Thursday, April 28, 2011

Bernanke, and Bush's Jews, and Obama's Jews, have KILLED THE U.S. DOLLAR -

Read it and weep, folks: THE INSANELY GREEDY NEO-CONS who CONTROL Washington D.C. - whether the Bush-Cheney war-mongering, treasury looting, economy gutting, and social safety net slashing Republican Neo-Cons (and here), or  the "of, by, and for Goddamn-Sachs" PRETEND LIBERAL, but actually radical right-wing reactionary war-mongering, Treasury looting, economy gutting, social safety net slashing OBAMA Neo-Cons  - have KILLED the United States dollar, in their brazen,  INSANE GREED to PRINT THEMSELVES   TRILLIONS of dollars of "profits" - at EVERYONE ELSE's expense   via taxpayer extorted "bailouts" and "deregulation" license to larceny, loot, pillage, rape, & plunder investors, consumers, citizens, & taxpayers;  and now Bernanke's  "free money for bankers" "Quantitative Easing"  trillions of dollars of  FIAT MONEY PRINTING.
 (An 11% increase in money supply, = a 10% THEFT of money from savings, for those savers who don't receive their share of that increased money printing.)

GEITHNER, Bernanke "of, by, & for Goddamn-Sachs"  dollar - is CRASHING, while precious metals are SOARING.
   below, the understated prose of a competent market  technical analyst (chart watching market investor) breaks the news that  the OBAMA Neo-Cons have COMPLETED the work STARTED by Bush's Neo-Cons (in Geithner & Bernanke, Obama's Neo-Cons & Bush's Neo-Cons are THE SAME PEOPLE!) - they have, through sheer greed, lies, deceit, bullying, propaganda, and SABOTAGE economics, DESTROYED the "full faith and credit" of the United States as measured in the U.S. dollar. 
"The  [JEWISH DOMINATED BERNANKE]  Fed is not a guardian of the US Dollar that inspires much confidence, but even by the Fed's low standards, the mad rush to escape USD that followed the FOMC meeting and statement yesterday was one to remember, and was somewhat reminiscent of watching a crowd trying to escape from a burning theater. There were big spikes in equities, precious metals and in currencies not controlled by the Fed, and there's more coming I'm sure.   (cont'd)
   In short, people of the world are FLEEING  the Greenspan/Fed "BERNANKE DOLLARS"... the increasingly WORTHLESS,  JEWISH DOMINATED Fed Bernanke dollars.

  We could document this sad blog entry with 10,000 - TEN THOUSAND competent articles and commentaries,  (here's one:  NO, Rick Ackerman! - the Larry Summers, Bob Rubin, Hank Paulson, Timmy Geithner led US financial markets/Wall St. have  NO decency!)      but  finding WHO IS TO BLAME, is as simple as charting former GoddamnSachs CHAIRMAN, and Clinton's 2nd Treasury Secretary, Bob Rubin's connections, partners, minions, and accomplices. 
   (Especially Rubin carreer minions Larry Summers and little Timmy Geithner, the Neo-Cons'  "economic hit man, death squad killer of foreign economies, and hatchet-man mass-murderer of the U.S. economy.") 

But, more simply, we will use the below video to explain   THE PROCESS by which the Neo-Cons HAVE GUTTED the American economy.   Sadly,  even (and Alex Jones'   FAIL to CONNECT THE DOTS  that it is the JEWISH NEO-CONS who are DRIVING, BOTH the  Republican and 'Democratic' parties'    "PRETEND NOT TO NOTICE VAST CORRUPTION IN FINANCIAL MARKETS"  economic sabotage  destruction of the U.S. economy....

