Monday, January 3, 2011

Who Knew? BIG BROTHER is chronically lying, Treasury looting, economy gutting, Goddamn-Sachs + JP Morgan front-man (Fed Chairman) _Jewish_ Big Finance Swindler Ben Bernanke...

 With all apologies to the creators of this magnificent  video, "a technical labor of love" - we hate to have to post their video on  a site deemed "anti-semitic" by the Neo-Con warmongers, treasury looters, propaganda megaphones,  and financial swindlers who run America.... but we are only pointing out the obvious, that Ben Bernanke IS  a CHRONIC LIAR and big finance SWINDLER, and  just about everything he does or  says  is designed to separate Americans from their money. 
(Oh... and that he is, you know, a Big Finance Jewish swindler and liar... just pay attention to his words in the video where one moment says  he is "not printing money" but moments later admits that the Fed's actions  are "just like printing money"!)

Not only does this video catch Bernanke in his
BIG LIE, but the video also starts with Mayer Amschel Baur (founder of the Rothschild's genocidal bankers' dynasty) infamous quote,

 "let me issue and control a nation's money supply, and I care not who writes the laws."
 In just over one short minute, this video does what legions of America's corporate "Major Media"  'news' whores refuse to do: ACTUALLY EXAMINE the financial comments of the nation's "economy leaders" to see if they bear closer scrutiny... to see if they are LYING as they LOOT the nation's economy, and destroy the wealth
(actually, rob and seize that wealth) stored in savings, pensions, home values, and other forms of attempted American middle-class wealth retention.
     In this case, catching Jewish financial swindler Ben Bernanke doing his job - LYING to Americans, to FLEECE them of their money, on behalf of his Goddamn-Sach + JP Morgan overlords (who, in turn, were and are the American arm, or front, of the ruthless multi-national London, New York, and israel based Rothschilds hyper-zionist (jewish war lobby)  kleptocratic, genocidal banking cartel) is child's play for those paying attention and who have good command of video editing and cutting skills:  

- Ben Bernanke as Big Brother: If he is speaking, he is lying,
to help his GS/JPM masters SWINDLE Americans out of their wealth. - 
  Of course the far greater crime and sin is not that Ben Bernanke is a chronic liar, Big Finance Swindler, and nation (and world) economy gutting financial parasite: the far bigger sin is that every one of his lies has the relentless support and backing of nearly the entire American "major media" and press,  especially the  Sulzberger New York Times,**  the Meyer/Graham Washington Post, the Time/WARNER bros. owned CNN & TIME magazine + Hollywood empire, the Mort Zuckerman U.S. News and World Report, the Sam Zell owned LA Times, Chicago Tribune, and Florida "Sun" newspapers (etc., etc., etc.) .... 

  ...they are all "in" on Bernanke's, the Fed's, Goddamn-Sachs &  JPM's  (rothschild's)  looting and sabotage destruction of the American economy & American middle class...

  ...without their  ELENTLESS WHITEWASH LIES and HATE-MONGERING and  SCAPEGOATING of others (union scale workers and their health and pension benefits;  disabled workers, Social Security recipients, China 'currency manipulation', etc.),
 Bernanke would be exposed as the fraud and liar that he is... in less than 2 minutes flat!

   ** note:  New York Times token "economics expert" columnist Paul Krugman is now a specialist in contorting himself to  whitewash Bernanke's "we print trillions of dollars of 'money' out of thin air, which we give to our Goddamn-Sachs, JP Morgan, and other member/owner banks of the Fed. Reserve very private banking cabal  - and then tell Americans that THEY are 'IN DEBT'!"  lies:  the former "liberal" op-ed writer Krugman has gone over to the 'dark side' ever since his fellow Jewish Ivy Leaguers (Rubinites) took over the Obama White House
   NY Times owner and publisher Arthur Sulzberger hired Krugman in the late 1990s as the Times' sole economics columnist, specifically to whitewash the GS + JPM + Fed's relentless "pump and dump,"  inflate-and-deflate economic larceny...  but for almost an entire decade Krugman "went off the reservation" and  fought the good fight, exposing Bush's TAX CUTS FOR RICH as the ECONOMY KILLING  "loot the peons for GS & JPM" policies that they were. 
    But once the Rubinites moved in to the  Obama White House in January 2009, and especially once Obama  (insanely)  RE-NOMINATED economy killing Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke for ANOTHER economy killing term as Fed Reserve very private banking cabal Chairman in early 2010, Krugman started to contort his NY Times column and "Conscience of a Liberal" economics blog... to WHITEWASH the GS, JPM, + Fed ASSAULT on the American economy.  
  Not only were Krugman and Ben Bernanke both  Jewish economics professors at Princeton University... but it was Bernanke who had recommended Krugman to Sulzberger for the coveted and lucrative NY Times sole economics op-ed writer slot.   
Thus the migration of Paul Krugman from "liberal with a conscience"  good guy, to  "loot, plunder, rape, pillage and starve the peons" Dark Side   economic hit man and Bernanke-Geithner   'Economics Death Squads'  cover-up artist.  

 Big Brother: 
  • "I am NOT printing money"
  •     "The bailouts  & QUANTITATIVE EASING (and other forms of FREE MONEY for big banksters like "liquidity injections") will RESTORE  the economy"     
  • "we know what we are doing"  (true - they are fleecing American citizens, consumers, taxpayers, and investors just as fast, and for every drop of blood they can squeeze, as they can.)
  •      "this is for your own good" !!