Sunday, January 23, 2011

Southwest TV ad portrays greedy, competing airline exec looking suspiciously like... Despised Goddamn-Sachs Chairman (and Jewish Financial Parasite) Lloyd Blankfein?!

 Americans  despise their treacherous financial overlord economy-wreckers... even if not _one_major _media _outlet gives voice to that building frustration and resentment against the big banksters and their bribed and owned congress-critters (and presidents).
Is the passenger fleecing "other airlines executive" portrayed as "Defendant"  in this
Southwest TV ad... a STAND IN for despised Goddamn-Sachs Chairman,
 and 'bailouts' sucking Welfare Queen bankster,  Lloyd Blankfein?? You be the judge!
(above, the original lloyd blankfein: Chairman of Goddamn-Sachs taxpayer extortion,
goverment bribery, bailouts fraud, and U.S. & world economy gutting derivatives insanity.)  
  Under the ruthless boot-heel of our Neo-Con warmongering, Treasury looting, financial swindling Overlords;   and industry wrecking, pensions stealing,  'bailouts' extorting "of, by, and for Goddamn-Sachs" ruthless gov't.  Commissars,  are we Americans developing a sense of humor similar to that developed by Russians  under the boot heel oppression of centuries worth of mass-murdering conquerors,  and during nearly a century of totalitarian rule under  the original Commissars
   Well, while no one  in the public "major media" is allowed to mention WHAT A JOKE the nation's entire "financial regulatory" and "justice"  systems have become under the relentless corruption of  bought, bribed, bullied, extorted, and owned  Republican and Democrat "leaders" alike,  the American public well understands that they are being LOOTED by the FINANCIAL OVERLORD class.  

   Just see this brilliant SouthWest TV ad for yourself - Southwest  crew members and ground crew play as jurors in a  reality TV courtroom, can't contain themselves from SNICKERING at the abject arrogance and corruption of  - is that a  Lloyd Blankfein (larcenous, consumer robbing, insatiably greedy,  multi-millionaire,  taxpayer despising,  economy-gutting, treacherous, deceitful,  bailouts-sucking, Congress bribing  Neo-Con bankster) look alike?!!

  p.s. - Southwest Airlines is well within their rights to   try to poke fun at the larcenous, economy wrecking Goddamn-Sachs led Wall Street banksters....   wasn't it Goddamn-Sachs itself which  tried to CORNER the world's ENTIRE oil market, [Forbes: "Did Goldman Goose Oil?"]  the  $5 per gallon gas prices in the summer of 2008 sucking the last dime out of American consumers' "discretionary spending" pockets, and thereby collapsing consumer demand for non-essential goods and services.... the immediate, proximate cause of the MARKET COLLAPSE of September  2008??
   There can hardly be any doubt: if  DESTROYING America's airline industry  (much less all the downstream tourism and other businesses dependent on air travel) would earn them a dime of profit,  the Robert Rubin, Hank Paulson, and Lloyd Blankfein Goddamn-Sachs'ers would do so in  a New York second. 

[We can't even claim credit for a wild imagination here:  weren't Wall Street traders, including those at Cantor Fitzgerald offices in the New York World Trade Center towers themselves,  taking out put options on  airline stocks  in the weeks leading up to 9-11-2001, based on rumors they were hearing about potential terrorist attacks on American airlines??   - even as the treacherous Bush-Cheney-WOLFOWITZ-LIBBY administration DID NOTHING to make those well known terrorist threats even a little more difficult to pull off???] 
 (23 million hits,  "airline puts 9-11")