Monday, December 20, 2010

"TOP DOWN _ENGINEERED_ Financial Crash: to LOOT & EXTORT the remaining wealth of citizen/taxpayers in Ireland & Europe...

  In an RT (Russia Today) video interview with Irish musician and financial activist Jim Corr, RT's interview host asks THE QUESTION OF THIS ENTIRE DECADE:
  "IF it is money GOING TO the PEOPLE WHO CAUSED THE CRISIS, then what is going to STOP THEM from CONTINUING to practice their FRAUDULENT [economic & financial EXTORTION] policies?"


  In a previous post, we discussed how the Irish "GREAT FAMINE" of 1845-1852 was only one of  a SERIES of  mass-killing FAMINES that the Irish people endured  while under  centuries of OCCUPATION by the ruthless and brutal British government & British imperial army forces...
...and we merely connected some very simple dots, that the ROTHSCHILD's multi-national, London centered European Jewish banking cartel was far and away England's wealthiest financial family during the era of the Great Irish Famine.
  Therefore, there is almost a certainty that the Rothschilds were PROFITING from the grain  EXTORTED from fertile Irish estates,  at the very height of the worst death & misery  of the "Great Famine,"    a ruthless, genocidal financial overlord rule that would have been quite impossible had the Irish had a free voice in their embattled nation's government.
 (A freely elected government would of course have PROHIBITED  GRAIN EXPORTS FROM Ireland during such a mass-murderous crisis...  much less to pay for the debts and "profits" of murderously ruthless foreign bankers... who were already filthy rich to begin with!!!)   

Irish musician and  financial-activist Jim Corr understands that today's  Ireland and Europe-wide ECONOMIC CRISIS is  the MODERN EQUIVALENT of  London's bankers, merchants, and military elites'  murderous EXTORTION  of grain from Ireland at the height of the Great Famine 1845-1852 (excerpts from video)

Jim Corr:  "What we're actually experiencing here is a TOP DOWN ENGINEERED FINANCIAL CRASH,   An IMPLOSION of the world economy BY DESIGN,   designed so as to affect a CORPORATE TAKEOVER not just our own country, but of many other countries around Europe.    

And now we're having to SUBMIT to DRACONIAN welfare and health care CUTS... that are going to IMPOVERISH  the Irish people more.  There's people in this country who are afraid to turn on the heating because they don't know where the money is going to come from, this is absolutely dreadful.
 The Irish people are being made to pay for the sins... the CONTRIVED SINS of elite international  bankers.
 We've a situation where  $34 billion of TAXPAYER MONEY was pumped in to the bottomless pit known as ANGLO-IRISH BANK.
    IT recently came out who the bondholders were, WE BAILED OUT probably THE RICHEST FAMILY IN THE WORLD,  the ROTSHCHILDS, we bailed out GOLDMAN-SACHS... this is Robin Hood in reverse,
  THIS IS THE POOR and the Middle Class BAILING OUT the SUPER RICH."

RT:  "So you're saying when it comes to blame,  the blame LIES AT THE TOP of the economic food chain, the banks, the government, and the fraudulent [financial] practices. 
  JC:  "Absolutely.... [There is] an EXPANSION or CONTRACTION in the MONEY SUPPLY in the system, the people behind the MONEY ISSUING CENTER BANKS of the world are able to move a great many people between PROSPERITY and POVERTY  and grades thereof.
   RT:  But if you're talking about THE ROTHSCHILDS being financially SAVED here with the big "BAILOUTS,"  IF  it's the MONEY that's GOING TO the PEOPLE WHO CAUSED the Crisis,
   what's to stop them from CONTINUING to PRACTICE their FRAUDULENT policies, IF THEY'RE JUST GOING TO CONTINUE TO GET MONEY   at the end of the day?"

"IF it is MONEY GOING to THE PEOPLE WHO CAUSED THE CRISIS, then WHAT's GOING TO STOP THEM from CONTINUING to practice their FRAUDULENT [economic & financial EXTORTION] policies?"  indeed! 

  Through the ABSOLUTE JEWISH CONTROL - via the SULZBERGER New York Times, the MEYER/Graham WASHINGTON POST, the  CNN/Time/WARNER family media empire,  the Sam Zell owned Chicago Tribune & LA Times & Florida "Sun" papers - of the "major media" that most Americans and Europeans see and hear, there has been a relentless, continual WHITEWASHING of the CRIMES of the FINANCIAL CLASS and the  FED RESERVE BANK... the "Central money issuing bank" of the United States  DOES NOT  ANSWER TO the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT,  it, the "Fed Reserve"  is a PRIVATELY OWNED BANKING CABAL  jointly owned by THE WEALTHIEST FAMILIES in America and the world:   namely, the ROTHSCHILDS, the ROCKEFELLERS, and other hyper-wealthy rich elites. 
 (note:  FOX 'news,' Italy's Berlusconi owned media networks,  Greece's 'news' and media outlets, and other embattled European countries'  "major media" 'news' outlets  may or may not be owned by Jewish owners... but they all take their lead and talking points from the Neo-Con Warmongers, Treasury Looters, and  FINANCIAL DEREGULATION  economy wreckers cabal, of whom the New York Slimes,  Washington "Pravda on the Potomac," and TIME magazine are far and away the most influential public opinion manipulators... in America and in Europe.) 

