Tuesday, January 4, 2011

"IMF and World Bank are Weapons of War" - the Neo-Con tactic of ENSLAVEMENT through debt slavery depends on poor nations being EXTORTED out of their wealth, by armies of Western lawyers, financial loan sharks, and armies of machine-gun toting mercenaries....

"The IMF and World Bank are WEAPONS of WAR" - the  loan-shark means, using sweet-heart loans with balloning interest payments (often signed by bribed members of a target nation's elite families and leaders) by which the WEALTHY, EXTORT ALL the wealth and productive assets from out under the feet of the people of a country (just as John Perkins wrote of his career as an "Economic Hit Man").
Hmm... as a REWARD for uber- PNAC (Jewish War Lobby) Neo-Con  Paul Wolfowitz's role as the loot,pillage, and plunder  "ARCHITECT" of the illegal lies-to-war  2003 U.S.  invasion of Iraq (Iraq war), didn't  President George W. Bush nominate Wolfowitz to be President of the World Bank in 2005???

(18 minutes in interview)
"The use of DEBT in BRIBING the coalition was nothing new.  Manipulation of the World Bank was documented in the early 1980s in a secret  U.S. Treasury  report.  'The United States,' said the report, 'is capable and willing to pursue important policy objectives in the bank, by exercising the financial and political leverage at our disposal.' 
  In other words, the US is able to impose its will on the World Bank."