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Obama's Jews, Following Bush & Cheney's Neo-Con Likudniks (Jewish Warmongers), Are TURNING America into a ROMAN DICTATORSHIP (actually, a JEWISH THEOCRATIC DICtATORSHIP).....

The perceptive & insightful Mr. Paul Craig Roberts - former REPUBLICAN Asst. Treasury Secretary under President Ronald Reagan - BLASTS  today's Congressional & Senate Republicans
(who are wholly owned by, and in the pay of, the same Big Bankers & the hyper-wealthy they front for - that finance the Obama/Pelosi/Reid "Democrats")  
for creating an ARTIFICIAL CRISIS over the so-called "DEBT CEILING" - Mr. Roberts noting that Republican attempts to SLASH the American SOCIAL SAFETY NET, could instead  DEVALUE  the U.S. dollar as WORLD RESERVE CURRENCY, putting the very bankers claims to real wealth at risk (much less those less well insulated against a national currency meltdown crisis).

 The only thing Mr. Roberts falls short on is  just exactly WHO IS DRIVING THE BUS:  and the answer to that question is SIMPLICITY ITSELF, the OBAMA NEO-CONS - the GolddamnSachs + JP Morgan financial swindlers, who are ONE AND THE SAME with the JEWISH WAR LOBBY -  are BIRDS OF A FEATHER with the Bush/Cheney Neo-Cons -
#2.   Bush (W's) 2nd & final WHITE HOUSE CHIEF OF STAFF -  Golddamn-Sachs lawyer appartchik JOSH BOLTEN.
#3. CHENEY's  FIRST CHIEF OF STAFF -  "Washington SUPER LAWYER" I. Lewis 'Scooter'  Libby
   (Libby LATER CONVICTED of PERJURY and OBSTRUCTION of JUSTICE in a case - the INTENTIONAL 'outing' of ENTIRE  C.I.A. undercover operations, in an attempt to SMEAR and discredit a prominent & well known lies-to-war critic -  that would see 'normal' Americans spend the REST OF THEIR LIVES BEHIND BARS, on charges of TREASON) 
#4.  (Obama) Vice President  Biden's  CHIEF OF STAFFANOTHER  Jewish Neo-Con appartchik,  RONALD  KLAIN

  Indeed,  Bush & Cheney's  ENTIRE PRESIDENCY was DRIVEN by  JEWISH LIKUDNIKS, from Libby to WOLFOWITZ to  CHERTOFF to MUKASEY  and many others...   
 ...AS IS the Obama presidency's  DISASTROUS course, of setting up a JEWISH DICTATORSHIP, backed by JEWISH BILLIONAIRES,  operating behind  GENOCIDAL  JEWISH "war on terror"  assassination, NUCLEAR EXTORTION, and NUCLEAR TERRORISM rules. 

  Don't take OUR word for it!
  JEWS in Obama Administration - proudly posted at a Jewish website!

  Jews BEHIND the CHENEY-Bush Administration -
and IN the Bush II administration  - 
 A quick review of the  "Project for a New 'AMERICAN' Century"  June 1998  "letter to President Clinton"   proposing IMMEDIATE  "REGIME CHANGE" in IRAQ   reveals that  the JEWISH WAR LOBBY, has been LUSTING OVER  "REGIME CHANGE" in MUSLIM nations, for  FIVE YEARS before the same treasonous  Neo-Cons in the Cheney-Bush administration  ALLOWED the al Qaeda hijackers to PROCEED UNMOLESTED leading up to the 9-11 terror attacks, in order for the PNAC/Likud war-lobby crew to to get their precious "NEW PEARL HARBOR" EXCUSE to ATTACK, INVADE, DISMEMBER, and PERMANENTLY OCCUPY  IRAQ - something Jews have been DREAMING OF  for CENTURIES,   since Abraham first left the region ("Mesopotamia",  the land between Euphrates and Tigris rivers, i.e. modern-day Iraq)   after VANDALIZING the temple statues there - a BLOOD LUST to KILL their neighbors and centuries old competitors, that was stoked to new heights after the Babylonians conquered and captured Jerusalem in  586 b.c.,  enslaving and exiling the Jews, and destroying the first  temple that had been built by  Jewish rivals-assassinating King Solomon. 

