Friday, January 28, 2011

Jewish Financial SWINDLER (and financial terrorist) Ben Bernanke HAS KILLED the U.S. Dollar...

JEWISH financial swindler (and financial terrorist)  BEN BERNANKE
 is well on his way to KILLING the U.S. dollar...
 JEWISH financial swindler (and financial terrorist)  BEN BERNANKE is well on the way to KILLING the U.S. dollar... FORCING -  through the SHEER GREED of his  Goddamn-Sachs + JPM patrons
 (GS+JPM = Fed, = rockefellers + rothschilds and other hyper-wealthy, treasonously greedy elites)   other countries to DITCH the U.S. dollar as world reserve currency, and either resort to direct barter (e.g. directly trading oil from one country for manufactured goods from another)  or to creating  a new world reserve currency to replace the now increasingly despised U.S.  "Bernenake-Geithner-GoddamnSachs" "United States Federal Reserve Note" dollar.
must read: Larry Summers (right), Timmy Geithner (left) and the SUBVERSION of America's economy
   Under the relentless BRIBING of the U.S. Congress and presidents (Republican or Democrat, it doesn't matter: Clinton and his Rubin-Greenspan-Summers-Emanuel gang;   Bush-II and his Paulson-Bernanke Geithner gang, and Barack Obama with his Rubin-Summers-Emanuel-Orszag-Bernstein-Geithner AND Bernanke gang!)
  (see  "Larry Summers and the Subversion of Economics")
 the Neo-Con banksters have not only extorted well over TEN TRILLION dollars in Congressionally authorized "bailouts" from American taxpayers, but they have now INSTITUTIONALIZED the "Liquidity Injection" 2/3rds TRILLION dollars  "back door bailouts," that Timmy Geithner pioneered in 2008 (when Bush W. was president),   Obama and the Congress -both Democrats AND Republicans - now allow Ben Bernanke to print THREE-QUARTER TRILLION DOLLAR CHUNKS of taxpayer obligated "quantitative easing" dollars that land directly in the bank vaults (actually, electronic registers) of the Goddamn-Sachs + JP Morgan-Chase (et al)  bankers.  
Bernanke: Don’t call it ‘quantitative easing’
Words matter in debate over controversial Fed bond buying plan [that is, in the PROPAGANDA WAR to whitewash the Fed's "FREE MONEY for our pals at GS + JPM' 'plan']
By Greg Robb, MarketWatch Nov. 18, 2010 
WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) — Federal Reserve Board Chairman Ben Bernanke wants to eliminate the term “quantitative easing,” at least in terms of the Fed’s current asset-buying program. 
“In my view, the use of the term ‘quantitative easing’ to refer to the Fed’s policies is inappropriate,” Bernanke said in a speech prepared for delivery to the European Central Bank on Friday.
Bernanke didn’t officially suggest a catchy substitute, sticking to calling the program “securities purchases.” 
The war over words offers more evidence of the strong criticism the Fed is facing: that somehow its $600 billion bond buying program is outside the norm for a central bank.
  **(note:  "ASSET PURCHASES" or "bond buying" are Neo-Con propaganda terms to describe the Fed PRINTING MONEY by the billions upon billions of dollars,  to land in the very private bank vaults of the member/OWNER  banks of the very privately owned 'Federal Reserve'  banking cartel... which peon Americans are not allowed to know who,  much less how much!)  
  Jewish financial swindlers and economy wrecking Neo-Con traitors have not only destroyed the U.S. dollar:  
  Below,  the FRAUD behind the Neo-Con    ASSAULT on the America 
(whitewashed by the Washington Post, New York Times, CNN/Time/Warner, and other treacherous Neo-Con media outlets)
 can't be WHITEWASHED forever:  the IMPACT is now starting to be recognized worldwide,  BERNANKE's DOLLARS are now worth little more than German bankers notes "JEWISH CONFETTI" during the HYPERINFLATION which destroyed the German economy (and popular democracy) in Germany in the late 1920s... leading to the ascent of Nazi totalitarianism and WWII a short  decade later.
   The End of the U.S.  Dollar
From the March 2011 Trumpet Print Edition »
In January, Chinese President Hu Jintao was wined and dined with a lavish state banquet at the White House and other official ceremonies usually reserved for America’s closest friends and allies. Why? One must be very polite when entertaining your banker—even if you don’t like him and he doesn’t like you. 
Yet there is another more ominous but closely related reason. 
For years, China has warned America that its support for the dollar was not unconditional. The warnings fell on deaf ears. Confident that China was virtually forced to lend money to America, Washington embraced a borrow-and-spend policy that would have destroyed any other currency.
Then last year, when it became clear that America could not borrow enough money to pay the bills—it crossed the Rubicon, declaring that the laws of paper money no longer applied to the mighty dollar: America would just print whatever money it needed to pay the bills. Federal Reserve Chairman Benjamin Bernanke declared he would start by conjuring $900 billion—75 percent of America’s borrowing needs—out of thin air. 
The world was shocked that America would so abuse the world’s reserve currency. France, Germany, Russia and China were outraged. But Americans wagered that the world is too caught in the dollar trap to do anything about it.
So far, this strategy has worked out pretty well for America. With several European countries falling apart, the dollar has firmed up, and safe-haven money has continued to flow into America. But signs are, that is beginning to change.**  (cont'd) -
  That is, under the insanely greedy & treacherous world economy wrecking, looting, plundering, & pillaging influence of the Rubin-Summers-Paulson-Geithner-Bernanke-Greenspan-Blankfein-Dimon (et al)  Goddamn-Sachs + JPM Morgan (= Fed, = rothschilds + rockefellers)  Neo-Cons,  CHINA is now set to supplant America as... Europe's SUGAR-DADDY! 

  Sixty years after the end of WWII, the TREASONOUS Neo-Cons, in their insatiable greed to loot every dime on the planet,  have DESTROYED the legend & myth of America as the post-WWII "Marshall Plan" BENEFACTOR of post war Europe.

** (Actually, this trend has been ongoing for the entire 6 decades since the end of WWII: for every dollar that America was loaning to stimulate pro-democracy rebuilding in Western Europe, America was spending similar dollars sabotaging democracy in South America, in Africa, in Asia, etc. By the end of the "Cold War" in 1991, American Neo-Cons were actively SABOTAGING, through MALIGNANT NEGLECT, Yugoslavia's otherwise successful mix of free market capitalism and state sponsored socialism, which the NY, DC, & Israel war lobby Neo-Cons saw as a threat to their "winner take all" model of global monopoly trust cartel extortion, masquerading as "free market enterprise." The result:  Yugoslavia descended into a decade of war, mass murder, and ethnic cleansing. The Neo-Con "foreign policy geniuses" talking points  that "there was nothing America could do to help structure a peaceful Cold-War Yugoslavia" were proved a CHEAP LIE by Germany, which worked energetically to sponsor a bloodless, peaceful seccession of Slovenia from the rump Yugoslav Republic, in several weeks flat. Betrayal, treachery, and mass-murder are now the hallmarks of Neo-Con, Jewish right-wing war-lobby + financial swindlers + Fed/Treasury looters  dominated U.S. "foreign policy.")  
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