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Jewish Financial SWINDLER (and financial terrorist) Ben Bernanke HAS KILLED the U.S. Dollar...

JEWISH financial swindler (and financial terrorist)  BEN BERNANKE
 is well on his way to KILLING the U.S. dollar...
 JEWISH financial swindler (and financial terrorist)  BEN BERNANKE is well on the way to KILLING the U.S. dollar... FORCING -  through the SHEER GREED of his  Goddamn-Sachs + JPM patrons
 (GS+JPM = Fed, = rockefellers + rothschilds and other hyper-wealthy, treasonously greedy elites)   other countries to DITCH the U.S. dollar as world reserve currency, and either resort to direct barter (e.g. directly trading oil from one country for manufactured goods from another)  or to creating  a new world reserve currency to replace the now increasingly despised U.S.  "Bernenake-Geithner-GoddamnSachs" "United States Federal Reserve Note" dollar.
must read: Larry Summers (right), Timmy Geithner (left) and the SUBVERSION of America's economy
   Under the relentless BRIBING of the U.S. Congress and presidents (Republican or Democrat, it doesn't matter: Clinton and his Rubin-Greenspan-Summers-Emanuel gang;   Bush-II and his Paulson-Bernanke Geithner gang, and Barack Obama with his Rubin-Summers-Emanuel-Orszag-Bernstein-Geithner AND Bernanke gang!)
  (see  "Larry Summers and the Subversion of Economics")
 the Neo-Con banksters have not only extorted well over TEN TRILLION dollars in Congressionally authorized "bailouts" from American taxpayers, but they have now INSTITUTIONALIZED the "Liquidity Injection" 2/3rds TRILLION dollars  "back door bailouts," that Timmy Geithner pioneered in 2008 (when Bush W. was president),   Obama and the Congress -both Democrats AND Republicans - now allow Ben Bernanke to print THREE-QUARTER TRILLION DOLLAR CHUNKS of taxpayer obligated "quantitative easing" dollars that land directly in the bank vaults (actually, electronic registers) of the Goddamn-Sachs + JP Morgan-Chase (et al)  bankers.  
Bernanke: Don’t call it ‘quantitative easing’
Words matter in debate over controversial Fed bond buying plan [that is, in the PROPAGANDA WAR to whitewash the Fed's "FREE MONEY for our pals at GS + JPM' 'plan']
By Greg Robb, MarketWatch Nov. 18, 2010 
WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) — Federal Reserve Board Chairman Ben Bernanke wants to eliminate the term “quantitative easing,” at least in terms of the Fed’s current asset-buying program. 
“In my view, the use of the term ‘quantitative easing’ to refer to the Fed’s policies is inappropriate,” Bernanke said in a speech prepared for delivery to the European Central Bank on Friday.
Bernanke didn’t officially suggest a catchy substitute, sticking to calling the program “securities purchases.” 
The war over words offers more evidence of the strong criticism the Fed is facing: that somehow its $600 billion bond buying program is outside the norm for a central bank.
  **(note:  "ASSET PURCHASES" or "bond buying" are Neo-Con propaganda terms to describe the Fed PRINTING MONEY by the billions upon billions of dollars,  to land in the very private bank vaults of the member/OWNER  banks of the very privately owned 'Federal Reserve'  banking cartel... which peon Americans are not allowed to know who,  much less how much!)  
  Jewish financial swindlers and economy wrecking Neo-Con traitors have not only destroyed the U.S. dollar:  
  Below,  the FRAUD behind the Neo-Con    ASSAULT on the America 
(whitewashed by the Washington Post, New York Times, CNN/Time/Warner, and other treacherous Neo-Con media outlets)
 can't be WHITEWASHED forever:  the IMPACT is now starting to be recognized worldwide,  BERNANKE's DOLLARS are now worth little more than German bankers notes "JEWISH CONFETTI" during the HYPERINFLATION which destroyed the German economy (and popular democracy) in Germany in the late 1920s... leading to the ascent of Nazi totalitarianism and WWII a short  decade later.
   The End of the U.S.  Dollar
From the March 2011 Trumpet Print Edition »
In January, Chinese President Hu Jintao was wined and dined with a lavish state banquet at the White House and other official ceremonies usually reserved for America’s closest friends and allies. Why? One must be very polite when entertaining your banker—even if you don’t like him and he doesn’t like you. 
Yet there is another more ominous but closely related reason. 
For years, China has warned America that its support for the dollar was not unconditional. The warnings fell on deaf ears. Confident that China was virtually forced to lend money to America, Washington embraced a borrow-and-spend policy that would have destroyed any other currency.
Then last year, when it became clear that America could not borrow enough money to pay the bills—it crossed the Rubicon, declaring that the laws of paper money no longer applied to the mighty dollar: America would just print whatever money it needed to pay the bills. Federal Reserve Chairman Benjamin Bernanke declared he would start by conjuring $900 billion—75 percent of America’s borrowing needs—out of thin air. 
The world was shocked that America would so abuse the world’s reserve currency. France, Germany, Russia and China were outraged. But Americans wagered that the world is too caught in the dollar trap to do anything about it.
So far, this strategy has worked out pretty well for America. With several European countries falling apart, the dollar has firmed up, and safe-haven money has continued to flow into America. But signs are, that is beginning to change.**  (cont'd) -
  That is, under the insanely greedy & treacherous world economy wrecking, looting, plundering, & pillaging influence of the Rubin-Summers-Paulson-Geithner-Bernanke-Greenspan-Blankfein-Dimon (et al)  Goddamn-Sachs + JPM Morgan (= Fed, = rothschilds + rockefellers)  Neo-Cons,  CHINA is now set to supplant America as... Europe's SUGAR-DADDY! 

