Sunday, June 19, 2011

AUSTERITY SLAMS Americans: AS the treacherous Netanyahu controlled & Neo-Con infested 'U.S.' Congress Hands Out TRILLIONS of "FREE MONEY" Bernanke Fed dollars FOR EVER MORE EXPANDING WARS, and to WEALTHY, FAILED, INSOLVENT, but Con-gress bribing banksters...

  As AUSTERITY and DEATH from LACK OF MEDICAL access stalk the America of so-called "Change" president Barack Obama,    the REAL powers behind the throne of American politics and  power APPROVE  of using 'American'  federal, state, and local POLICE  to make a REPRESSIVE NIGHTMARE of America's free speech and free assembly rights:  

America's unelected DICTATOR, jewish war state prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu,
 gets 29, TWENTY NINE   STANDING OVATIONS from the bribed, extorted, bought,
and TOTALLY OWNED  "United States" 112th Congress in his "state of the Union"
like speech in Con-gress, May 14 2011.   
America’s de facto Furher: Bibi Netanyahu, and his Neo-Con appartchiks who CONTROL, lock, stock, & barrell, the ENTIRE 'U.S.' con-gress 
  (this above link is a HA’ARETZ site!)
and who CONTROL the Obama White House
 and who were THE POWER behind the Bush/Cheney White House
and who CONTROL the United States’ “WAR as FIRST resort” ‘foreign policy’

...and their damn, TREASONOUS  ENABLERS at the “PRETEND liberal, but ACTUALLY RADICAL RIGHT-WING AUTHORITARIAN pathologically (genocidally)  kleptocratic” Sulzberger New York Slimesor cowardly, election-stealing, warmongering, AMERICAN CIVIL RIGHT-TRASHING “pravada on the Potomac” Meyer-Graham Washington whore Post
   (and their partners in election stealing, treasury looting, warmongering, “bailouts” for fat-cat bankers, TRASH American civil rights” crimes whitewashing, cnn/Time/WARNER bros ne Polish Wonsakolaser bros.) Hollywood propaganda empire
APPROVE of this message: BILLIONS of American taxpayer dollars $$ for EVER MORE WARS….
…TRILLIONS of American taxpayer dollars $$ for failed, insolvent, Con-gress BRIBING banksters
(gs, jpm, lehman bros, bear-stearns, salomon bros, merrill-lynch, boa, Fed; etc., and the hyper-wealthy they front for)…

...and ALL the above  SUPPORT ever more BILLIONS of EXTORTED from American taxpayer dollars $$ to RAMP UP THE POLICE STATE. 

“Welcome to the GAZA STRIP, Americans!”  
Bibi says you should either be a quite, passive, docile slave – or he will send in his machine-gun armed goon-squads!

btw, is it an ACCIDENT, that all these “POLICE to REPRESS AMERICANS” videos and BUDGET TIGHTENINGS (while BANKERS get FREE MONEY, NO AUDIT TRILLIONS $$ from Bernakistan’s printing presses)
 come 2 1/2 years AFTER Cheney/Bush-II/McCain/Palin and their radical Right-Wing GOP agenda were RESOUNDINGLY shown the door by millions of American voters in November 2008...
....but the REAL powers-behind-the 'American' presidency throne just seamlessly shifted over to the ‘new’, so-called “change” obama White House?  
reposted:  "Actions speak louder than words," and the abject DEFERENCE of the late "United States"  112th Congress to Jewish war state Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu reveals... that not only is he, hands down,  the most powerful politician IN AMERICA,  but his control over con-gress, presidents, U.S foreign policy America's economy  (financial sabotage)  is so absolute, that he is effectively the UNELECTED, warmongering & police state repression
 DICTATOR  of these late 'United States' -