 Psalm 137:
The early lines of the psalm are very well known, as they describe the sadness of the Israelites, asked to "sing the Lord's song in a foreign land". This they refuse to do, leaving their harps hanging on trees. The poem then turns into self-exhortation to remember Jerusalem. It ends with violent fantasies of revenge, telling a "Daughter of Babylon" of the delight of "he who seizes your infants and dashes them against the rocks."

      ... the Jews for 25 CENTURIES now,  have been FANTASIZING about KILLING Babylonian and Persian (now Iranian and Muslim) babies !!

 - 1 hr. audio by Prof. Michael Hudson -

 Prof. Hudson's insightful commentary CONFIRMED by London Sunday Times, Nov. 2, 2003:
"Rothschild is the new power behind Yukos"  (Russia's oil trading giant)

Michael Lind:  "How Neo-Conservatives CONQUERED WASHINGTON, and LAUNCHED A WAR"

 Mr. Robt Parry,  "Neo-Cons WANT WAR, and MORE WAR" -
  Search "Consortium News Neo-Cons + War"  for far more accurate stories on the NeoCon IMPERIAL ROMAN (Jewish theocratic, but close enough) DICTATORSHIP TENDENCIES, to KILL EVER GREATER NUMBERS of people worldwide - whether AMERICANS DENIED MEDICARE or life sustaining medical coverage for low-income ("uninsured"), or  Libyans killed by  Anglo/American/NATO/judeo BOMBS,  BULLETS, or food-robbing embargos...   

 Mr. Paul Craig Roberts, and Mr. Robert Parry, need to martial their forces and work together:  the DISASTROUS, DICTATORIAL TENDENCIES that are DESTROYING America come STRAIGHT OUT of the mass-murderous Neo-Con playbook, and identifying the perpetrtors, is as simple as NAMING THE NAMES behind the  Bush, Clinton, Bush-II, and Obama presidencies (and the kissingers, Wolfowitzs, Boltons, and other proto-"Neo-Cons" of the Nixon, Ford, and Reagan presidencies before Bush Sr.)   - "The POWERS That BE" tend to be either Jewish,  or RUN by the JEWISH financial swindlers + War Lobby (= "Neo-Cons").

Disastrous Outcomes From An Orchestrated Economic Crisis  
by Paul Craig Roberts, former Assistant Treasury Secretary of the United States of America,
July 31, 2011
With the world concerned about US financial credibility and the poor outlook for the US economy, now is not the time for the Republicans to grandstand on the public debt. The debt ceiling needed to be quietly raised. Instead, the Republicans started a fire and then threw gasoline on it, creating an inferno that could burn up the US social safety net or the US Treasury’s credit rating and the US dollar’s role as reserve currency or what remains of the separation of powers.
Little wonder that the president is becoming a Caesar.Consequently, world financial markets, currency markets, commodity markets, central banks, and mutual fund money market and bond funds are on pins and needles.
This level of irresponsibility is seldom seen even from American politicians. 
Republicans have created a totally unnecessary crisis and turned it into compelling political theater. Will the US default? Will entitlements be slashed? Will Obama seize the power of the purse from Congress in order to save the dollar and the US credit rating? None of these questions needed to arise.
While the world media fixates on the orchestrated debt ceiling crisis, the US government continues to bomb civilians in Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia and continues with preparations to do the same thing to Syria and Iran.
The violations of other countries’ sovereignties, the naked aggressions that constitute war crimes, the murder of noncombatants, and the horrible moral and economic expense inflicted by the maximization of the military/security complex’s profits are somehow not a crisis. These are just routine, normal, everyday necessary events. Nothing to notice or to become upset about.
The offshoring of US jobs, GDP, tax base, and consumer demand that has eroded away the US economy and the government’s tax base, thus elevating the deficit, is somehow not a crisis. These are just the imperatives of globalism and the routine maximization of shareholders’ profits and management’s performance bonuses.
 The US has become such a ridiculous collection of fools that no real crisis can be recognized. Instead, the country is mesmerized by a fake crisis.
The fake orchestrated crisis can easily turn into a real one. If income support programs are slashed, so will be consumer demand, and the US economy will decline further, widening the budget deficit and national debt.
 If the Republicans force the country into default, the dollar will suffer. At the least, import prices will rise and the trade deficit with them. At the worse, the dollar will lose its reserve currency role, and the US will no longer be able to pay its oil bill in its own currency. With its balance of payments deep in the red, it has no foreign currency with which to purchase oil.
If Obama has to seize the power of the purse in order to prevent a new financial crisis from landing on top of the ongoing financial crisis, democracy will take another big hit.
 Americans need desperately to ask themselves why they put into political office such utterly irresponsible and incompetent people capable of creating such a totally unnecessary crisis loaded with such disastrous potential outcomes. It would appear that the American population is too insouciant to use the vote with any care.
Little wonder that the president is becoming a Caesar.
Paul Craig Roberts, a former Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury and former associate editor of the Wall Street Journal, has been reporting shocking cases of prosecutorial abuse for two decades. A new edition of his book, The Tyranny of Good Intentions, co-authored with Lawrence Stratton, a documented account of how Americans lost the protection of law, has been released by Random House.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The relentlessly Genocidal Jews, operating behind their wholly owned proxy US army, navy, & military, are engaged in an ACTIVE WAR - an international siege - of Iran. The relentlessly bloodthirsty Jews have DREAMED about the revenge DESTRUCTION of Persia, ever since Babylonians conquered Jerusalem & destroyed the 1st Temple.

