Sunday, January 23, 2011

The TAPEWORM Economy: Catherine Austin Fitts explains PARASITE ECONOMICS, how connected bankers STEAL the CAPITAL that belongs to Americans, Shift it overseas, and make it their own "private property"

The Clinton, Obama, Pelosi owning so-called  "Democrat" PARASITE banksters -
Rubin (left) Summers (right) and Greenspan (center) - are actually all RADICAL RIGHT-WING 
Republican allied DEREGULATION financial swindlers, treasury looters, & economy wreckers
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   However if  no one else will draw the connection between PARASITE finance & economics, and the HIGH PRIESTS of PARASITE finance & economics  (bankers who advocate inflationary money supply; "money creation" that lands in the bank vaults of a very private banking cartel;  unlimited "money creation" powers which give the beneficiaries the unlimited ability to stage generational "pump and dump" hostile takoever attacks on genuinely productive assets and parts of a target economy;  including not only entire companies, entire industries and entire economic sectors;  but especially the relentless, organized, premeditated, hostile takeover and theft of American families' "overfunded pension funds")  -  then we here at The Jewish Wars must. 

"TAPEWORM ECONOMICS" -  ( h/t FreePlanet blog ) 

 "Capitalism" is the financial and economic art of  creating and amassing capital, to finance future projects.    In its most primitive and simple model,  capitalism merely involved the accumulation of food products -  grains, dried or preserved meats, storable fruits, nuts and vegetables, and vessels (such as sheep bladders) for storing water, etc.  (As an aside, merely the storing of sheep or goats milk in containers made from the  bladders of those animals, led to the invention of cheese - a highly desirable, high energy and protein foodstuff with a relatively long shelf life.)
   The storing of food - the most basic and easily understood form of  "capitalism" - had several extremely important benefits:
#1. a  hunter-gatherer tribe or clan could now survive days (or months) of low food availability, where a rival clan might perish after a similar period without having stored food.   Plains Indians cutting and drying buffalo meat for travel to new hunting grounds, or similar indigenous food gathering, processing, and storage for a coming winter,  were simple examples of accumulation of a basic form of capital.   
 (Jared Diamond, in his landmark, Pulitzer prize winnng  book "Guns, Germs, & Steel: The Fates of Human Society"  investigating the rise and development of civilizations across the world, starts with a New Guinea native inquiring of Diamond, on one of his reserch trips to the long isolated island,  the question "Why do you White men have so much cargo?"   -  the question that set Diamond to researching and writing his book.  He found that the accumulation of grains powered the rise of ancient civilizations in the Mediterranean and Ancient Near East ("Mideast"), while in the islands of New Guinea, high humidity and tropical jungle conditions discouraged the accumulation and storage of food stuffs through spoilage - retarding the development of higher culture, specialization, or civilization.)
   The very  similar (prehistoric or stone-age) skill of skinning animals and preserving their hides was the foundation for no less than both the French, and much of early English empires in North America.  The fur trade was probably the dominant economic activity of the French empire in present day Canada, and even if items like fishing, tobacco, indigo, corn, and other products dominated the economies of the early   English colonies in North America, the fur trade was certainly a vital part of the commercial activity which kept early English settlements viable and successful - just follow (literally) the trails of Daniel Boone, or the Hudson Bay Company traders,  to see how the very primitive accumulation of animal skins powered - capitalized - the insatiable expansion of the early Anglo, French, and American empires in North America! 

