Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Jewish "Dr. Strangelove" John Bolton - insane would-be mass-murderer with a Nuclear Armageddon wish

John Bolton at it again: America's real-life nuclear extermination & argmageddon obsessesed "Dr. Strangelove"  Jewish warmonger finds yet another excuse to whip the U.S. government to bomb Iran... yesterday.

*note: Director Stanley Kubrick originally intended to film his "system beyond control" nuclear war nightmare as a (serious) movie drama, as the movie "Fail Safe" would later be; but after reading dozens of books on the subject,  Kubrick came to realize that the topic of runaway nuclear war was too vast and intimidating for movie viewers to relate to, or even understand, so he came up with the brilliant stroke of writing and shooting the film as a dark comedy, laced with sexual innuendo from the starting scene of a jet bomber "mating" with a refueling aircraft, to General Jack Ripper's obsession with "bodily fluids." George C Scott playing the nuclear war rationalizing  General Turgidson, and Peter Sellers playing both the sane Royal Air Force liason officer "Group Captain Lionel Mandrake," and the insane wheelchair bound former Nazi scientist "Dr. Strangelove," were brilliant in their roles.  // Modern events prove, that , yet again, fact is stranger than fiction, there is an entire host of Americans, 'Neo-Cons,' obsessesed with nuclear war, the starvation and ethnic cleansing of "other nations" (much less their own laid off and dispossesed fellow Americans), and with  the ultimate "ethnic cleansing" of the all, nuclear Armageddon.
   (note: The persistence, depth, and bloodthirsty ferocity of  Jewish war lobby propaganda  forces us to not only examine the insane, bloodthirsty calls for MORE WARS and MORE  Wolfowitz/Lieberman (U.S. run) GESTAPO TORTURE GULAGS in the Mideast (coming soon to America?),  but forces us to start to examine the bible itself, as the source, or font, of  Judiasm's 4,000 year (6,000 year according to chauvinistic Jewish dating)  BLOOD LUST to EXTERMINATE, MASSACRE and wipe out all neighbors and "enemies" - including the long, bloody list of FORMER ALLIES the Jews fell on and MASSACRED, as soon as they had gained the political and military power (or treacherous, back-stabbing opportunity) to do so.)

  Jewish "international affairs" and "national security expert"  John Bolton has long been  a complete parody of himself:   the BLOODTHIRSTY Jewish appartchik who enjoys support and "credentials" at the highest levels of American government (former President George W. Bush's nominee as Ambassador to the United Nations)  and among the outside-of-government  New York and Washington (Jewish dominated) political and media sphere
(dominated by such Jewish owned media outlets as the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, Time/Warner, Bill Kristol's 'The Weakley Standard,' the Los Angeles Times and Chicago Tribune, and dozens of Jewish war lobby influenced think-tanks, university research groups, etc., etc., etc.)   is well captured in a single paragraph, 

  John Bolton as insane bloodthirsty warmonger,  insisting that
"any Single event" on planet earth is ANOTHER event that justifies and demands the  BOMBING of  IRAN... IMMEDIATELY.
John Bolton comes up with another reason to bomb Iran

(original at Gawker: )
Gawker - Any single event that happens on Earth is, to former U.N. Ambassador and possible presidential candidate John Bolton, another reason to bomb Iran immediately. . .
The last high profile occasion (unless we missed several since!) in which John Bolton cooked up a reason to bomb Iran immediately was in August, when Iran was opening a nuclear energy reactor. Bolton declared that Israel had eight days to bomb Iran before it was too late. One day later, he told another radio station that Israel had three days to bomb Iran before it was too late.
Now with the Egyptian protests, he thinks that President Hosni Mubarak's possible successor, Mohamed El Baradei, is a secret Iranian agent. So should he come to power, Israel will have only so many days to bomb Iran before it's too late.
What the relentless, Nazi-esque Jewish owned "MIGHTY WURLITZER"  propaganda empire refuses to acknowledge, is that IRAN IS A DEMOCRACY, while Jewish war state supported regimes like those  EYGPT, SAUDI ARABIA, and Jordan are NOT.  (Yes, you read that correctly:  The Jewish War State politicians currently SUPPORT the Saudi monarchy, theocratic, & dictator regime in Saudi Arabia;  you hear little relentless criticism of the Saudis women & opponents executing regime  in the Jewish owned media in the United States.) 
   Another simple reality the Jewish owned propaganda media have INVERTED, is that  IRAN IS IN COMPLIANCE with INTERNATIONAL TREATIES on NUCLEAR RESEARCH, while the Jewish war state has a vast NUCLEAR ARSENEL that is BEYOND world governing survey, much less oversight. 

