Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Jews in Israel PROPPING UP mass-murderous Gaddafi, by SENDING MERCENARIES to kill protesters in Libya...

Are Jews in Israel hiring mercenaries to kill protesters in Libya... in favor of keeping  despised  Libyan dictator Muamar Ghaddafi in power?  
    If so, "American" Jews in New Jersey might want to change their tune,  they've been shouting contempt, scorn, and hatred for the Libyan dictator for the past several years (and during his recent visit to the UN),  so the 'American' Jews might want to brush up on the latest talking points from Mossad/ Netanyahu headquarters (the Likud "greater israel, kill anyone who gets in our way" party)  so they don't mix up their marching orders in the future.

 Actually, HIRING MERCENARIES to KILL and DESTROY neighboring tribes and kingdoms,  IS the history of the Jewish bible, and of their  bloody claim to "the promised land,"  the blood drenched  "holy land."    From Joshua's spies taking aid & comfort from the whore of Jericho,  to countless other alliances with local warlords (which usually resulted in the massacre of those formerly allied  tribes once the Jewish warriors had enough victories under their belts to dispose of  those temporary alliances)  the Jews have been hiring mercenary killers for 4,000+ years -  as proudly recorded in "the holy bible."

Israel Keeping Ghaddafi Afloat
by Barry Chamish,
March 7, 2011 posted by Veterans Today

On Feb. 18, Israel’s Prime Minister along with his Foreign and Defence Ministers hatched a plot to keep Libyan strongmen Muamar Ghaddafi in power and his opponents dead or wounded. The big three would use Israeli taxpayers’ money to hire mercenaries to slaughter any Libyan who wanted anew leader.  
(ANSAmed) – ROME, MARCH 1 – With approval from the government in Tel Aviv, an Israeli security firm is responsible for sending groups of African mercenaries to Libya to fight the protestors who have been calling for the fall of the Gaddafi regime for the last two weeks, reports Al Jazeera’s website, citing a source in the Israeli press. The journalist from Israeli daily Yediot Ahronot, who prefers to remain anonymous, said that according to speculation in the security sector, Israel looks at Libya from a strategic perspective and in terms of security. The fall of Gaddafi would open the door for an Islamic regime in Libya, accordingto speculation. In a meeting on February 18, Prime Minister Netanyahu, Defence Minister Barak and Foreign Minister Lieberman decided to recruit African mercenaries to fight alongside Gaddafi, according to the journalist. During the meeting, they decided to let General Israel Zef, the director of security firm Global CST, which is active in many African countries, to make a group of paramilitary mercenaries from Guinea, Nigeria, Central Africa, Mali, Senegal, Darfur and Southern Sudan available to Abdullah Assinousi, one of the heads of Libya’s intelligence agency... (cont'd)

As Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi fights desperately to cling to power, killing thousands of his countrymen in the process, more and more bizarre stories about his connections to Israel are coming to light. According to a Tel Aviv-based organization of Jews of Libyan descent, in 2007 the Gaddafi regime offered a large sum of money for the formation of a “Libyan political party” to run in Israel’s 2009 Knesset elections. Last week we reported on Gaddafi’s suspected Jewish heritage, citing an Israeli television interview last year with an Israeli Jew of Libyan descent who claims to be Gaddafi’s cousin.
Is it possible that the expensive and insane risks Israel is taking over Ghaddafi is, at least partly, just a family affair?