  Sixty years after the end of WWII, the TREASONOUS Neo-Cons, in their insatiable greed to loot every dime on the planet,  have DESTROYED the legend & myth of America as the post-WWII "Marshall Plan" BENEFACTOR of post war Europe.

** (Actually, this trend has been ongoing for the entire 6 decades since the end of WWII: for every dollar that America was loaning to stimulate pro-democracy rebuilding in Western Europe, America was spending similar dollars sabotaging democracy in South America, in Africa, in Asia, etc. By the end of the "Cold War" in 1991, American Neo-Cons were actively SABOTAGING, through MALIGNANT NEGLECT, Yugoslavia's otherwise successful mix of free market capitalism and state sponsored socialism, which the NY, DC, & Israel war lobby Neo-Cons saw as a threat to their "winner take all" model of global monopoly trust cartel extortion, masquerading as "free market enterprise." The result:  Yugoslavia descended into a decade of war, mass murder, and ethnic cleansing. The Neo-Con "foreign policy geniuses" talking points  that "there was nothing America could do to help structure a peaceful Cold-War Yugoslavia" were proved a CHEAP LIE by Germany, which worked energetically to sponsor a bloodless, peaceful seccession of Slovenia from the rump Yugoslav Republic, in several weeks flat. Betrayal, treachery, and mass-murder are now the hallmarks of Neo-Con, Jewish right-wing war-lobby + financial swindlers + Fed/Treasury looters  dominated U.S. "foreign policy.")  
Join the fun!  Collect your "FINANCIAL TERRORIST trading cards,
at least we can stay entertained as we watch them wreck our country & entire world economies! 

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Business Insider displays its NEO-CON warmonger, Treasury looting, & "Laws are for Peons" leanings...

Two articles by Henry Blodget's illustrate how the Neo-Con "mighty Wurlizter"  propaganda megaphone operates to destroy any sense of the rule of law in America.

    In the first example,  BI writer Nicholas Carson inverts reality,  trying to demonstrate that FOOD RIOTS in the Mideast are  PROOF that the WARMONGERING AGENDA of the American (jewish War Lobby) Neo-Cons has been justified   the fact that the (Jewish) Neo-Con banksters
(Goddamn-Sachs, Citi, JP Morgan-Chase - the later a 150 year front for the Europe/London based Rothschilds banking dynasty,  and other pro-war, pro "deregulation" legalized larceny Neo-Con financiers)  
are using TRILLIONS upon TRILLIONS upon TRILLONS of dollars of  very SOCIALIZED taxpayers extorted  "bailouts" loot to  go on a worldwide
(essentially a LBO,  'leveraged buy out' orgy of hostile takeover purchases  of American and foreign assets worldwide, using looted, plundered, stolen, swindled, and extorted money)  that is creating COMMODITY PRICE INFLATION worldwide... 
...the  mass-murderous Neo-Cons look at their GLOBAL FOOD PRICE INFLATION handiwork... and claim that it (food riots as a result of  an INCREASE IN PRICE.. NOT an increase in demand!)  justifies Jewish Warmonger and 9-11 traitor Paul Wolfowitz's   illegal, lies-to-war invasion of Iraq.
(Huge picture of  "ISRAEL UBER ALLES"  wolfowitz, in front of the obligatory American flag.)

  As if the above weren't enough evidence of Business Insider's  "we LOVE WAR, BAILOUTS, FINANCIAL LARCENY, and LOOTED economies worldwide" agenda,  look at  their John Ellis argument for why RAHM EMANUEL will be on the Chicago Mayoral ballot:   because the RESIDENCY LAWS of Chicago elections AREN'T WORTH A DAMN,  the ONLY thing that counts is how many Supreme Court Justices you have in your pocket!  

    Yeesh!  America's despicable Neo-Con propagandists are making  AL CAPONE's bought-and-owned press stenographers look like principled investigative journalists in comparison! 
Here's Why Rahm Will Still End Up On The Chicago Mayoral Ballot
by John Ellis [Business Insider's "THE RULE OF LAW NO LONGER APPLIES IN AMERICA" hack]
Jan. 24, 2011, 
An Illinois appellate court panel voted (2-1) to remove former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel from the Democratic primary ballot for Mayor of Chicago, claiming that he fails to meet residency requirements. The case now moves to the Illinois Supreme Court. 
       Illinois Supreme Court justices are elected officials. The current make-up is 4 Democrats and 3 Republicans. Might they decide to uphold the appellate court's ruling?
Unlikely! The President of the United States is from Illinois. So is his new chief of staff. His name is Daley, a fact known to all of them. 
More important, the State of Illinois is broke. So is the city of Chicago. In order to weather these crises, both the city and the state need help from the Federal government. If the Supreme Court can't find the legal reasoning to get Mr. Emanuel back on the ballot, then they don't understand how politics works in Illinois.... (cont'd)
 THE REASON  The City of Chicago is BROKE, you idiot hacks, is because the United States for the past 2 decades has been following RUBINOMICS -  the LEGALIZATION of FRAUD, THEFT, DECEIT, and  "bailouts" extortion LARCENY in America's financial markets, combined with the OUTSOURCING  of  EVERY American industry the Goddamn-Sachs crowd can pack up and  sell or ship to China for a dime...  and RAHM EMANUEL is  the  most important Neo-Con  APPARTCHIK of  Rubinomics economic DECONSTRUCTION  in all of the entire, late "Democratic" Party, it was Emanuel,  acting as BAG MAN for Wall Street, Goddamn-Sachs, JP Morgan-Chase, Citi, and other would be Lloyd Blankfein, Hank Paulson, & Bernie Madoffs banksters,  who handed their bags of  swindled money over to  Nancy Pelosi's 110th & 111th Congresses (in exchange for NO REGULATORY OVERSIGHT, and then after the market crisis of September 2008,  the handing over of billions upon  TRILLIONS of dollars of taxpayer extorted "bailouts")    
   who SHOVED RUBINOMICS down the "Democrat" Party's throat...
  ....leading to the Democrat Congress's DISMAL  popularity rankings, including their LOSS of the House this past November, to the, Hello?  BOEHNER, McConnell,  Michelle Bachman, and Newt Gingrich   (can you spell, "l-o-s-e-r-s"!)  Rethuglican takeover of Congress in Nov. 200!!
(We mean, it's one thing to lose to a personable candidate like Ronald Reagan... it's an entirely different thing to lose to these faceless GOP hacks who are  waiting tables for  scraps and crumbs  from the Neo-Con financiers & warmongers    "campaign donations" table!) 
THAT  is  THE IDIOT  (not to mention  Rahm's own financial  frauds & Neo-Con Warmonger history) that the NY, Israel lobby,  DC Neo-Cons, and Chicago Daley machine are now trying to SHOVE down CHICAGO's throat! 