#2.  The accumulation and storage of food allowed some members of a tribe or clan (extended family) to develop skills in non- food gathering endeavours, leading to perhaps humanity's most treasured attribute,  SPECIALIZATION, the development of skills or knowledge that require years of focus and concentration to achieve.
     The accumulation of foods allowed for some members of a clan or tribe to devote time to the specialized production of tools, boats, more advanced agricultural techniques, animal husbandry, metals fabrication, and other technology improvements 
  The coming of agriculture added an exponential energy to the art of specialization, leading from the stone age to the bronze age, as enough food stuffs could be stored to both make a tribe sedentary (no longer dependent on following scarce game animals in a given territory -  high human,  or grazing herds consumption would quickly deplete local game or grasslands, forcing tribal  moves to fresher hunting grounds or pastures) and sustain armies of craftsmen, non agricultural workers, managers, and a very specialized ruling class.
    The earliest successful agricultural communities created with them the inherent inequality in human civilization: some workers would be forced to toil in the fields and canals their entire lives, while an elite, and their specialized enforcers (warriors) would plan, supervise, and control those canals and grain fields.
    This inherent inequality would also contribute to civilization's distorted view of "justice," where a society's entire legal system would be dedicated to supporting  PROPERTY RIGHTS, even of  lazy, shiftless individuals born to wealth and luxury, while those who actually produced the harvests might get only a very small portion of them.
     In even simpler terms,  look at two young women toiling in the fields: one might catch the fancy of a young prince or nobleman, and be whisked off to marriage and a life of luxury, while the other woman might marry only a labor class husband, and spend the rest of her life in toil (and social low status subjugation).    The western (and almost all Asian) legal codes overwhelming support this gross disparity in social wealth and status, even though we see how fickle it can be: 
WIN THE FAVOR of a HIGH STATUS member of the elite, and you no longer have to toil!

#3.  The combination of agriculture and food storage allowed succesful war party leaders to plan ever larger war parties, and launch  ever more distant armed raids, to control ever larger areas of potential food production, trade routes, and mineral resources.   This is the beginning of empire.
   The development of armies, and the need for ever more precise command and control of every larger armies (and the armies of craftsmen, laborers, farmers, and other skilled and non-skilled workers to supply those ever larger bands of warriors) is now the central element of modern civilization.

  As we see above, inherent in both specialization, and in the rise of civilization, is the potential for gross inequality... the ability of some members of society (especially if they are in an organized cabal  or paramilitary warrior group) to sieze the production of others.
Below, Cathine Austin Fitts, a former Republican Assistant Secretary of Housing & Urban Development in the Reagan administration, explains how an army of bureacurats - lawyers, politicians, regulators, 'news' publishers and editors, and  especially bankers and parasite financial operators - have inserted themselves BETWEEN the productive capacity of  Americans,  and the Capital accumulation ("money") of America.  

  Particularily galling is where Ms. Fitts explains how today's banker class - led by the Rubinite "Democrats" (including Larry Summers, Rahm Emanuel, Gary Gensler, Peter Orszag, Jacob Lew, Jared Bernstein, Mary Schapiro etc., etc., etc., ad naseum)   and Goddamn-Sachs/JP Morgan Republicans including Ben Bernanke, Timmothy Geithner,  Hank Paulson, Lloyd Blankfein, Jamie Dimon, Phil Gramm, Dick Armey,   (etc.)  have mastered the art of using AMERICAN capital, to FINANCE FOREIGN FACTORIES... and in the shift from America based captal expenditures and production,  to foreign based capital "investment,"  the American public has been robbed of over $12+  TRILLION dollars, which  has been "privatized" and is now "owned" by the PARASITE bankers!   
above, "The Committee to SAVE the World"?
More like the all Jewish  "Committee to DEFRAUD the World" !
Rubin & Greenspan's replacements in "TCTSTW" - Rubin career toady Timmy Geithner, left,
 & Ben "FREE MONEY for my banker friends" Bernanke, right

The good news is that the solution to America's economic crisis is simplicity itself!
Merely CLAW BACK the TRILLIONS of dollars that the Obama-Pelosi "Democrats" and Boehner/McConnell/Cantor Republicans have HANDED OUT in "bailouts" to Robert Rubin's friends at Goddamn-Sachs and JP Morgan Chase...

...and use the recovered trillions to REBUILD AMERICAN FACTORIES, products, and job creating infrastructure improvements!