and arrest you... but then BIG BROTHER is putting up face-scanning, license plate reading   [video surveillance] cameras everywhere..." 

 It's all about DIVIDE & CONQUERdivide us every different way they can, only government can be trusted,  Don't trust fellow shoppers, they're all terrorists, only trust the DHS tele-screen telling you to love Big Brother."
  We regret that we haven't published out "Multiculturalism as ASSAULT on national identies and sovereignties worldwide" (except, of course, FOR JEWS, who LECTURE the REST of the world on the need for "multiculturalism" - as they impose the APARTHEID, SEGREGATIONIST,  neo-SLAVERY  'solution' for their damned 'promised land' homeland)  story, which would have laid out the ideological foundation for this, today's, "DHS Paints, DEHUMANIZES  White  AMERICANS as TERRORISTS"  story -

   What Americans should know, is that LONG before there was a CATHOLIC INQUISTION,  there were JEWISH  religious rules that allowed for the WHOLESALE EXECUTIONS  of those who deviated from proscribed religious  "moral rules". 

  The most well-known, infamous  of these Jewish rules calling for EXECUTIONS   is of course the Leviticus rant against  homosexuality, "if a man lies with another man it is an abomination" -  but bible (which is to say "Jewish") PROPAGANDA is SO strong, that people fail to see the many, many instances of WHOLESALE, SYSTEMATIC RAPES, MASSACRES,  MASS-MURDERS, ENSLAVEMENTS (including sexual slavery) and wholesale RELIGIOUS EXECUTIONS   that the Jewish "heroes" of the bible often indulge in,   were the PRECURSORS to the ruthless torture & wholesale seizures & murders of the much despised   Christ-ian (Catholic church run) Inquisition. this bible study page explains:
"The command to kill an entire nation and their cattle is not new. God required the Israelites to do so when they encountered [many] Canaanite nations"

  So we can easily see, the psychological AND  IDEOLOGICAL ROOTS of the POLICE STATE, WAR LOBBY, and hyper-wealthy ASSAULT on the American people, on the American upwardly mobile middle class, is DEEPLY ROOTED in the (jewish) bible... 
 ...and the Neo-Cons bankers, war-profiteers, police-state appartchiks, and politicians deeply embedded in BOTH political parties - Republicans AND Democrats (and corporate "astro-turf" funded  Tea Partiers as well)  are now shamelessly promoting a PROPAGANDA WAR to DIVIDE & CRIMINALIZE Americans. 

  Just as Hitler's Nazis DEHUMANIZED Jews,

  ...and just as today Netanyahu Likudnik and  Talmudic  Israeli and 'American' Neo-Con Jews relentlessly  DEHUMANIZE Palestinians,
    and SCAPEGOATED  Iraqis for the  9-11 terrorist attacks conducted by Saudi terrorists who were operating under the regime of  our  "allies" in the Saudi  women-executing dictatorial, autocrat regime - 
 - THE Saudi  MODEL of   a ruthless,  mass-murdering  religious, THEOCRATIC DICTATORSHIP (albeit Jewish, not Islamic)  is  THE SAME    that  "biblical" Jews and their ignorant and/or complicit secular Jewish allies in America  today espouse for Israel, and ARE, slowly but surely,  constrictor snake "gwot" global-war-on-terror and  titanic "bailouts of rich"  commissar  financial extortion style, 
   IMPOSING ON AMERICA, and the world,  as we speak.