   RAHM EMANUEL  has spent the PAST TWO DECADES shoving HANK PAULSON, Alan Greenspan, & Ben Bernanke's despised   radical Right-Wing  "of, by, and for Goddamn Sachs" economics down Democratic voters' throats
(REPUBLICAN Hank Paulson economics is of course identical with   Larry Summers, Gary Gensler, Peter Orszag, Jared Bernsetin, Jacob Lew,  Mary Schapiro, Elena Kagan,  and Emanuel's other fellow Rubinites'  "of, by, and for Goddamn-Sachs" Rubinomics),
 HE  (Rahm Emanuel) more than any person in America (yes, including Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Larry Summers, or Robert Rubin himself)  is responsible for the Democrat's  IN THE TOILET  popularity ratings    (not to mention the "broke" situation in Illinois & Chicago.. and America!) 
...which is PRECISELY why Business Insider wants to see him as mayor of Chicago. 

Monday, January 24, 2011

The Jewish SABOTAGE of America's economy - Defined. Relentless SABOTAGE of ANY economic activity that doesn't add to Goddamn-Sachs + JP Morgan (= Fed, = rothschilds) MONOPOLY DICTATORSHIP extortion CONTROL of US Economy...

Under the despicable influence of his Rubinite "of, by, and for Goddamn-Sachs" "economics" gangsters (shown here, Larry Summers and Timmy Geithner) Barack Obama hands billions upon trillions of taxpayer extorted 'bailouts' dollars to his 'campaign donating' bankers... but makes NO effort to revitalize America's alternative energy industry;  much less to save 800 American jobs.
 Rahm Emanuel and Larry Summers' SABOTAGE of the  Obama's election winning  "CHANGE!" theme was so pervasive... that the so-called "liberal,"  "Change you can believe in" president (obama) wouldn't even put  SOLAR PANELS back on the White House as a symbolic gesture towards American energy independence and technological progress (much less, heavens forbid, any effort towards "green" enviro consciousness), until his Neo-Con Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel had departed the White House last month - 2 full years into Obama's pathetically corrupt,   bait-and-switch Neo-Con presidency!
  By comparison,     President Jimmy Carter had solar panels, generating FREE, renewable, no need for U.S. military to ride shotgun on oil tankers  electric energy - on the White House as part of his American Energy Independence response to the Arab oil boycott of 1974, way back in the late 1970s.
  Today,  under the dictatorial overlord rule  of the Emanuel/Summers/Bernstein/Axelrod/Orszag (etc., etc., etc., ad naseum) JEWS running the  'Obama' White House with their "GODDAMN SACHS & fraudulent finance UBER ALES" agenda ,   EVERY economic activity in America, and in  American government over the past 2 years,  has been designed to land every dime of American economic commerce, into  Goddamn-Sachs' (and fellow Rothschilds front JP Morgan-Chase bank's) coffers....  American consumers,  taxpayers, and American progress (much less American workers)  BE DAMNED!! 

  Don't take OUR word for it:  HERE is the record of  OBAMA co's.  (ROBERT RUBIN's  treasonous "Of, by, and For Goddamn-Sachs"  gang)  SABOTAGE of  ANOTHER 800 jobs in America:

 The Economic Collapse Blog:  Doom & Gloom
The United States is losing more jobs to China.  In fact, the United States is losing more high technology "green jobs" to China.
Evergreen Solar, a company that manufactures solar panels, is closing their factory in Devon, Massachusetts and they are moving their production facilities to China.  This is going to result in the loss of 800 good American jobs.
The following is what the company had to say in a statement about the move....
"Solar manufacturers in China have received considerable government and financial support and, together with their low manufacturing costs, have become price leaders within the industry."
Is it any wonder that a recent survey found that 47 percent of Americans now believe that China is the world's leading economic power while only 31 percent still believe that the United States is the world's leading economic power?
As America continues to lose good jobs, millions of Americans find themselves simply unable to pay the bills.  In fact, at this point one out of every six Americans is now enrolled in at least one government-run anti-poverty program.  (cont'd)
Here's another, entirely unrelated article detailing the same dismal theme:  Barack Obama, under the reigns of his TREASONOUS  Rubinite Goddamn-Sachs (Jewish) banksters, is  ACTIVELY DISMANTLING American INDUSTRIES, in order that  Goddamn-Sachs, JP Morgan-Chase, and other  (rothschilds + rockefellers, et al) wealthy, America despising  moguls, can make SHORT TERM PROFITS by setting up factories in China.
Liquidated North American industrial assets find new home in China
Maynards Industries Ltd. knows the intricacies of doing business in China, where state control of capital flows prevent transacting in yuan.
As a liquidator of industrial equipment, the Vancouver-based company finds new homes for unneeded and unwanted machines. And increasingly, the company finds itself removing that excess capacity from North America and transferring it to China.
“Millions and millions of dollars worth of equipment is going there,” said Aaron Stewardson, Maynards’ chief operating officer. (cont'd)
  It is quite amazing:  The  Goddamn-Sachs + JP Morgan + Jewish War Lobby crowd have COMPLETELY COWED the United States president; they have COMPLETELY BRIBED &  EXTORTED the United States Congress and courts;  they COMPLETELY DOMINATE and own all "major media" press, TV, and movie making outlets in America;    and they continue to cram their treasonous  radical right-wing propaganda creed,   "WHAT's GOOD for FRAUDULENT WALL STREET BANKERS, IS GOOD FOR AMERICA" down America's throats,   when they care not a whit for Americans, and have engineered Wall Street and the Fed to REWARD themselves for DISMANTLING the American economy!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Southwest TV ad portrays greedy, competing airline exec looking suspiciously like... Despised Goddamn-Sachs Chairman (and Jewish Financial Parasite) Lloyd Blankfein?!

 Americans  despise their treacherous financial overlord economy-wreckers... even if not _one_major _media _outlet gives voice to that building frustration and resentment against the big banksters and their bribed and owned congress-critters (and presidents).
Is the passenger fleecing "other airlines executive" portrayed as "Defendant"  in this
Southwest TV ad... a STAND IN for despised Goddamn-Sachs Chairman,
 and 'bailouts' sucking Welfare Queen bankster,  Lloyd Blankfein?? You be the judge!
(above, the original lloyd blankfein: Chairman of Goddamn-Sachs taxpayer extortion,
goverment bribery, bailouts fraud, and U.S. & world economy gutting derivatives insanity.)  
  Under the ruthless boot-heel of our Neo-Con warmongering, Treasury looting, financial swindling Overlords;   and industry wrecking, pensions stealing,  'bailouts' extorting "of, by, and for Goddamn-Sachs" ruthless gov't.  Commissars,  are we Americans developing a sense of humor similar to that developed by Russians  under the boot heel oppression of centuries worth of mass-murdering conquerors,  and during nearly a century of totalitarian rule under  the original Commissars
   Well, while no one  in the public "major media" is allowed to mention WHAT A JOKE the nation's entire "financial regulatory" and "justice"  systems have become under the relentless corruption of  bought, bribed, bullied, extorted, and owned  Republican and Democrat "leaders" alike,  the American public well understands that they are being LOOTED by the FINANCIAL OVERLORD class.  

   Just see this brilliant SouthWest TV ad for yourself - Southwest  crew members and ground crew play as jurors in a  reality TV courtroom, can't contain themselves from SNICKERING at the abject arrogance and corruption of  - is that a  Lloyd Blankfein (larcenous, consumer robbing, insatiably greedy,  multi-millionaire,  taxpayer despising,  economy-gutting, treacherous, deceitful,  bailouts-sucking, Congress bribing  Neo-Con bankster) look alike?!!

  p.s. - Southwest Airlines is well within their rights to   try to poke fun at the larcenous, economy wrecking Goddamn-Sachs led Wall Street banksters....   wasn't it Goddamn-Sachs itself which  tried to CORNER the world's ENTIRE oil market, [Forbes: "Did Goldman Goose Oil?"]  the  $5 per gallon gas prices in the summer of 2008 sucking the last dime out of American consumers' "discretionary spending" pockets, and thereby collapsing consumer demand for non-essential goods and services.... the immediate, proximate cause of the MARKET COLLAPSE of September  2008??
   There can hardly be any doubt: if  DESTROYING America's airline industry  (much less all the downstream tourism and other businesses dependent on air travel) would earn them a dime of profit,  the Robert Rubin, Hank Paulson, and Lloyd Blankfein Goddamn-Sachs'ers would do so in  a New York second. 

[We can't even claim credit for a wild imagination here:  weren't Wall Street traders, including those at Cantor Fitzgerald offices in the New York World Trade Center towers themselves,  taking out put options on  airline stocks  in the weeks leading up to 9-11-2001, based on rumors they were hearing about potential terrorist attacks on American airlines??   - even as the treacherous Bush-Cheney-WOLFOWITZ-LIBBY administration DID NOTHING to make those well known terrorist threats even a little more difficult to pull off???] 
 (23 million hits,  "airline puts 9-11")  

The TAPEWORM Economy: Catherine Austin Fitts explains PARASITE ECONOMICS, how connected bankers STEAL the CAPITAL that belongs to Americans, Shift it overseas, and make it their own "private property"

The Clinton, Obama, Pelosi owning so-called  "Democrat" PARASITE banksters -
Rubin (left) Summers (right) and Greenspan (center) - are actually all RADICAL RIGHT-WING 
Republican allied DEREGULATION financial swindlers, treasury looters, & economy wreckers
note:  In no way do the links, videos, and comments we include in this blog indicate that the authors and persons of those articles or videos we cite  support our conclusions and analysis here at The Jewish  

   However if  no one else will draw the connection between PARASITE finance & economics, and the HIGH PRIESTS of PARASITE finance & economics  (bankers who advocate inflationary money supply; "money creation" that lands in the bank vaults of a very private banking cartel;  unlimited "money creation" powers which give the beneficiaries the unlimited ability to stage generational "pump and dump" hostile takoever attacks on genuinely productive assets and parts of a target economy;  including not only entire companies, entire industries and entire economic sectors;  but especially the relentless, organized, premeditated, hostile takeover and theft of American families' "overfunded pension funds")  -  then we here at The Jewish Wars must. 

