Sunday, March 27, 2011

As the ENTIRE City of Tokyo considers EVACUATION from the Deadly radiation of the GE reactor meltdown at Fukushima, the Jewish dominated HuffingtonPost practically gloats over US & "coalition" BOMBINGS in Libya...

 As many commenters have noted, the Huffington Post is practically a front group for Mossad in America.
  It is merely a new, on-line, slightly more "hip" version of the Sulzberger New York Times, and Meyer/Graham owned Washington Post (and Jewish Wonsakaler brothers,  ne "Warner Bros." owned CNN, Time magazine, and Hollywood movie & media empire)   PRETENDING to be "LIBERAL," even as they are actually   WARMONGERING and corporate fascism whitewashing RADICAL, REACTIONARY right-wing media propaganda outlets that despise genuine democracy, and loves the economic enslavement of  "lesser beings."

  Indeed, despite Arianna Huffington's gentile Greek girl name on the masthead,  Huffington Post is now such  an insidious marker of the Neo-Con (Jewish warmongering Right-Wing)  "conventional wisdom" that has landed America in this economic crisis of  Wall Street's TOTAL DEPENDENCY on "BAILOUTS" and free money 'Quantitative Easing' from the Fed,  fossil fuel addiction, and soaring food, medical, energy,  and other cost-of-living costs,  that merely glancing at Huffington Post's front page for a few moments is an indication of the self-satisfaction, if not gloating, of the Jewish War Lobby  and their Goddamn-Sachs, JP Morgan, Fed, Wall Street  financial extortion arm.

  Today's HuffPost headlines are practically WALLOWING in WAR GLOATING, as Tokyo and Japan are ignored,  consigned to the importance of the latest oh-so-clever HuffPost celebrity gossip voyeurism:  
Gaddafi Forces Melted Away  Rebels Seize Momentum, Retake Key Oil Centers.. Gates: Gaddafi Moving Corpses.. French Warplanes Destroy Libyan Jets.. Footage Of Rape Claimant Dragged Into Car.. Allies Consider Arming Rebels.. LATEST NEWS
(note: JP Morgan was the 100+ year front for the London & Europe based Rothschilds bankers in America, who in the 19th & 20th centuries had to be careful they didn't antagonize "anti-semitic" backlashes and reactions.  Today, the GS, JPM, Lehman Bros, Salomon, Bear Stearns, and other Wall St. bank firms are STILL the outlets, or fronts, behind which the Jewish Zionist banking cabals  operates in America, and the nuclear-armed Jewish war state no longer fears the "anti-semitic" backlash to their depredations and economic sabotage - as the peaceful protesters of Georgia discovered when the Jewish owned puppet dictator (Columbia, NY, trained lawyer Mikhail)  Sakashvilli unleashed his Israel & American trained gestapo police on the pro-democracy protests in 2007, preceding his war on South Ossetia in August 2008.)    
 Well, we are happy to know that we are not the only ones to realize the GENOCIDAL, fanatical,  racist, bigoted, anti-human, and destructive nature of the Jewish war lobby, and its insidious, treacherous, treasonous CONTROL over both U.S. financial markets, government, and media. Below, the blog  explains the sheer treachery and blood lust of "The Powers That Be" (TPTB) -