  FOFA's  epic "Shoeshine Boy" commentary, explains that an 11% increase in money supply, is equal to a 10% THEFT  of SAVINGS  from those who do not receive some of that newly created money - exactly the way that Geithner, Summers and the Jews in the  Obama White House  STABBED Obama voting seniors IN THE BACK, by not granting a Social Security COLA Cost-of-Living-Allowance increase in 2010 or 2011...  the thieving, fraudulent Obama Neo-Cons CLAIMING that there is NO  INFLATION, even as they prod Bernanke to PRINT TRILLIONS MORE DOLLARS that land solely on the balance sheets of their pals at GS, JPM, & Citi  "banks" !!!! ) 

The ENTIRE  New York, Wall Street,  &  DC corporate media (and entire U.S. government) have been COVERING UP this simple fact, for at least the past 2 years -
 ...if not the past DOZEN years,  since Alan Greenspan arrived at his "CHEAP MONEY" (FREE money for connected, downstream-from-Fed bankers)  policy to RE-INFLATE the Wall Street market bubble (actually, Greenspan's "cheap money from Fed to Big Banks" first inflated the U.S. real estate bubble when "smart money" fled Wall Street in 1999 after the bust)....  

postscript:  Senators Franken & Blumenthal (both Jewish) efforts to reign in the titanic,   BLATANT, American economy killing FRAUD, CORRUPTION,  and DOLLAR DEBASEMENT of the Goddamn-Sachs, JPM, Fed (= rothschilds + rockefellers, et al) Neo-Cons   is far too little, far too late.
      Indeed, the only word that comes to mind is PATHETIC - the economy killing Neo-Cons are SO FIRMLY IN CONTROL of EVERYTHING in America  - press, media, large banks and financial institutions; the US Con-gress, US Senate, US presidency, US Supreme court,  US war department, US state department, and all other agencies of US government -  that even   well entrenched Jewish senators can't even make more than a peep of protest, mere TOKEN GESTURES against  the DESTRUCTION of America's DOLLAR - much less the SABOTAGE DESTRUCTION of the savings & household wealth, and social safety net  of their sold-down-the-river American  constituents.
Senators Franken and Blumenthal and Representative Johnson Announce Legislation [INTENDING to Give]  Consumers More Power In Courts vs. Corporations 
  Which (above) FEEBLE ATTEMPT at REIGNING IN Wall Street (corporate) corruption WILL GO NOWHERE, anyways!

 ** full disclosure:  We have in past donated to Al Franken's senate campaign, and paid to see him perform his comedy routine live.   We deeply regret that everything (the now) Senator Franken CLAIMED to oppose when George W. Bush was president, has become INSTITUTIONALIZED under the Rahm Emanuel,  Larry Summers "led" 'Democratic' White House and  the Dianne Feinstein, Chuck Schumer,  Barbara Boxer, Jane Harman, & Rahm Emanuel (et al) 'led'  'Democratic'    majorities in  Congress & Senate 2009-2011. 
Rahm noodles Nancy - America's corruption in one pictureNancy Pelosi, then Speaker of Con-gress, has NO IDEA how many TRILLIONS of dollars she has given to Wall Street over the past 4 years during her reign as Speaker of the House (which did not end until Jan. 2011)  (either that, or she is CRIMINALLY CORRUPT for keeping those numbers from the American public) 
  All she knows is that her  "Democratic" Party gets  approximately $1 billion in  KICK-BACK  "campaign donations" from Wall Street (in particular, GoddamnSachs,  JP Morgan, and the other bailed-out Wall St. mega-banks) - much of it  funneled through Bob Rubin henchman, and Congress/Wall St. jewish bagman Rahm Emanuel... who is the son of a Jewish war state (israel)  "Irgun" terror group general;  who during the 1991 US Iraq/Gulf War volunteered for the ISRAEL, not US military duty (as a civilian staff officer).   Rahm Emanuel got himself "promoted" from Pelosi's DCCC Congressional bagman in 2006, to Obama's CHIEF of STAFF  over the entire White House in early 2009,  to overlord (Mayor) of Chicago in the recently sliced-and-diced Chicago mayoral elections....   for RUINING  Obama's overwhelming  "CHANGE!" voter mandate of Nov. 2008;  turning the Democrat's overwhelming approval & popularity of November 2008  to the bitter ashes of an even WORSE economy than  than George W. Bush left when Bush departed the White House in Jan. 2009,   and with Democrats  LOSING control of the House....   Emanuel PROMOTED for TRASHING 'Democratic' majorities and popular support, even as Wall Street wallows in trillions of dollars of  taxpayer-extorted "bailouts" profits  or Ben Bernanke's  trillions of dollars of "Quantitative Easing"  "free money from Fed to Big Banks" that Nancy Pelosi's INSANELY CORRUPT  Congress and "Democratic" Party will not tabulate or detail to American voters.