"TAPEWORM ECONOMICS" -  ( h/t FreePlanet blog ) 

 "Capitalism" is the financial and economic art of  creating and amassing capital, to finance future projects.    In its most primitive and simple model,  capitalism merely involved the accumulation of food products -  grains, dried or preserved meats, storable fruits, nuts and vegetables, and vessels (such as sheep bladders) for storing water, etc.  (As an aside, merely the storing of sheep or goats milk in containers made from the  bladders of those animals, led to the invention of cheese - a highly desirable, high energy and protein foodstuff with a relatively long shelf life.)
   The storing of food - the most basic and easily understood form of  "capitalism" - had several extremely important benefits:
#1. a  hunter-gatherer tribe or clan could now survive days (or months) of low food availability, where a rival clan might perish after a similar period without having stored food.   Plains Indians cutting and drying buffalo meat for travel to new hunting grounds, or similar indigenous food gathering, processing, and storage for a coming winter,  were simple examples of accumulation of a basic form of capital.   
 (Jared Diamond, in his landmark, Pulitzer prize winnng  book "Guns, Germs, & Steel: The Fates of Human Society"  investigating the rise and development of civilizations across the world, starts with a New Guinea native inquiring of Diamond, on one of his reserch trips to the long isolated island,  the question "Why do you White men have so much cargo?"   -  the question that set Diamond to researching and writing his book.  He found that the accumulation of grains powered the rise of ancient civilizations in the Mediterranean and Ancient Near East ("Mideast"), while in the islands of New Guinea, high humidity and tropical jungle conditions discouraged the accumulation and storage of food stuffs through spoilage - retarding the development of higher culture, specialization, or civilization.)
   The very  similar (prehistoric or stone-age) skill of skinning animals and preserving their hides was the foundation for no less than both the French, and much of early English empires in North America.  The fur trade was probably the dominant economic activity of the French empire in present day Canada, and even if items like fishing, tobacco, indigo, corn, and other products dominated the economies of the early   English colonies in North America, the fur trade was certainly a vital part of the commercial activity which kept early English settlements viable and successful - just follow (literally) the trails of Daniel Boone, or the Hudson Bay Company traders,  to see how the very primitive accumulation of animal skins powered - capitalized - the insatiable expansion of the early Anglo, French, and American empires in North America! 

#2.  The accumulation and storage of food allowed some members of a tribe or clan (extended family) to develop skills in non- food gathering endeavours, leading to perhaps humanity's most treasured attribute,  SPECIALIZATION, the development of skills or knowledge that require years of focus and concentration to achieve.
     The accumulation of foods allowed for some members of a clan or tribe to devote time to the specialized production of tools, boats, more advanced agricultural techniques, animal husbandry, metals fabrication, and other technology improvements 
  The coming of agriculture added an exponential energy to the art of specialization, leading from the stone age to the bronze age, as enough food stuffs could be stored to both make a tribe sedentary (no longer dependent on following scarce game animals in a given territory -  high human,  or grazing herds consumption would quickly deplete local game or grasslands, forcing tribal  moves to fresher hunting grounds or pastures) and sustain armies of craftsmen, non agricultural workers, managers, and a very specialized ruling class.
    The earliest successful agricultural communities created with them the inherent inequality in human civilization: some workers would be forced to toil in the fields and canals their entire lives, while an elite, and their specialized enforcers (warriors) would plan, supervise, and control those canals and grain fields.
    This inherent inequality would also contribute to civilization's distorted view of "justice," where a society's entire legal system would be dedicated to supporting  PROPERTY RIGHTS, even of  lazy, shiftless individuals born to wealth and luxury, while those who actually produced the harvests might get only a very small portion of them.
     In even simpler terms,  look at two young women toiling in the fields: one might catch the fancy of a young prince or nobleman, and be whisked off to marriage and a life of luxury, while the other woman might marry only a labor class husband, and spend the rest of her life in toil (and social low status subjugation).    The western (and almost all Asian) legal codes overwhelming support this gross disparity in social wealth and status, even though we see how fickle it can be: 
WIN THE FAVOR of a HIGH STATUS member of the elite, and you no longer have to toil!

#3.  The combination of agriculture and food storage allowed succesful war party leaders to plan ever larger war parties, and launch  ever more distant armed raids, to control ever larger areas of potential food production, trade routes, and mineral resources.   This is the beginning of empire.
   The development of armies, and the need for ever more precise command and control of every larger armies (and the armies of craftsmen, laborers, farmers, and other skilled and non-skilled workers to supply those ever larger bands of warriors) is now the central element of modern civilization.

  As we see above, inherent in both specialization, and in the rise of civilization, is the potential for gross inequality... the ability of some members of society (especially if they are in an organized cabal  or paramilitary warrior group) to sieze the production of others.
Below, Cathine Austin Fitts, a former Republican Assistant Secretary of Housing & Urban Development in the Reagan administration, explains how an army of bureacurats - lawyers, politicians, regulators, 'news' publishers and editors, and  especially bankers and parasite financial operators - have inserted themselves BETWEEN the productive capacity of  Americans,  and the Capital accumulation ("money") of America.  

