Tuesday, March 29, 2011

As US bombs kill Libyans, and as General Electric's reactor meltdown in Japan could turn into a nuclear meltdown nightmare, Jewish supremacist Warmonger Joe Lieberman wants to EXPAND U.S. wars to SYRIA, and start bombing Syrians...

Joe Lieberman: Let’s Bomb Syria
by Kurt Nimmo, Infowars.com, March 28, 2011
"Joe Lieberman and the neocons will not be satisfied until the Muslim and Arab Middle East is reduced to a smoldering ruin like Iraq. The next target on the list following Libya is Syria."

Jewish warmonger Joe Lieberman - the insanely treacherous Jewish politician whose preference for Jewish supremacy is so deeply ingrained, that he preferred to be the Senator from Israel,
in order to further the well known  Wolfowitz-Perle-Feith-Libby ("PNAC")   led U.S. invasion of Iraq
 (following these TREASONOUS "American"  Mossad agents ALLOWING al Qaeda hijackers a FREE PASS in America to plot their terrorist attacks  leading up to 9-11-2001 hijackings,  in order for the Neo-Cons to get their precious excuse to get the U.S. military involved in wars and invasions in the Mideast)
   ....to becoming  the VICE PRESIDENT of the United States, but for the Republican stolen election of 2000 - is up to his insane Jewish supremacy treason yet again,  this time calling for a NEW AMERICAN WAR in the Mideast, this time against Syria.  

    The Jewish war lobby - the Neo-Cons of whom the warmongering and their financial extortionist backers (the Golddamn-Sachs, JP Morgan, Fed (= rothschilds), Lehman, Bear-Stearns, Solomon, Wasserstein-Perella,  KKR, etc.) are one and the same -  now control the deadliest military machine ever known to human history, (both their own nuclear military, AND the U.S. military(  and, like the conquering Jews at Jericho and elsewhere in the bible, they - TODAY -  have a GENOCIDAL FERVOR that is no less bloodthirsty than when Joshua's blood-thirsty warriors killed every man, woman, and child, and speared and smashed babies at Jericho some 3,500 years ago.