  Just as America's  "major media" RELENTLESSLY REPORTED on the "SURPLUS" that the Treasury (nominally) "accumulated" during the boom years of the Clinton presidency, only for those same media outlets to to FAIL to report and tabulate the  BAILOUTS"  totals for FAILED, BANKRUPT, and FRAUDULENT bankers  (so to justify America's economic extortion fiscal policy),
     so too do the JEWISH OWNED MEDIA   RELENTLESSLY REPORT on  "THE NEED" for BAILOUTS - without giving American (or European) taxpayers a DIME'S worth of OVERSIGHT for same!    
  THIS IS PARASITIC FINANCE, operating under the cover of  FRAUDULENT, TREASONOUS media "journalism" !!!

    The Jewish owned TIME magazine is QUICK to  demand "CREDIT" for  "ECONOMIC GENIUS" on  GREENSPAN, SUMMERS, and RUBIN when TIME editors think thought they could justify making a case for the trio's alleged "greatness" - but now that  the Fed and Big Banks are EXTORTING the taxpayers of America and Europe out of TRILLIONS of dollars of "bailouts,"    suddenly  "NO ONE" is responsible... except the peons being driven in to unemployment, destitution, and poverty!!! 

      HERE are THE self-proclaimed ARCHITECTS of America's  & Europe's "TOP DOWN ENGINEERED CRASH" - it's the RUBIN, SUMMERS, (Greenspan, now retired), BERNANKE (Greenspan's replacement at the JPM/GS __owned__ Federal Reserve very private banking cabal), HANK PAULSON, TIM GEITHNER, and other ruthless GS, JPM,  Rothschilds & Rockefeller FRONT MEN: 

Jewish COMMISSARS to RUIN the WORLD: Rubin, Greenspan, Summers
Paulson & Bernanke testify before Congress for the DESTRUCTION
they have wrought on the American economyPaulson, LIKE RUBIN,
had been a Goldman-Sachs CHAIRMAN before becoming (Bush II's) TREASURY SECRETARY.
Bernanke was GREENSPAN's REPLACEMENT as 'Fed Reserve' CHAIRMAN.
Rubin, Summers, Greenspan, Bernanke, Jamie Dimon (at JP Morgan-Chase bank), Geithner,
and even PRESIDENTS  Bush, Clinton, Bush II, and Obama are no more than the FRONT MEN,
 or public faces, for the hyper-wealthy ROTHSCHILDS, ROCKEFELLERS, and other hyper-wealthy
 economy killing BAILOUTS RECIPIENTS.    JP Morgan was the Rothschilds FRONT in America for 100+ years;
CHASE bank was the family bank of the ROCKEFELLER dynasty, who merged their interests with the ROTHSCHILDS (JP Morgan-CHASE bank),  just as today WARREN BUFFET is now a sidekick for the GOLDDAMN-SACHS cabal.... like JP Morgan, Khun-Loeb, Shearson, Lehman, and Solomon brothers, Goldman Sachs was and is an American FRONT for the hyper-zionist Rothschilds "banking" and financial extortion cartel. 
      UNTIL  SOMEONE  CALLS THEM OUT,  THE MORE the above Goddamn-Sachs/JPM/Fed wealthy  FRAUDSTERS  DESTROY the US (and world)  ECONOMY,  THE MORE  they will EXTORT from Taxpayers in form of no-oversight "BAILOUTS" !!!!!   
  And it is NO coincidence that OVER HALF of the 'financial experts' one reads about and sees on TV are either FROM JP Morgan or Goddamn-Sachs, or ARE JEWISH:     cleary, with them WRECKING the economies MORE year by year, it is NOT because they are "financial geniuses" - it is because they are PAID  to SABOTAGE national sovereignties, by SABOTAGING national economies and currencies, which allow the Rothschilds, Goddamn-Sachs, and their partners in crime to BUY UP ASSETS for PENNIES on the dollar... using  "MADE UP OUT OF THIN AIR"  Fed Reserve  "FREE MONEY"  fiat dollars!!!!