Sunday, May 29, 2011

Jewish Central Bank appartchik Commissar Ben Bernanke DELIGHTS in DEFRAUDING millions of Americans - feels no need to explain to peons his SABOTAGE of American economy, on behalf of the insanely greedy, treasonous multi-millionaires & billionaires he fronts for...

The Jewish Assault on America continues unabated... FREE MONEY for Rothschilds-esque Central Bank SWINDLERS, LOAN SHARKS, and medieval (robber baron) DEBT LORDS.....
   DEBT, POVERTY, TAXATION, "outsourced" to Communist China jobs & industry,  a SHREDDED SOCIAL SAFETY NET, and WIEMAR style HYPER-INFLATION in food, gas & essentials prices (commodities, insurance, health costs) for everyone else.
Ben Bernanke & Washington elites celebrate their SABOTAGE of America's economy: "OUTSOURCING" of jobs,  industrial production, entire companies, entire industries, AND leading-edge technology, TO COMMUNIST CHINA; so THEY can wallow in STOLEN, LOOTED, & DEFRAUDED wealth & power....  as they RIP APART  the American social safety net, and turn Americans BACK into (slave) plantation and "I owe my soul to the company store" coal mine debt slaves and indentured peons & serfs....
 Here's how they do it:  Here's how they WRECK economies THROUGH BRIBERY, EXTORTION, LOAN-SHARKING, PROPAGANDA, intimidation, and EXTORTION:  
  Jewish uber-SWINDLERS Golddamn-Sachs BRIBED Greek Officials, to HIDE DEBT, so the economy-gutting GS thieves could PUSH MORE DEBT on to the unsuspecting Greek populace:  
Greece had 13 off-market deals with Goldman to hide debts 
The London/New York/Tel Aviv Jews DESPISE the European Union (even though, of course,  many, many Jewish officials earn their paychecks in the EU - in typical "5th column" style, trying to SABOTAGE the union from within)   because an energetically democratic and productive European Union   is a THREAT to the  Jewish   HEGEMONY  (as perfectly expressed in the Jewish dominated "PNAC" war-lobby 'think tank') wielded via domination of the bought, bribed, corrupted, extorted, & terrorized U.S.  Congress and presidents (including control of all the Exeuctive Office (presidential)  cabinet agencies,  especially State, the War Department, and Treasury;  and through the  propagandized, hate-mongered American  public.) 
 (note:  of course, in BRIBING corrupt E.U. officials to support NATO WARS in Afghanistan, Libya, and elsewhere, and in BRIBING  Polish & Czech officials to allow the stationing of radar command & control elements of the U.S./israel missile system in their countries,  the Jewish war lobby is, constrictor snake style,  slowly intergrating the European states & European Union in to their global hegemony war, death, & blood lust empire - despite Europeans suffering the lessons of WWI and WWII on their territory first hand, and despite the vast majority of Europeans wanting to have nothing to do with the Jewish warsdemocracy is DESPISED by Jews, going back to Moses & Aaron's killers  killing their kin, neighbors, and dissidents by the score in the Jewish "night of long knives;"  and going back to King David and other blood drenched Jewish leaders waging civil wars on their own popultion time after time after time.)     

 Speaking of  "waging war on one's own population"   here's some CONCURRENT   headlines from the Jewish dominated HuffPost

confirmed  at this financial blog site:
How Inflation Violates Retiree Civil Rights
   and here  the U.K. Guardian reports on the American economy:
 After the crash: the PAUPERISATION of middle-class America
  by Richard Wolff,
With the [American economic] crisis now in its fifth year, it's plain that the rich and powerful have restructured society toward ever-greater inequality...

Even Jewish Neo-Con lite sulzberger NY slimes columnist  Paul Krugman can't help but mention:  OBAMA IS A WEAK PATHETIC PUPPET of his Goddamn-Sachs  Neo-Con traitors gang!
 Obama is "MISSING IN ACTION"   (Krugman & NY Times own words!)
....although Krugman is of course  too chicken to point out that the movers & shakers in the Obama White House were all Jewish
 (and the new, gentile, "goy"  White House Chief of Staff, Bill Daley, is continuing those detestable, treasonous,  "give money to bankers, SHRINK the economy" financial larceny policies  of Bob Rubin minions Larry Summers, Rahm Emanuel, Tim Geithner, Mary Schapiro, Gary Gensler,  Pete Orszag, Jared Bernstein (et al), even if Emanuel, Summers,  Bernstein, & Orszag have departed, and even if  Rubin always acted from behind the scenes.)

   Continuing with our sad, sordid deconstruction of the Jewish DEMOLITION of the American economy: 
   Dylan Ratigan: The Fed WORKS... FOR CHINA!
 Actually, the Fed works... for the TREASONOUS  Jewish traders traitors at Goddamn-Sachs, who are WALLOWING in their SHORT TERM "profits" (if you call BAILOUTS and taxpayer EXTORTED "bonuses" as "profits")   made by DEMOLISHING AMERICAN INDUSTRY - the 'Golden Goose' that powered America to greatness in late 19th to 21st century  -  which industry & manufacturing the Goddamn-Sachs Jewish Neo-Cons now  OUTSOURCE to China... for SHORT TERM, only, "profits" &  finance commission.