As the "phony war" summer of 2011 rolls towards its back-to-school end, the "elites" of  America - and as we've reported earlier, it is THE JEWISH "elites" who RUN the U.S. government, Con-gress, White House, War Department, and "foreign policy" -  are chomping-at-the-bit for getting down to the REAL business of 2011:  GENOCIDE and ECONOMIC SABOTAGE.       

As Ben Bernanke walks around with a permanent SMIRK on his traitorous face - he is quite pleased with himself, his masters tell him he is doing a FANTASTIC job of  SHOVING HIS  FIAT-MONEY 'Federal' Reserve DEBT on EVERYONE (not a billionaire) in America,  in exchange for GUTTING their savings, health-care, jobs, social security, and, heavens forbid, pension plans and health care acess -
 -     the elites continue to GEAR UP FOR A NEW, "real" war - the US/jewish state war to KILL A MILLION+ IRANIANS, just  as the  "WOLFOWITZ, ARCHITECT OF IRAQ WAR"  2003 U.S. invasion of Iraq  has killed a million Iraqis  since the Nazi-esque Jews   - at the Sulzberger New York Slimes, the Meyer/Graham Washington Post; at  the "Wolf Blitzer loves WAR reporting" cnn/Time/Wonsakaler Bros. (ne "Warner brothers");  at the "Mrs. Alan Greenspan/Andrea Mitchell"  MSNBC/NBC/CNBC -
  -  have perfected the art of BLAMING IRAQIS for the 9-11 terrorist attacks
(That the TREASONOUS  Mossad crew (wolfowitz, libby, perle, feith, wurmser, zackheim,  netanyahu, et al, via their treasonous front-man, Vice President Dick Cheney,  ALLOWED to go through with NOT ONE  attempt by the U.S. government, law enforcement, military,  "intel" or "national in-security" agencies to thwart despite  the WELL KNOWN  Al Qaeda TERRORIST INTENTIONS.)
Don’t Get It Twisted, We Are ALREADY At WAR With Iran
As the conflict in East Asia regarding the South Asian Sea, seems to have quieted down temporarily, the US – Iran conflict is reemerging. As mentioned before: warfare, politics and resources are inextricably joined and this case is no different. Oil, the Dollar and Iran are completely interconnected.

