Tuesday, February 1, 2011

"Religious" Jews in Israel BECOMING INCREASINGLY INTOLERANT of dissent, becoming MORE RADICALIZED and BLOOD-THIRSTY (just like the Nazis in 1930s, before the wars & death camps proper started)...

  LIBERATING the American People From AIPAC -

-   The nexus of the INCREASINGLY BLOODTHIRSTY Jewish War Lobby,  both in Israel and the AIPAC Jewish war lobby which dominates American politics - is becoming increasingly self evident:
"Israel’s drift toward being an intolerant right-wing [Jewish]  religious state – discriminating against Arabs and even secular Jews – is becoming more and more obvious to people around the world, despite the determined PR work of Israel’s powerful lobby in the United States.
But some in Israel are alarmed, too, at the growing intolerance of the Likud government and its far-right allies toward internal dissent, as Lawrence Davidson notes in this guest essay":

"However you want to title it, Sternhell’s message is clear. He is very concerned about Israel’s right-wing government. He thinks the present regime is controlled by dangerous people such as Avigdor Lieberman (the present Foreign Minister) and a Knesset full of folks** who believe that the Israeli "left" are traitors." 
**  [These same Jewish 'religious' and political voices SHOUTING "TRAITOR!"  led to the MURDER/assassination of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin in 1995.]
  also see Jewish Power is Falling Apart  by Gilad Atzmon...
Unflattering portrayals of Jewish politicians and their connection to the "American" war machine are starting to break through the "mainstream" censorship  into U.S. and European  "major" press and media coverage, including these  Carlos Latuff cartoons

Gaza as Jewish run CONCENTRATION CAMP...
Jewish politician holding murdered baby as an election prop;
center, Jewish gasoline (actually, American made PHOSPHORUS & bombs)  poured on burning Lebanese baby,
right, Gaza overrun by Nazi-esque Jewish tanks
The "BABY KILLERS" motiff seems to be WORKING for Jewish politicians, whether in Israel or America.
   Since current Jewish State Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu first became Prime Minister after his own supporters whipped up a CAMPAIGN OF HATE accusing then Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin of being "A TRAITOR," leading to a jewish right-wing gunman "fellow traveler" MURDERING Rabin at a public speech in 1995,  the INCREASINGLY VIRULENT rhetoric and blood-lust ENTITLEMENT of the Jewish war state now demands  that we Americans  start to examine the bible, to illustrate that  the Jewish religion is BUILT on an ENTITLEMENT mentality, that according to the bible,  Jews are ENTITLED (if not obligated) to MURDER their neighbors, to assert their self professed religious and race  "Superiority," at any time that is convenient for the 'leaders' of the radical, intolerant Jewish faith and state.

   We call it  "the Werner von Braun" syndrome:   Werner von Braun was the brilliant German rocket scientist  who built humanity's first successful large & mass produced rockets that could achieve sufficient altitude to touch the edge of space.
 Had Germany  not lost the war in 1945, it is certain that von Braun's Nazi rocket teams would have put the first  human made object into space orbit.    (The Russian-Soviet Sputnik satellite won that honor in the early 1960s, Russian/USSR  rocket science based on captured German WWII rockets.)
     But as brilliant as von Braun and his rocket engineers were, they worked for a leadership, Nazi regime, and society that PREACHED RACIAL SUPERIORITY,  a propaganda narrative that was disproven by Germany's defeat in the war,  and by Allied weapons, engineering, and scientists (particularily in  A-bombs, radar, and computing) that were superior to similar Nazi/German programs in those fields.

  Fast forward to 2011,  and Israeli Jews look around at the engineers, scientists, and wealthy financiers in their society,  and clearly many jews hold that they are SUPERIOR to the people of other nations.    The fact that the Jewish people have mastered a cultural DIASPORA where  Jews in other lands contributes massively to the financial and technological prowess of the Jewish state seems to only play to this sense of ENTITLMENT  and  self professed racial and cultural SUPERIORITY.
 The fact that BOTH American media/press AND American FINANCE are now DOMINATED by Jewish firms, and Jewish owners, are seen by Jews in Israel as "proof" of their  alleged "superiority."

   Yet the economic crisis and BAILOUTS in America prove that these financiers are NOT "geniuses,"  but have simply mastered the political art of EXTORTION,   EXTORTING American taxpayers to make up for the very PRIVATIZED  financial losses of their big banks, hedge funds, and financial corporations.
   By shouting  HYSTERICALLY the "TOO big TOO fail"  mantra at a bribed, bullied, intimidated, and extorted U.S. Congress, the GREENSPAN, BERNANKE, RUBIN, SUMMERS, BLANKFEIN  (and hired hand Hank Paulson)  Godddamn-Sachs + Fed "financial experts" have SOCIALIZED THEIR VERY PRIVATE LOSSES, at AMERICAN TAXPAYER EXPENSE.
This "modern American finance" of Greenspan, Bernanke, Geithner, Rubin, and Summers (and their Jamie Dimon,  Hank Paulson, William Daley, and Timmy Geithner,  et al,   hired hands)  is similar to the Communists sending out Commissars to SIEZE and "nationalize" the property and grain harvests  of Ukraine's  "Kulak" middle class property owning farmers,  Russian Commissars siezing their grain and shipping it to Moscow, as Ukrainians starved by the millions - an INTENTIONAL FAMINE instigated by the "culturally superior" ELITES in Moscow in the late 1920s... Stalin could never have perpetrated is "Holomodor" genocidal famine of the Ukraine, without the cooperation of a Russian "elite" apparatus

It doesn't matter whether it is on the "far left" Stalin style Communism, or far right "private property, Free Market Capitalism" of the English empire ruling an Ireland  under English occupation during the Irish famine  (with the Rothschilds the dominant, most influential bankers in London and the entire English empire for the entire 1800s) - the results are the same,  millions of people ROBBED of their economic productivity,  by "culturally superior" establishment elites, backed by guns, bayonets, and hangman's nooses.
      And there can be no doubt that,  WHACK-A-MOLE fashion,  any American Congressional or presidential leader who actually stands up to the JEWISH DOMINATED  "too big too fail" FINANCIAL EXTORTION of America, will see a veritable FLOOD of money pour in to unseat that candidate, and to paint his/her supporters as "anti-semitic" "RACISTS."

    This is the "SUPERIORITY" that Israel Jews are now exhibiting... and BECOMING MORE RADICALIZED by the day.         EVERY DAY, they are working  furiously and relentlessly, TO MAKE AN HONEST MAN of Adolf Hitler,  who of course was PARANOID that Jews were taking over Europe way back in the 1920s and 1930s.