  Particularily galling is where Ms. Fitts explains how today's banker class - led by the Rubinite "Democrats" (including Larry Summers, Rahm Emanuel, Gary Gensler, Peter Orszag, Jacob Lew, Jared Bernstein, Mary Schapiro etc., etc., etc., ad naseum)   and Goddamn-Sachs/JP Morgan Republicans including Ben Bernanke, Timmothy Geithner,  Hank Paulson, Lloyd Blankfein, Jamie Dimon, Phil Gramm, Dick Armey,   (etc.)  have mastered the art of using AMERICAN capital, to FINANCE FOREIGN FACTORIES... and in the shift from America based captal expenditures and production,  to foreign based capital "investment,"  the American public has been robbed of over $12+  TRILLION dollars, which  has been "privatized" and is now "owned" by the PARASITE bankers!   
above, "The Committee to SAVE the World"?
More like the all Jewish  "Committee to DEFRAUD the World" !
Rubin & Greenspan's replacements in "TCTSTW" - Rubin career toady Timmy Geithner, left,
 & Ben "FREE MONEY for my banker friends" Bernanke, right

The good news is that the solution to America's economic crisis is simplicity itself!
Merely CLAW BACK the TRILLIONS of dollars that the Obama-Pelosi "Democrats" and Boehner/McConnell/Cantor Republicans have HANDED OUT in "bailouts" to Robert Rubin's friends at Goddamn-Sachs and JP Morgan Chase...

...and use the recovered trillions to REBUILD AMERICAN FACTORIES, products, and job creating infrastructure improvements!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Jewish Neo-Con (warmongers + Treasury Looters + Financial Swindlers) ECONOMIC STRANGULATION of America continues with RECORD High Food Prices. Meanwhile, Jewish economic strangulation of Gaza is even deadlier, while Jewish warmongering plans to unleash a Hitler-style (Guernica, Rotterdam, London, Coventry, etc.) bombing of Civilians in Lebanon proceeds - ALL with complicity and support of America's treacherous Jewish owned press & media...

The Jewish  (Goddamn-Sachs + Fed + JP Morgan-Chase ( = rothschilds + rockefellers, et al.)ECONOMIC STRANGULATION of their pathetic, cowed, bribed, corrupted, mean spirited,  and hapless (United States of) America host continues:  

                             "RECORD FOOD PRICES in America"  -

 - AS  President Obama's treacherous Neo-Con "economy experts" gangsters
(the Robt. Rubin gang: Larry Summers, Jared Bernstein, Mary Schapiro, Jacob Lew, David Axelrod, Mona Sutphen, Ben Bernanke,  recently departed Rahm Emanuel & Peter Orszag,  etc. etc. etc. ad naseum
continue to hand billions upon trillions of  Fed "free money"  [ = "debt" to American taxpayers!]  bailouts, "liquidity injections," "quantitative easings" and other Fed fiat dollars to the GS + JPM banking cabal on Wall Street, which the giant hedge funds use to  BUY UP ALL the PRODUCTIVE ASSETS in America and around  the world, thereby creating commodity price inflation... 
...AS  they tell the clueless and corrupt president (obama)  that there is "NO measurable inflation" justifying their ruling that
 there will be  NO cost of living increase for America's 58 million SOCIAL SECURITY RECIPIENT seniors this year... 

  Meanwhile,  over in the  Jewish eternal war state itselfan even more obvious and deadly form of economic strangulation - the Jewish SIEGE of Gaza - keeps the people of Gaza's on the razor's edge of subsistence and economic starvation,  with the backing of the treacherous "American"-Israel Jewish senators like Chuck Schumer, Dianne Feinstein,  Barbara Boxer, Carl Levin, Joe Lieberman, and indeed almost every "United States" Senator including the bribed, extorted, and cowed  non-Jewish senators!

  While deep within Jewish warmongering headquarters (Netanyahu's warm profiteering, war-mongering, nuclear proliferation,  + terrorists, assassins,  and global bribery & extortion racket)   the Jewish warmongers plot and plan to EMULATE HITLER's BOMBING of GUERNICA, ROTTERDAM, COVENTRY, LONDON, and other civilian populations of  defenseless cities -

  • Wikileaks: Israel plans total war on Lebanon, Gaza will not “accept any restrictions [i.e., international law] on warfare in urban areas”

  • The ferocity with which israeli, "American," and European Jews are mimicking Hitler's racial superiority and genocidal blood-lust  Nazi regime   is stunning to behold...


     - update:  As to the Jewish war lobby's hired but despised American military -  Army, Navy, Marines  (etc.)  de facto mercenaries fighting  the ever expanding  Jewish Wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, and elsewhere in the Middle East?

    Well, we regret to report there is little glory or security, at least for the grunts in infantry and other combat units,  found in fighting The Jewish Wars for America's warmongering Jewish overlords,  if the RECORD SUICIDE RATES for the US Army base at Ft. Hood this past year  are any measure....
     The Army's largest post saw a record-high number of soldiers kill themselves in 2010 despite a mental health effort aimed at reversing the trend.
    The Army says 22 soldiers have either killed themselves or are suspected of doing so last year at its post at Fort Hood in Texas, twice the number from 2009.
    Update 2:  For a textbook  propaganda  example of  how the American press/media INVERT  reality,   portraying Obama's  relentlessly NEO-CON,  radical right-wing JEWISH dominated  presidency as "pursuing policies that amount to an abandonment of Israel," see this self proclaimed "free press"  WorldNetDaily 'news' story -
    "How you can override Obama's Abandonment of Israel 
    Give Congress ammunition it needs to defend Jewish state"

    WASHINGTON – Are you concerned about Barack Obama's pursuit of a new U.S. policy in the Middle East – one that critics argue amounts to the abandonment of the state of Israel?
    WND is making it possible for you to be a part of preserving the America's good relationship with Israel.**  (cont'd)

    ** [if, that is,  "a good relation"  could be the term used to describe 
    a caterpillar  being eaten alive, from the inside out, by  parasitic  wasp grubs!] 