This weeks Iran launched an Oil Bourse on Kish Island. At the same time, former CIA officer and middle east expert Robert Baer stated that Israel is preparing to possibly attack on Iran in the Fall. Meanwhile, a US Drone was shot down Iran and a senior Iranian nuclear scientist was assassinated. There are a lot of behind-the-scenes secret activities taking place right now that make it hard to say with any definitiveness what will happen next in this theatre.
Importantly, readers must understand that the United States is actually in an active war with Iran. Most think the US is not at war with Iran because the US does not have troops inside Iran such as it does in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq, and is not engaging in behind-the-scenes support like in Libya, Yemen, and Somalia. The US is involved in active war with Iran in the form of a Siege:
In the last decade, US military presence surrounding Iran has vastly increased. Starting clockwise around the Iranian Plateau:
Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan…the former Soviet States to the northeast of Iran have cooperated with the US by providing base support such as for aircraft landing and other logistic supports.
Afghanistan, Pakistan (AF-PAK)…active war since 9/11 invasion, and US military and CIA activities inside Pakistan. Pakistan has already received billions in US military aid. Also, western supported Jundallah terrorists have attack Iran from inside southwest Pakistan.
United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait…The sparsely populated Arab countries have been receiving full support from the Anglo-sphere for more than a century. Currently these areas are home to US ground, naval and air forces.
Iraq…home to US troops and massive US military political involvement after the invasion and toppling of Saddam. Also home to anti-Islamic Republic of Iran group MEK with US acquiescence.
Turkey…though acting more independently in recent years, it was an original NATO member and is in agreement with the US over Libya.
Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia (Caucasus)…provide US troops/logistics support.
In addition, US aircraft carriers in the Persian Gulf and the Indian Ocean, create a complete physical encirclement.
The United States has also been increasing sanctions on Iran, its corporations, and on particularly people. This has deeply hurt the domestic economy and flow on money in and out of the country. As such, inflation is near hyperinflation levels due to the money printing of the government for paying for domestic expenses. Prices are skyrocketing.

The banking ban against Iran has made it impossible for Iran to get paid for the oil it sells to countries like India and China. Those countries already owe Iran billions in dollars for previously received oil. China has hinted about possibly bartering with Iran in exchange for the oil.
According to Wikipedia a Siege is a:
“A siege is a military blockade of a city or fortress with the intent of conquering by attrition or assault. Generally speaking, siege warfare is a form of constant, low intensity conflict characterized by one party holding a strong, static defensive position. A siege occurs when an attacker encounters a city or fortress that cannot be easily taken by a coup de main and refuses to surrender. Sieges involve surrounding the target and blocking the reinforcement or escape of troops or provision of supplies, typically coupled with attempts to reduce the fortifications by means of siege engines, artillery bombardment, mining (also known as sapping), or the use of deception or treachery to bypass defences. Failing a military outcome, sieges can often be decided by starvation, thirst or disease, which can afflict either the attacker or defender.”
The siege of Iran has blocked the trade of of goods and financial transactions with the country. The US has also launched drones inside Iran’s border (with one shot down recently) as well as shooting down Iranian planes and ships in the past. The US also supports terrorist entities like the MEK and Jundallah against Iran, and launched the Stuxnet computer virus to hurt Iranian nuclear infrastructure; fulfilling the definition of a siege.

The Politico-Economic Connections: Oil > Money
The conflict escalated recently with Iran finally deciding to open the Kish Island Oil Bourse. This oil bourse is an oil commodity trading hub that would challenge the world’s biggest oil trading exchange in the US. The sales are currently priced in Dollars, but there have been threats of using Euros, Yen, and Yuan for oil sales.

Every time Iran has threatened to do this in the past, it has been slapped back by US. Completing oil transactions in non-dollar currencies would greatly diminish the power of the US internationally by decreasing demand for the US Dollar. Iran realizes this, but has been afraid to act on bringing it to reality. It is also yet to be seen if oil purchasing countries would buy the oil in their own currencies and challenge US Dollar global hegemony.

There is a history of challenges to the trade of international oil with only US Dollars. The Shah of Iran flirted with the idea before being deposed. Saddam Hussein in Iraq began selling some oil in euros before being removed by the US by George W. Bush. Currently Qaddafi of Libya is battling for his life for what could partially be his attempts at creating an Africa Gold Currency. Ahmadinejad could be next in line. (YouTube Video Link)

Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Jewish Assault on America kicks in to High Gear: Neo-Con Dominated DHS portrays "WHITE MIDDLE CLASS AMERICANS" as "MOST LIKELY TERRORISTS" !!

