Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Business Insider displays its NEO-CON warmonger, Treasury looting, & "Laws are for Peons" leanings...

Two articles by Henry Blodget's BusinessInsider.com illustrate how the Neo-Con "mighty Wurlizter"  propaganda megaphone operates to destroy any sense of the rule of law in America.

    In the first example,  BI writer Nicholas Carson inverts reality,  trying to demonstrate that FOOD RIOTS in the Mideast are  PROOF that the WARMONGERING AGENDA of the American (jewish War Lobby) Neo-Cons has been justified   the fact that the (Jewish) Neo-Con banksters
(Goddamn-Sachs, Citi, JP Morgan-Chase - the later a 150 year front for the Europe/London based Rothschilds banking dynasty,  and other pro-war, pro "deregulation" legalized larceny Neo-Con financiers)  
are using TRILLIONS upon TRILLIONS upon TRILLONS of dollars of  very SOCIALIZED taxpayers extorted  "bailouts" loot to  go on a worldwide
(essentially a LBO,  'leveraged buy out' orgy of hostile takeover purchases  of American and foreign assets worldwide, using looted, plundered, stolen, swindled, and extorted money)  that is creating COMMODITY PRICE INFLATION worldwide... 
...the  mass-murderous Neo-Cons look at their GLOBAL FOOD PRICE INFLATION handiwork... and claim that it (food riots as a result of  an INCREASE IN PRICE.. NOT an increase in demand!)  justifies Jewish Warmonger and 9-11 traitor Paul Wolfowitz's   illegal, lies-to-war invasion of Iraq.
(Huge picture of  "ISRAEL UBER ALLES"  wolfowitz, in front of the obligatory American flag.)

  As if the above weren't enough evidence of Business Insider's  "we LOVE WAR, BAILOUTS, FINANCIAL LARCENY, and LOOTED economies worldwide" agenda,  look at  their John Ellis argument for why RAHM EMANUEL will be on the Chicago Mayoral ballot:   because the RESIDENCY LAWS of Chicago elections AREN'T WORTH A DAMN,  the ONLY thing that counts is how many Supreme Court Justices you have in your pocket!  

    Yeesh!  America's despicable Neo-Con propagandists are making  AL CAPONE's bought-and-owned press stenographers look like principled investigative journalists in comparison! 
Here's Why Rahm Will Still End Up On The Chicago Mayoral Ballot
by John Ellis [Business Insider's "THE RULE OF LAW NO LONGER APPLIES IN AMERICA" hack]
Jan. 24, 2011, http://www.businessinsider.com/rahm-goes-to-court-2011-1 
An Illinois appellate court panel voted (2-1) to remove former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel from the Democratic primary ballot for Mayor of Chicago, claiming that he fails to meet residency requirements. The case now moves to the Illinois Supreme Court. 
       Illinois Supreme Court justices are elected officials. The current make-up is 4 Democrats and 3 Republicans. Might they decide to uphold the appellate court's ruling?
Unlikely! The President of the United States is from Illinois. So is his new chief of staff. His name is Daley, a fact known to all of them. 
More important, the State of Illinois is broke. So is the city of Chicago. In order to weather these crises, both the city and the state need help from the Federal government. If the Supreme Court can't find the legal reasoning to get Mr. Emanuel back on the ballot, then they don't understand how politics works in Illinois.... (cont'd)
 THE REASON  The City of Chicago is BROKE, you idiot hacks, is because the United States for the past 2 decades has been following RUBINOMICS -  the LEGALIZATION of FRAUD, THEFT, DECEIT, and  "bailouts" extortion LARCENY in America's financial markets, combined with the OUTSOURCING  of  EVERY American industry the Goddamn-Sachs crowd can pack up and  sell or ship to China for a dime...  and RAHM EMANUEL is  the  most important Neo-Con  APPARTCHIK of  Rubinomics economic DECONSTRUCTION  in all of the entire, late "Democratic" Party, it was Emanuel,  acting as BAG MAN for Wall Street, Goddamn-Sachs, JP Morgan-Chase, Citi, and other would be Lloyd Blankfein, Hank Paulson, & Bernie Madoffs banksters,  who handed their bags of  swindled money over to  Nancy Pelosi's 110th & 111th Congresses (in exchange for NO REGULATORY OVERSIGHT, and then after the market crisis of September 2008,  the handing over of billions upon  TRILLIONS of dollars of taxpayer extorted "bailouts")    
   who SHOVED RUBINOMICS down the "Democrat" Party's throat...
  ....leading to the Democrat Congress's DISMAL  popularity rankings, including their LOSS of the House this past November, to the, Hello?  BOEHNER, McConnell,  Michelle Bachman, and Newt Gingrich   (can you spell, "l-o-s-e-r-s"!)  Rethuglican takeover of Congress in Nov. 200!!
(We mean, it's one thing to lose to a personable candidate like Ronald Reagan... it's an entirely different thing to lose to these faceless GOP hacks who are  waiting tables for  scraps and crumbs  from the Neo-Con financiers & warmongers    "campaign donations" table!) 
THAT  is  THE IDIOT  (not to mention  Rahm's own financial  frauds & Neo-Con Warmonger history) that the NY, Israel lobby,  DC Neo-Cons, and Chicago Daley machine are now trying to SHOVE down CHICAGO's throat! 

   RAHM EMANUEL  has spent the PAST TWO DECADES shoving HANK PAULSON, Alan Greenspan, & Ben Bernanke's despised   radical Right-Wing  "of, by, and for Goddamn Sachs" economics down Democratic voters' throats
(REPUBLICAN Hank Paulson economics is of course identical with   Larry Summers, Gary Gensler, Peter Orszag, Jared Bernsetin, Jacob Lew,  Mary Schapiro, Elena Kagan,  and Emanuel's other fellow Rubinites'  "of, by, and for Goddamn-Sachs" Rubinomics),
 HE  (Rahm Emanuel) more than any person in America (yes, including Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Larry Summers, or Robert Rubin himself)  is responsible for the Democrat's  IN THE TOILET  popularity ratings    (not to mention the "broke" situation in Illinois & Chicago.. and America!) 
...which is PRECISELY why Business Insider wants to see him as mayor of Chicago.