    Wednesday, January 5, 2011

    The Jewish Loan-Sharking cabal: Ben Bernanke, Robert Rubin, Larry Summers, Lloyd Blankfein, Rahm Emanuel, Chuck Schumer, Dianne Feinstein, Joe Lieberman - move to GUT anti-PREDATORY LENDING regulations...

    Ho Hum. 
    Another day in the relentless JEWISH WARMONGER's, TREASURY LOOTERS, and FINANCIAL SWINDLERS  (aka "Neo-Cons")  war on American households and the American economy, this time doing a back-door legalization of  Big Bank's  ILLEGAL and FRAUDULENT FORECLOSURE tactics. 
       America's treacherous Jewish political bullies, financial swindlers, and debt-slavery economy wreckers:  WORKING EVERY DAY to  MAKE AN HONEST MAN of Adolf Hitler's early 1930's "anti-semitic" Nazi propaganda and "Jews are fifth-column traitors" stereotypes... 
    Even so-called "liberal" JEWISH SENATORS  like  BARABARA BOXER and  RUSS FEINGOLD, and Florida Congressman Alan Grayson,  have been QUIET about the Fed + Goldman-Sachs + JP Morgan-Chase (i.e. rothschild's)  financial larceny and Bailouts FRAUD assault on America's economy - which is the major reason why Feingold and Grayson lost their re-election bids in November 2010.

     When even so-called  "liberal" Democrats are ENABLING the radical Right-Wing HATE-MONGERING and SCAPEGOATING  assault on America - blaming unions, the poor, the sick, immigrants,  workers, children,  the elderly in need of  health care, and other vulnerable groups,  for the  DEBT that is actually the result of TITANIC LARCENY of the  Goddamn-Sachs + JP Morgan led Wall Street swindlers and economy wreckers - then those so-called "liberals'  are actually as despicable as the  blatant Right-Wing bullies like Joe Lieberman, Newt Gingrich, and Dick Cheney.
    Fed Moves To Gut Predatory Lending Regulation
    The Federal Reserve is pushing a new mortgage regulation that would effectively eliminate the most powerful federal remedy for predatory lending. 

    The regulation would severely limit a practice called "rescission," used to strike down demonstrably-illegal or fraudulent loan contracts and void a bank's ill-gotten gains from such predatory lending practices. When a mortgage borrower wins a rescission case in court, the bank loses the right to foreclose, and has to give up all profits from interest and fees on the loan. The borrower still has to repay the principal -- the original amount of money extended by the bank -- but can't be kicked out of the house.
    Under the Fed's new proposal, however, borrowers would be required to pay off the balance of the loan before the bank loses its right to foreclose -- that means borrowers could still lose their homes, even in cases where banks have broken the law... (cont'd)
      Americans can thank their JEWISH FINANCIAL 'leaders',  JEWISH political 'leaders,'  and Jewish owned  press-media (meyer-graham washington post, sulzberger new york slimes, zuckerman u.s. news & world report, sam zell owned chicago tribune & la times, time/warner/cnn wonsakler brothers hollywood media empire, etc.) for this despicable era of American history, LEGALIZED banker CRIMINAL CONDUCT, FRAUD, and predatory  evictions.

      (ht mk.  here max explains how "Quantitative Easing" and every other tactic used by ruthless financial swindler ben bernanke and his Fed Reserve very private banking cabal - including the above story, the Fed trying to legalize illegal, fraudulent, and predatory evictions - is designed to pour billions upon trillions of dollars into the vaults and bank accounts of the wealthy, who use their looted billions to bid up the price of commodities and assets.   Thus  robbing the "discretionary spending" dollars out of working class families budgets worldwide, and thus gutting the jobs dependent on that 'discretionary spending.'
      Bernanke, Geithner, Obama, and the Democrats, quite the opposite of the Fed's  and White House press releases, are  actually trying to DESTROY JOBS worldwide, and INCREASE the income inequality divide.  Obama and his Neo-Cons - and Republican neo-cons -  truly are genocidal bankers, treacherous politicians, and  despicable "FIFTH COLUMN" economy wreckers.)

    Tuesday, January 4, 2011

    "IMF and World Bank are Weapons of War" - the Neo-Con tactic of ENSLAVEMENT through debt slavery depends on poor nations being EXTORTED out of their wealth, by armies of Western lawyers, financial loan sharks, and armies of machine-gun toting mercenaries....

    "The IMF and World Bank are WEAPONS of WAR" - the  loan-shark means, using sweet-heart loans with balloning interest payments (often signed by bribed members of a target nation's elite families and leaders) by which the WEALTHY, EXTORT ALL the wealth and productive assets from out under the feet of the people of a country (just as John Perkins wrote of his career as an "Economic Hit Man").
    Hmm... as a REWARD for uber- PNAC (Jewish War Lobby) Neo-Con  Paul Wolfowitz's role as the loot,pillage, and plunder  "ARCHITECT" of the illegal lies-to-war  2003 U.S.  invasion of Iraq (Iraq war), didn't  President George W. Bush nominate Wolfowitz to be President of the World Bank in 2005???

    (18 minutes in interview)
    "The use of DEBT in BRIBING the coalition was nothing new.  Manipulation of the World Bank was documented in the early 1980s in a secret  U.S. Treasury  report.  'The United States,' said the report, 'is capable and willing to pursue important policy objectives in the bank, by exercising the financial and political leverage at our disposal.' 
      In other words, the US is able to impose its will on the World Bank."