 - Alex Jones reports on a recent Department of Homeland Security produced video 
- the 'Homeland Security' agency's first Director was ISRAEL war-state/'American' DUAL CITIZEN appartchik (and, previously, DoJ 9-11 Commission dereliction-of-duth/treason whitewasher) Michael Chertoff - that seeks to portray, NOT "al Qaeda Muslims," BUT WHITE Middle Class AMERICANS, as the "MOST LIKELY TERRORISTS" that our Big Brother relentlessly warmongering & police state government agencies should devote their police & surveillance attention to.
video at - )

UK Guardian: Who does Homeland Security thinks poses the greatest risk?
 Video portrays white middle-class as the most likely terrorists

  Alex Jones:  "The message is 100% clear: they are now migrating publicly, the whole 'Al Qaeda fear of the Muslims fetish' 'give up your rights because they are hiding under every table', to   IMPLANTING A FEAR in Hispanics, Blacks, and others that 'it's the man, it's Whitey  [white, middle-class Americans]  'HE's THE TERRORIST'  and then they use examples like Jihad Jane, a mentally ill provacateur they set up... it [the DHS video] shows [Oklahamo bomber Tim] McVeigh... the point is they are totally now coming out of the shadows with the fact that Homeland Security was ALWAYS  FOR [against] the AMERICAN PEOPLE,   always for the Economic COLLAPSE the mega-banks were engineering  [and here] with the end of Glass-Steagall and the tens of trillions [of "bailouts" and "QE" dollars $$] they have stolen. 

   If you're not going to go along with their carbon taxes, their OPEN BORDERS and their North American union,

  Just like Obama is LAUNCHING WARS  saying he DOESN'T NEED CONGRESS,  and  Obama is setting up GOVERNOR's COUNCILS saying HE DOESN'T NEED STATES,  and the RURAL COUNCIL [rural POLICE STATE apparatus],  and saying he might raise the Debt Ceiling WITHOUT CONGRESSIONAL APPROVAL, and threatening to use a post-Civil War Reconstruction power that Ulysses S. Grant used... is 100% blaring, they are saying  behind the scenes that it is "WHITE AL QAEDA...
   ...FEMA saying that George Washington's bad, Thomas Jefferson, folks that don't like the New World Order  [Neo-Con concentration of wealth, police state,  & war powers] are terrorists.       In 1999 I got a police manuel out of  Phoenix that the FBI gave polices saying that  if people make frequent references to the U.S.  CONSTITUTION 'get 'em' -   Police flipping out if you  VIDEOTAPE  a checkpoint, police will come over and arrest you... but then BIG BROTHER is putting up face-scanning, license plate reading   [video surveillance] cameras everywhere..." 

 It's all about DIVIDE & CONQUERdivide us every different way they can, only government can be trusted,  Don't trust fellow shoppers, they're all terrorists, only trust the DHS tele-screen telling you to love Big Brother."
  We regret that we haven't published out "Multiculturalism as ASSAULT on national identies and sovereignties worldwide" (except, of course, FOR JEWS, who LECTURE the REST of the world on the need for "multiculturalism" - as they impose the APARTHEID, SEGREGATIONIST,  neo-SLAVERY  'solution' for their damned 'promised land' homeland)  story, which would have laid out the ideological foundation for this, today's, "DHS Paints, DEHUMANIZES  White  AMERICANS as TERRORISTS"  story -

   What Americans should know, is that LONG before there was a CATHOLIC INQUISTION,  there were JEWISH  religious rules that allowed for the WHOLESALE EXECUTIONS  of those who deviated from proscribed religious  "moral rules". 

  The most well-known, infamous  of these Jewish rules calling for EXECUTIONS   is of course the Leviticus rant against  homosexuality, "if a man lies with another man it is an abomination" -  but bible (which is to say "Jewish") PROPAGANDA is SO strong, that people fail to see the many, many instances of WHOLESALE, SYSTEMATIC RAPES, MASSACRES,  MASS-MURDERS, ENSLAVEMENTS (including sexual slavery) and wholesale RELIGIOUS EXECUTIONS   that the Jewish "heroes" of the bible often indulge in,   were the PRECURSORS to the ruthless torture & wholesale seizures & murders of the much despised   Christ-ian (Catholic church run) Inquisition. this bible study page explains:
"The command to kill an entire nation and their cattle is not new. God required the Israelites to do so when they encountered [many] Canaanite nations"

  So we can easily see, the psychological AND  IDEOLOGICAL ROOTS of the POLICE STATE, WAR LOBBY, and hyper-wealthy ASSAULT on the American people, on the American upwardly mobile middle class, is DEEPLY ROOTED in the (jewish) bible... 
 ...and the Neo-Cons bankers, war-profiteers, police-state appartchiks, and politicians deeply embedded in BOTH political parties - Republicans AND Democrats (and corporate "astro-turf" funded  Tea Partiers as well)  are now shamelessly promoting a PROPAGANDA WAR to DIVIDE & CRIMINALIZE Americans. 