     Jewish politicians in America  (the so-called "Liberal" Obama administration is SATURATED with JEWISH politicians; indeed, to be a real policy maker in the Obama administration, you HAD TO BE JEWISH, until Rahm Emanuel went running back to Chicago after fouling up the so-called "Change" administation and  the Democratic Party's 2009-2010 majority,  and the American economy, in just 2 years flat! during his sordid reign as Obama's Chief of Staff, as Obama's Rasputin)   have even succeeded in instituting "American" led ECONOMIC SANCTIONS on Iran... despite the fact that it is ISRAEL which has a record of BOMBING ITS NEIGHBORS (and supporting the Saakashvili regime CRUSHING of democratic protests in Georgia, former Soviet Republic, which led to Georgia's premeditated and warmongering attacks on Russian troops and civilians in South Ossettia in August of 2008), and, undeniably, it is Israel which  a NUCLEAR ARMED PARIAH state that takes it as its 'right' to BRIBE, EXTORT, and INTIMIDATE American politicians and the United States government.   

    Make no mistake,  while Bolton is a perfect modern parody of the 1960s Peter Sellers nuclear war lusting madman "Dr. Strangelove,"  Bolton's   "DROP BOMBS on Iran NOW!"  jihad   represents the #1. ideological comittment (after wrecking the American and world economies and turning Americans into serfs, peons, and "indentured servant" slaves under the Goddamn-Sachs/Fed/Rothshchilds banking larceny cabal)  of the so-called "mainstream" Jewish owned press/media, including Time magazine, the New York Times, CNN, the Washington Post, much less the blatantly Right-Wing outlets such as Bill Kristol's Weakly Standard, Kristol and Kagan's misleadingly named "Project for a New American Century"
(which should really be called the "Project for an ISRAEL DOMINATED WORLD") 
 (note that the signers of the American "PNAC" Project for a New American Century" --war-lobby think tank... are in some cases THE SAME men who wrote up the ISRAEL "Securing the Realm" or "Clean Break" strategic plan for Netanyahu's radical, opposition assassinating Likud  war-party in the early 1990s)
 Bonus: Those who think our use of the word "BLOODTHIRSTY" to describe the Jewish war lobby is "over the top" HAVE NOT READ the BIBLE:
   The Jews have been FANTASIZING about KILLING   
Babylonian  (later persian, today Iranian) 
  BABIES, for OVER TWO THOUSAND YEARS:  the Bible Psalm 137 concludes with a  Jewish author smirking (reputedly the "prophet" Jeremiah)  as he imagines taking Babylonian babies and SMASHING THEIR HEADS on stone walls - JUST as the savage Jews did to the hapless babies of Jericho, Ai, Moab, Amon, Midian,  and dozens of other defenseless or conquered cities, towns, and villages throughout the bible's grim unfolding. 

According to Wiki (a very pro-Jewish web organization with extensive coverage of Jewish affairs and bible history),  even today Jews  SPECIFICALLY  recite Psalm 137 at official and "religious" functions:  THE KILLING of  "enemy" BABIES (the extermination of rival's future generations) is INHERENT to Jewish ideology and "religion"!  
  (note: The above is NOT exaggeration:  the very term "Passover," for THE event which DEFINES the Jewish race & faith (Moses leading the Jews out of Egypt, and back to a blood drenched conquest and massacre of Canaan and Palestine), should really be called "The HAND OF 'our god' KILLING EGYPTIAN BABIES" (and "passing over" Jewish babies)!!!)  
Judaism: Some Jewish communities recite Psalm 137 before the Birkat Hamazon (Grace After Meals) on days in which Psalm 126 (Shir Hama'alot) is not recited
The psalm is customarily recited on Tisha B'Av and by some during the nine days preceding Tisha B'Av, commemorating the destruction of the Temples in Jerusalem.
Verse 7 is found in the repetition of the Amidah on Rosh Hashanah[4].
Verses 5 and 6 are customarily said by the groom at the conclusion of the Jewish wedding ceremony.
For Jews, the religious injunction to "REMEMBER JERUSALEM" (upon pain of death: this is a, the central element of the Jewish faith)  is INHERENTLY LINKED to KILLING  the babies (future generations) of any and all "enemy" nations - including Moses' own in-laws, the Midianites, who Moses commanded the EXTERMINATION / slaughter of, despite having been given shelter by the Midianites when he fled Egypt, and despite marrying and having a child with Zipporah, the daughter of his Midianite host and benefactor, Jethro! 
7 Remember, LORD, what the Edomites did
on the day Jerusalem fell.
“Tear it down,” they cried,
“tear it down to its foundations!”
8 Daughter Babylon, doomed to destruction, 
happy is the one who repays you according to what you have done to us.
9 Happy is the one who seizes your infants
and dashes them against the rocks.   

HAPPY is the Jew who KILLS YOUR BABIES! ]  

 The above bible quote may have been written 2,500 years ago, but it is taken as GOSPEL INSTRUCTION for Jews today,  as JOHN BOLTON, the Meyer/Graham WASHINGTON POST, the Sulzberger New York Slimes, and countless other endless Jewish owned  papers and writers in America and Israel  FANTASIZE and WORK TOWARDS KILLING millions MORE dead BABIES in the blood drenched "HOLY ATROCITIES" land - today!