    Monday, January 3, 2011

    Who Knew? BIG BROTHER is chronically lying, Treasury looting, economy gutting, Goddamn-Sachs + JP Morgan front-man (Fed Chairman) _Jewish_ Big Finance Swindler Ben Bernanke...

     With all apologies to the creators of this magnificent  video, "a technical labor of love" - we hate to have to post their video on  a site deemed "anti-semitic" by the Neo-Con warmongers, treasury looters, propaganda megaphones,  and financial swindlers who run America.... but we are only pointing out the obvious, that Ben Bernanke IS  a CHRONIC LIAR and big finance SWINDLER, and  just about everything he does or  says  is designed to separate Americans from their money. 
    (Oh... and that he is, you know, a Big Finance Jewish swindler and liar... just pay attention to his words in the video where one moment says  he is "not printing money" but moments later admits that the Fed's actions  are "just like printing money"!)

    Not only does this video catch Bernanke in his
    BIG LIE, but the video also starts with Mayer Amschel Baur (founder of the Rothschild's genocidal bankers' dynasty) infamous quote,

     "let me issue and control a nation's money supply, and I care not who writes the laws."
     In just over one short minute, this video does what legions of America's corporate "Major Media"  'news' whores refuse to do: ACTUALLY EXAMINE the financial comments of the nation's "economy leaders" to see if they bear closer scrutiny... to see if they are LYING as they LOOT the nation's economy, and destroy the wealth
    (actually, rob and seize that wealth) stored in savings, pensions, home values, and other forms of attempted American middle-class wealth retention.
         In this case, catching Jewish financial swindler Ben Bernanke doing his job - LYING to Americans, to FLEECE them of their money, on behalf of his Goddamn-Sach + JP Morgan overlords (who, in turn, were and are the American arm, or front, of the ruthless multi-national London, New York, and israel based Rothschilds hyper-zionist (jewish war lobby)  kleptocratic, genocidal banking cartel) is child's play for those paying attention and who have good command of video editing and cutting skills:  

    - Ben Bernanke as Big Brother: If he is speaking, he is lying,
    to help his GS/JPM masters SWINDLE Americans out of their wealth. - 
      Of course the far greater crime and sin is not that Ben Bernanke is a chronic liar, Big Finance Swindler, and nation (and world) economy gutting financial parasite: the far bigger sin is that every one of his lies has the relentless support and backing of nearly the entire American "major media" and press,  especially the  Sulzberger New York Times,**  the Meyer/Graham Washington Post, the Time/WARNER bros. owned CNN & TIME magazine + Hollywood empire, the Mort Zuckerman U.S. News and World Report, the Sam Zell owned LA Times, Chicago Tribune, and Florida "Sun" newspapers (etc., etc., etc.) .... 

      ...they are all "in" on Bernanke's, the Fed's, Goddamn-Sachs &  JPM's  (rothschild's)  looting and sabotage destruction of the American economy & American middle class...

      ...without their  ELENTLESS WHITEWASH LIES and HATE-MONGERING and  SCAPEGOATING of others (union scale workers and their health and pension benefits;  disabled workers, Social Security recipients, China 'currency manipulation', etc.),
     Bernanke would be exposed as the fraud and liar that he is... in less than 2 minutes flat!

       ** note:  New York Times token "economics expert" columnist Paul Krugman is now a specialist in contorting himself to  whitewash Bernanke's "we print trillions of dollars of 'money' out of thin air, which we give to our Goddamn-Sachs, JP Morgan, and other member/owner banks of the Fed. Reserve very private banking cabal  - and then tell Americans that THEY are 'IN DEBT'!"  lies:  the former "liberal" op-ed writer Krugman has gone over to the 'dark side' ever since his fellow Jewish Ivy Leaguers (Rubinites) took over the Obama White House
       NY Times owner and publisher Arthur Sulzberger hired Krugman in the late 1990s as the Times' sole economics columnist, specifically to whitewash the GS + JPM + Fed's relentless "pump and dump,"  inflate-and-deflate economic larceny...  but for almost an entire decade Krugman "went off the reservation" and  fought the good fight, exposing Bush's TAX CUTS FOR RICH as the ECONOMY KILLING  "loot the peons for GS & JPM" policies that they were. 
        But once the Rubinites moved in to the  Obama White House in January 2009, and especially once Obama  (insanely)  RE-NOMINATED economy killing Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke for ANOTHER economy killing term as Fed Reserve very private banking cabal Chairman in early 2010, Krugman started to contort his NY Times column and "Conscience of a Liberal" economics blog... to WHITEWASH the GS, JPM, + Fed ASSAULT on the American economy.  
      Not only were Krugman and Ben Bernanke both  Jewish economics professors at Princeton University... but it was Bernanke who had recommended Krugman to Sulzberger for the coveted and lucrative NY Times sole economics op-ed writer slot.   
    Thus the migration of Paul Krugman from "liberal with a conscience"  good guy, to  "loot, plunder, rape, pillage and starve the peons" Dark Side   economic hit man and Bernanke-Geithner   'Economics Death Squads'  cover-up artist.  

     Big Brother: 
    • "I am NOT printing money"
    •     "The bailouts  & QUANTITATIVE EASING (and other forms of FREE MONEY for big banksters like "liquidity injections") will RESTORE  the economy"     
    • "we know what we are doing"  (true - they are fleecing American citizens, consumers, taxpayers, and investors just as fast, and for every drop of blood they can squeeze, as they can.)
    •      "this is for your own good" !!