  Even the Jewish Dominated Huffington Post notices:  Idiot Obama's  SEC is a REVOLVING DOOR INVITATION to CORRUPTION:   
Over 200 SEC Officials Have Gone To Private Industry (to NY/Wall Street banksters)  since 2006...
 and more of Obama's blatant "of, by, and for the Jewish swindlers at Goddamn Sachs" BLATANT revolving door corruption:
What Corruption Looks Like: FCC Commissioner Takes Job At Comcast Months After She Voted To Approve Its Deal With NBC Universal
from the revolving-doors dept:

A lot of folks are shaking their heads after learning that FCC commissioner Meredith Attwell Baker is leaving her post to take a lobbying job at Comcast just a few months after she voted to approve Comcast's massive purchase of NBC Universal... (cont'd)
 because the Goddamn-Sachs traitors in the  Obama White House, are CONTINUING to SABOTAGE the economy, as they have done since the 2nd half of the Clinton presidency (when  Jewish neo-cons Larry Summers & Bob Rubin were Clinton's Treasury Secretaries, refusing to put even the most token of wage, environment, human rights, or currency standards in their China MFN, NAFTA, GATT, WTO, world bank, IMF, and other American industry killing ),  and during the 8 years of the Bush presidency (when the Bush White House was DOMINATED by VP Cheney's Chief of Staff I. Lewis 'Scooter' Libby,  and Bush's own second and final White House Chief of Staff was Jewish GOLDMAN SACHS APPARTCHIK  Josh Bolten, and Bush's final Treasury Secretary was GOLDMAN SACHS (hired non-Jewish front man)  HANK PAULSON.)
More!   Jewish Economy Wreckers (Neo-Cons) trot out ANOTHER  Jewish Princeton Economist...   to say that Bernanke's TRILLIONS of FREE DOLLARS for failed, bankrupt, insolvent banks and larcenous banksters  are SAVING  the economy!

  [Jewish Princeton economist] Alan Blinder Fires First Shot Across QE3 Bow: Says We Need More 'Stimulus' To Boost Employment 

A little under a year ago Moody's Mark Zandi and Princeton economist and former Fed vice chairman Alan Blinder penned a paper titled "How we Ended the Great Recession" which did nothing but extoll the virtues of spending trillions in both fiscal and monetary stimuli [MOST OF WHICH WENT TO BANKSTERS]  and preventing U3 from hitting 16% (of course how one proves a counterfactual is irrelevant: just remember - if the Fed disclosed its top secret bailout plans the world would end. Same thing here - accept it - after all the guy is a professor at Princeton). In a nutshell Blinder is nothing but Paul Krugman on steroids: a man who believes that there is nothing worse in this world than establishing fiscal (and monetary) discipline now. Well, in an interview with Tom Keene earlier, Blinder fired the first shot across the QE3 bow, telling his Bloomberg host that the US needs "somewhat more" fiscal stimulus once again in order to boost employment (hold on: didn't we end the Great Recession, and certainly the normal one in the summer of 2009 according to the NBER?).  
  THIS IS THE HEART AND SOUL of the great, 
  treacherous JEWISH SWINDLE: 
 Just have your gov't., bought & owned 'major media,' & hired academic economists appartchiks  keep promising that "MORE MONEY for STIMULUS" will INCREASE EMPLOYMENT for Americans...  while the goddamn-sachs banksters in the Bush or Obama White Houses running the show, make sure that the vast majority of 'stimulus' money actually lands in the very private bank vaults of their friends and pals on Wall Street, and only dribs and drabs (maybe 30%?) actually winds up in contracts that create employment (paychecks) that ACTUALLY  "STIMULATE" the economy!

  Well, that's also the GOOD NEWS:   CUT  the thieving bankster MIDDLE MEN OUT of their treasonous, larcenous, economy-killing  "stimulus" racket,  make sure that EVERY DOLLAR of "Stimulus" goes to ACTUALLY PRODUCING THINGS   ( = hiring workers)  instead of "financial fees,"  and we COULD  have FULL EMPLOYMENT. 

 bonus:  MORE  of Commissar of Fed Looting, Larceny, Rape, & Pillage "black heart Ben" Bernanke's  lies & swindling:  

    In the service of his INSANELY GREEDY, TREASONOUS (mostly Jewish) multi-millionaires  & billionaires,  Jewish financial appartchik Commissar of Fed Larceny Ben Bernanke trots out some new spiel:   "if Congress prevents banks from charging USUROUS  FEES every time a  debit-card user takes out 10-cents more than his banking balance,  then the BIG BANKS WILL GO BANKRUPT!"  
   Never mind that the big banks would and should  ALREADY have gone bankrupt, but for HUNDREDS of BILLIONS of  free money' from taxpayers, in the form of  trillions of dollars of "Bailouts," "Liquidity Injections," and  BACK DOOR THEFT of savings, via UNLIMITED MONEY PRINTING "Quantitative Easings" 1, 2, and soon 3 at the Ben Bernanke "I LOVE DEFRAUDING the American people"   Fed. 

Bernanke Tells Senators Debit-Card Swipe Rules May Trigger Bank Failures
By Phil Mattingly, Bloomberg 'news',   May 12, 2011
Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke said lawmakers should have “reason to be concerned” that an exemption for smaller lenders from U.S. caps on debit- card “swipe” fees won’t work and may cause banks to fail.
“I can’t say with certainty, but I think there is good reason to be concerned about it,” Bernanke said in response to a question at a Senate Banking Committee hearing today in Washington. If the exemption doesn’t work, “it’s going to affect the revenues of the small issuers, and it could result in some smaller banks being less profitable or even failing,” he said.
The Dodd-Frank Act requires the Fed to cap debit-card swipe fees charged to merchants, while exempting card issuers with assets of less than $10 billion. The central bank has proposed capping the fees at 12 cents a transaction, replacing a formula that averages 1.14 percent of the purchase  
   video: Arrogant Jewish Commissar of American Economic Sabotage Destruction Ben Bernanke in his Bushian "ELITES ONLY - PEONS NEED NOT APPLY"  bubble:  for these FAT-CAT   SOCIALIZED BAILOUTS teat SUCKING  WELFARE QUEEN BANKSTERS,  Bernanke's conomy is a TERRIFIC economy - F*** the American  Peons!