  Just as Hitler's Nazis DEHUMANIZED Jews,

  ...and just as today Netanyahu Likudnik and  Talmudic  Israeli and 'American' Neo-Con Jews relentlessly  DEHUMANIZE Palestinians,
    and SCAPEGOATED  Iraqis for the  9-11 terrorist attacks conducted by Saudi terrorists who were operating under the regime of  our  "allies" in the Saudi  women-executing dictatorial, autocrat regime - 
 - THE Saudi  MODEL of   a ruthless,  mass-murdering  religious, THEOCRATIC DICTATORSHIP (albeit Jewish, not Islamic)  is  THE SAME    that  "biblical" Jews and their ignorant and/or complicit secular Jewish allies in America  today espouse for Israel, and ARE, slowly but surely,  constrictor snake "gwot" global-war-on-terror and  titanic "bailouts of rich"  commissar  financial extortion style, 
   IMPOSING ON AMERICA, and the world,  as we speak.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Treasonous Jewish Meyer/Graham Owned WASHINGTON POST practically glib with glee: SOCIAL SECURITY ON CHOPPING BLOCK! Post headlines scream "DEBT! DEBT!" DEBT!" WITHOUT GIVING CONTEXT: that the Greenspan/Bernanke Goldman Sachs JP Morgan (=rothschilds) Fed CREATES this "DEBT" 'money' OUT OF THIN AIR !!

Confirming our previous post - that America's treasonous  war-lobby (jewish dominated) Neo-Cons are INTENTIONALLY SABOTAGING America's economy, so THEY can EXTORT MORE WEALTH to the top 1% elite -   yesterday  (July 7, 2011)  the Meyer/Graham Washington Post headline practically shouts with joy, announcing  that bribed (and probably extorted) so-called "liberal Democratic" President Barack Obama is putting America's Social Security on the chopping block, in his service to his "campaign donating" legalized bribes puppetmasters,   America's ruthless Neo-Con warmongers, executioners, & economy gutting Treasury looters:
Washington Post July 7, 2011:  "Obama: Social Security on Table" 

Today's  (July 8, 2011)  Washington Post headlines practically salivate over  IMPOSING the TREASONOUS DEBT  printed out of thin air by the  Greenspan/Bernanke  (=GodddamnSachs + JP Morgan = rothschilds) so-called 'Federal' Reserve bank (and member/owner big bankers)  ON TO  millions of Americans -   

  Just to confirm our rant - sure enough, besides the treasonous Washington Post's typical economic crisis  headlines
"NO headway on This Year [U.S. Government] SPENDING" 
  is the smaller print headline -   "LESS for Health Care" !! 

  THE ABOVE   _IS_ the TREASONOUS  Washington Post agenda:  MONEY for NOTHING 
("bailouts' for  failed, bankrupt, corrupt, insolvent, but Congress bribing bankers that we American peons  get NO AUDITS for!)
 as THEY, the wealthy, Liebermanesque backstabbing Neo-Con Post editors & writers -  GLOAT over SLASHING  health care for Americans! 
 (And as they, the treasonous Neo-Con Washington Post  editors & writers, and stockholders,  also gloat  over their  ARTIFICIALLY  PUMPED UP  - by TRILLIONS of  fiat Bernanke printed-up-out-of-thin-air dollars -   stock portfolios.)
  note:  ENTIRE  ARMIES of  copyright lawyers, editors, and Neo-Con government appartchik enforcers, would  LOVE TO MAKE THIS web post ILLEGAL - CRIMINAL!! -    for showing, without copyright authorization,  the  LIES & DISTORTIONS  of the treasonous  Neo-Con Washington Post's front page,  IN THE CONTEXT  of the Post's glib  APPROVAL of  the treasonous, FOREIGN BANKER DOMINATED  so-called 'Federal' Reserve   FIAT MONEY cartel  DEBT that has been IMPOSED on American working households and taxpayers -    as  the Post (and Sulzberger NY Slimes, and  cnn/Time/Warner bros. jewish Hollywood media propaganda empire)  
 GIVING TRILLIONS to  failed, bankrupt, insolvent bankers...   WHILE GUTTING America's Social Security AND Health Care (much less gutting the entire economy in general)  IS TREASON !! 

