Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Jewish Neo-Con (warmongers + Treasury Looters + Financial Swindlers) ECONOMIC STRANGULATION of America continues with RECORD High Food Prices. Meanwhile, Jewish economic strangulation of Gaza is even deadlier, while Jewish warmongering plans to unleash a Hitler-style (Guernica, Rotterdam, London, Coventry, etc.) bombing of Civilians in Lebanon proceeds - ALL with complicity and support of America's treacherous Jewish owned press & media...

The Jewish  (Goddamn-Sachs + Fed + JP Morgan-Chase ( = rothschilds + rockefellers, et al.)ECONOMIC STRANGULATION of their pathetic, cowed, bribed, corrupted, mean spirited,  and hapless (United States of) America host continues:  

                             "RECORD FOOD PRICES in America"  -

 - AS  President Obama's treacherous Neo-Con "economy experts" gangsters
(the Robt. Rubin gang: Larry Summers, Jared Bernstein, Mary Schapiro, Jacob Lew, David Axelrod, Mona Sutphen, Ben Bernanke,  recently departed Rahm Emanuel & Peter Orszag,  etc. etc. etc. ad naseum
continue to hand billions upon trillions of  Fed "free money"  [ = "debt" to American taxpayers!]  bailouts, "liquidity injections," "quantitative easings" and other Fed fiat dollars to the GS + JPM banking cabal on Wall Street, which the giant hedge funds use to  BUY UP ALL the PRODUCTIVE ASSETS in America and around  the world, thereby creating commodity price inflation... 
...AS  they tell the clueless and corrupt president (obama)  that there is "NO measurable inflation" justifying their ruling that
 there will be  NO cost of living increase for America's 58 million SOCIAL SECURITY RECIPIENT seniors this year... 

  Meanwhile,  over in the  Jewish eternal war state itselfan even more obvious and deadly form of economic strangulation - the Jewish SIEGE of Gaza - keeps the people of Gaza's on the razor's edge of subsistence and economic starvation,  with the backing of the treacherous "American"-Israel Jewish senators like Chuck Schumer, Dianne Feinstein,  Barbara Boxer, Carl Levin, Joe Lieberman, and indeed almost every "United States" Senator including the bribed, extorted, and cowed  non-Jewish senators!

  While deep within Jewish warmongering headquarters (Netanyahu's warm profiteering, war-mongering, nuclear proliferation,  + terrorists, assassins,  and global bribery & extortion racket)   the Jewish warmongers plot and plan to EMULATE HITLER's BOMBING of GUERNICA, ROTTERDAM, COVENTRY, LONDON, and other civilian populations of  defenseless cities -

  • Wikileaks: Israel plans total war on Lebanon, Gaza will not “accept any restrictions [i.e., international law] on warfare in urban areas”

  • The ferocity with which israeli, "American," and European Jews are mimicking Hitler's racial superiority and genocidal blood-lust  Nazi regime   is stunning to behold...


     - update:  As to the Jewish war lobby's hired but despised American military -  Army, Navy, Marines  (etc.)  de facto mercenaries fighting  the ever expanding  Jewish Wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, and elsewhere in the Middle East?

    Well, we regret to report there is little glory or security, at least for the grunts in infantry and other combat units,  found in fighting The Jewish Wars for America's warmongering Jewish overlords,  if the RECORD SUICIDE RATES for the US Army base at Ft. Hood this past year  are any measure....
     The Army's largest post saw a record-high number of soldiers kill themselves in 2010 despite a mental health effort aimed at reversing the trend.
    The Army says 22 soldiers have either killed themselves or are suspected of doing so last year at its post at Fort Hood in Texas, twice the number from 2009.
    Update 2:  For a textbook  propaganda  example of  how the American press/media INVERT  reality,   portraying Obama's  relentlessly NEO-CON,  radical right-wing JEWISH dominated  presidency as "pursuing policies that amount to an abandonment of Israel," see this self proclaimed "free press"  WorldNetDaily 'news' story -
    "How you can override Obama's Abandonment of Israel 
    Give Congress ammunition it needs to defend Jewish state"

    WASHINGTON – Are you concerned about Barack Obama's pursuit of a new U.S. policy in the Middle East – one that critics argue amounts to the abandonment of the state of Israel?
    WND is making it possible for you to be a part of preserving the America's good relationship with Israel.**  (cont'd)

    ** [if, that is,  "a good relation"  could be the term used to describe 
    a caterpillar  being eaten alive, from the inside out, by  parasitic  wasp grubs!]