Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Ben Bernanke "Financial Swindlers R Us" effect: Dollar PLUMMETS, Food Stamps & Unemployment SKYROCKET. If you see this simple correlation, you are miles ahead of the Cowardly Meyer/Graham Washington Post, Lying Sulzberger NY Slimes, and Time/Warner/cnn Israel Lobby warmongers & financial sabotage cheerleaders

the Bernanke effect: (left) the U.S. dollar CRASHES (the "back door" LOOTING of TRILLIONS of dollars of  American household wealth that working families have saved, or earn in their ever diminishing buying-power paychecks)... as Bernanke prints out TRILLIONS of fiat dollars that land in the vaults of the member/owner banks of the 'Fed Reserve' VERY PRIVATE BANKING CABAL... AS (right)  UNEMPLOYMENT and Food Stamp use  in America SKYROCKET.
  Let's face it:  The ONLY reason Ben Bernanke was assigned as Federal Reserve (very private banking cartel) Chairman in 2006 was because he was a Jewish Ivy League academic who would do what the Goddamn-Sachs + JP Morgan/chase banksters (the Rubinites) told him to do...
   The only reason Bernanke was reappointed by President Barack Obama in 2010, was because the entire Obama administration is SATURATED with Rubinite Goddamn-Sachs financial swindlers + Israel war lobby Neo-Cons...  
  ...and the only reason Bernanke was CONFIRMED by the U.S. Senate after his DISATROUS  first term as Fed Reserve Chairman (including Bernanke presiding over the September 2008 markets crisis/meltdown, and tens upon hundreds of billions of dollars of "BAILOUTS" extorted from taxpayers to prop up and inflate the stock prices of Bernanke's Wall Street bankster friends)   is because the Jewish PROPAGANDA MACHINE in America is so strong, that they can FORCE  FAILED, FRAUDULENT,  LARCENOUS economic policies, right down America's throats.... year after economic crisis year, after year, after year!

Well, you do  have to give them credit:
     the chronically lying and despicable "Jewish owned media" - the Sulzberger New York Slimes, the Meyer/Graham/Weymouth Washington Cowardly Post,  the cnn/Time/Warner bros. print, Hollywood, & TV empire  (etc.)  - have broadcast SO much WARMONGERING and FINANCIAL SWINDLING PROPAGANDA,    that they have now attained a full REALITY INVERSION in the minds of millions of  their clueless American paying customers:
 - THE MORE  BEN BERNANKE and the Fed + Goddamn-Sachs cabal  SABOTAGE the U.S. economy,  THE MORE these treacherous propaganda appartchiks convince the American public that Bernanke and his Fed minions are "financial geniuses" staving off WORSE catastrophe!

  You know, the way Time magazine and the Washington Post's Bob Woodward tried to cast "Helicopter Ben's" predecessor,  Alan Greenspanm  as an economic "maestro"  who "SAVED the World"   after Greenspan's CHEAP CREDIT = DEBT EXTORTION BUBBLE led to economic contraction back in 2000-2001... less than a decade after Bill Clinton led the recovery from the Bush-1 RECESSION which GREENSPAN had overseen 1988-1993!  (Timmy McVeigh blew up the Oklahoma Govt. Building in April, 1995, 2 years into the Clinton economic recovery, because McVeigh had been chronically UNEMPLOYED during the RECESSION after the U.S. victory in Gulf War 1... the RECESSION that ALAN GREENSPAN PRESIDED OVER.)   

The all Jewish "Committee to DEFRAUD America" and DESTROY the American economy  of high wages, domestic industrial production, and American families' economic security is STILL going strong - 10+ years later! (Bernanke has replaced Greenspan, and Rubin now operates behind toadies like 
 little economic death squad leader Timmy Geithner, Gary Gensler, Mary Schapiro, and other Obama co. or Republican appartchiks.)