  THEY DO NOT  BELIEVE IN DEMOCRACY, they do NOT believe in "free press,"  they do NOT believe in the social contract of the U.S. Constitution,  they certainly don't believe in "free markets" or fair "enterprise" -   but they DO believe in "money changers running the temple";  they DO  believe in  RIGGED  "central bankers take all" markets, and they  DO  BELIEVE IN SLAVERY, genocide, massacres, and extortions,  - as the jewish bible  (old testament)   has advocated (preached, "justified" and legalized) for 3,000+ years. 

  (jewish Time/Warner co. owned) CNN:  "Goldman says Fed faces $4 trillion hole" 
   ....which they, the treasonous, insanely greedy Goddamn Sachs Wall St debt lords &  anti-democracy media propaganda appartchiks,  want  AMERICAN peon  working stiff families to GIVE to them! 
 (note: the rothschilds model  PRIVATELY OWNED  Central Banking DEBT cartel, is DESIGNED to EXTORT WEALTH _OUT_ of  victim economies.  
 Most Americans understand  intuitively that the post-WWII  "Great American century"    saw an economic miracle of increasing wages, increasing lifespans, more affordable healthcare, more industrial development & production; and  a more representative government - all of which (including the WWII miracle of  vast  wartime production in just 4 years flat; America's "arsenal of democracy") were overseen and financed  by the Federal Reserve banking system.
  HOWEVER!  Many of the banking families  behind the Fed literally had their lives on the line during WWII,  -  they were motivated to increase America's economic activity with actual survival needs  beyond mere personal wealth - and, during the Cold War, the Anglo/American/judeo  elites HAD to SHARE SOME OF THE WEALTH, otherwise they would never have motivated Americans (much less "3rd world" citizens) to fight against communism. 
   WWII tax rates were __90%__ on the top tier American income workers; government war production companies were required to pay (comparatively high) union wages,  SAVINGS in WELL REGULATED bonds & markets were encouraged,  and  30% LOAN SHARKING by banks was ILLEGAL!)  Today's edition of  DEBT and BAILOUTS  economy-gutting economics, almost precisely coincides with the dissolution of the Soviet Union and "end of the Cold War" - when Anglo/American/judeo ELITES  no longer had to make even a PRETENSE of SHARING THE WEALTH.   
(note 2:  The Bush-I economic Recession was brought about by the twin demons of 
#1.  "DEREGULATION" of the Savings & Loan industry... which we now know was an OPEN INVITATION TO FRAUD. and turned mom & pop neighborhood Savings & Loans mortgage banks into CASINO CHIPS for NY, Wall Street CASINO GULAG bankers;  and,
#2.  by the DEBT imposed first by the Cold War military expenditures, and then by the  "BAILOUTS" that the S&L fat cats EXTORTED out of Congress & Taxpayers.
   But the PROSECUTIONS for FRAUD in the S&L debacle saw nearly 1,000 CONVICTIONS.
  Today's  treasonous Neo-Cons are, to repeat, practically GIDDY at how thoroughly they have bought, bribed, extorted, and corrupted the American judicial, financial oversight, press/media,  and  criminal "justice" systems, with no more than a few token prosecutions  - including Bernie Madoff, but NONE of his inner circle or co-complicit banks, like JP Morgan-Chase.)  

 Treacherous economic parasite  NEO-CONS  LOVE  FRAUD,  DEBT SLAVERY, and exchanging   ("trading," "money changing," "loan refinancing",  etc.)    their CREATED OUT OF THIN AIR  Bernanke "judenfetzen" dollars for the REAL, valuable assets, resources, and productive companies (much less, heavens forbid, well funded pension funds)  of a target nation's  economy....

   ...and  they  LOVE  inflicting   ECONOMIC SABOTAGE of  their victim host nations, the necessary prerequiste to handing those valuable assets over to themselves and their  fellow larcenous debt-lord economic hit men extortionists.