  •  how they have MAINTAINED a US MILITARY PRESENCE IN GERMANY long after the end of the Warsaw Pact armies justified the US military occupation of Germany...
  •     THEY,  TPTB,  have WHITEWASHED the CATASTROPHIC HAZARDS of NUCLEAR POWER for the past 2+ decades.... as they have  SOCIALIZED the costs of their "PRIVATE" nuclear plants on to governments and taxpayers, who must provide ETERNAL storage, containment, and security for spent  nuclear rods and other nuclear waste...
  •     They, TPTB, have GIVEN themselves TRILLIONS of U.S. taxpayer obligated "BAILOUTS" dollars,  claiming their banks were "too big to fail" - and then they LAUGHED at us as they SLASHED OUR PENSIONS after RAIDING our pension funds (in coordinated "pump-and-dump" financial attacks) and BUYING UP our companies, and carving them up like so much turkey (then to TRASH what was left of the pension plans).
  •  BAILOUTS for them - ROBBED PENSIONS for us.
  •     the police state as ENTITLED SOCIALISM for their yuppie college graduates -  LONG PRISON SENTENCES for minority young men convicted of possession of marijuana.
  •        the WAR MACHINE as  ENTITLED SOCIALISM for their yuppie engineers and military industrial complex hirelings - DEATH FROM THE SKIES for much of the mideast.
  •   The SABOTAGE of SOLAR ENERGY in America - as they REAP MONOPOLY PROFITS  extorting the last drop of blood and energy out of oil and fossil fuel imported from other countries.
  Just as the bible portrayed the GENOCIDAL MASS MURDERING JEWS descending on Jericho and the other cities in Caanan,  the so-called "promised land,"   so today are the Neo-Con banksters, warmongers, financial swindlers, and propaganda artists who are loyal ONLY to the Jewish war state in the Med,  INTENT on THE DESTRUCTION of everyone not a part of "the tribe" - including Asia once again
  (in the Russo-Japanese war the Jewish banker Jacob Schiff  hated Russia for not allowing his fellow Jews to run their OWN AUTONOMOUS cities and states, so he FUNDED RUSSIA's OPPONENTS in the Pacific region, JAPAN, leading to the 1905 Russo-Japanese war.   Yes, Jacob Schiff FINANCED  what would become the Imperial Japanese Navy that BOMBED PEARL HARBOR, and Japanese military that  ran amok through China, the MAJORITY of all  World War II victims were in China, so Jewish bankers helped FINANCE  THE GREATEST "holocaust" of WWII!)  

 Don't take our word for it,  just visit the Huffington Post's front page, for a NAUSEATING edition of the latest smug satisfaction, entitled "profit taking" (artificially pumped-up stock prices from "bailouts" and Fed money printing, at everyone else's expense)   and WAR GLOATING of the insidious Jewish War Lobby....  the plight of millions of people in Tokyo and Japan, our  half-century post-WWII Cold War and "free markets" ally  be neglected and damned  to HuffPost's infamous celebrity gossip status.   THERE's A WAR ON, and Jewish banksters are LUSTING after taking the DIRECT control of Libya's oil fields, now they won't have to share their profits with their late partner, the Libyan dictator who they did business with for the past dozen years.
   La puissance de la mort, or an invitation to a Shunning.....
It does no good to be pissed about it.
You are dead. They murdered you, and you need to get beyond the anger that this knowledge brings. There is yet work you must do.
The powers that be [TPTB], and their political minions have been working this plan since the 1950's when Japan was forced into the GE designed nuclear reactors as part of the imposition of TPTB hegemony at the end of the Second Planetary War of the 20th century. Also known to academicians as 'WW2', this war not only nominally ended with nuclear release, but has now, all these decades later, been 'reborn' with nuclear release in Fukushima. ThePowersThatBe (Rothshield banksters, Rockefeller banksters, big oil, big pharma, and small soul politicians, and all zionist supporters) are determined to kill off a major part of us humans over these next few years to suit their perceived needs. They likely have, in the Fukushima nuclear plant implosion and meltdown, murdered several million of us....we just do not yet recognize that we (the afflicted) are soon-to-be dead.
There is no point to indulging in wild ass speculation about nuclear bombs being used to trigger the earthquake that caused the tsunami that swept away all the 'safety' equipment at Fukushima that led to the vaporization of hundreds of fuel rods that produced the radioactive poisoning of the planet that killed you. There is no point to putting your dwindling life energy into speculations about Haarp, or scalar weather wars, or any other perceived 'instrument' of your murder. None of it is likely factual, and TPTB are deliberately polluting the information stream to confuse your dying mind. They killed you. Deal with it.
There is no point to focusing on a single guilty person in your murder. It is a large, and well run conspiracy. Grasp this and give up the idea of taking revenge on any given witless stooge of a bankster or politician. To the conspiracy that is killing you, such people (low level conspirators) are sacrifices who were chosen exactly because they are expendable and easily replaced with the next, greed blinded, non thinking humanimal. It does you no good to seek to 'take them with you'. Besides, killing these people does not even slow the conspiracy down, and likely puts money in the pockets of TPTB in cleaning up the corpse and blood.
They have killed you, where you sit.
You are murdered....  (cont'd)