Friday, December 17, 2010

Overheard at the post office today...

  Just stumbled on a book that was personally signed a dozen years ago, bringing back memories:
    Back in the "good old days" before 9-11-2001.. 
(or, more precisely, before every Jewish senator in the "Democratic Party" - people who had spent their entire political lives appealing to Blacks and  minorities voters for votes, donations, and political support against the entrenched, often blatantly segregationist 'establishment'  Jim Crow politicians - perpetrated their ultimate political treachery,  every single one of them  stabbing minority voters in Florida and across the nation  in the back by  pretending  that George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and their Neo-Con warmongers' cabal (Perle, Feith, Libby, Wolfowitz, Wurmser, Zackheim, et al, ad naseum)   had 'a right' to steal election 2000)  
 ...we personally attended a presentation by Jewish author Bat Ye'or on her book "The DECLINE of Eastern CHRISTIANITY under Islam - From Jihad to Dhimmitude," whose main point, of course, was that those evil Islamic people had  'dimminished' the population of Christians in areas under Islamic control....
     which leads us to today's Holiday Festivities....
We hate to read too much into people's offhand comments and attitudes, but in line at the post office today, a postal "expediter" (such as he was) was going through the line, and told the gal behind us that her package, if mailed today, should arrive in time for Christmas.  Proudly (and a tad smuggly?) she stuck out the address  corner of her large envelope, displaying the bold letters "ISRAEL," and said,  "Oh, it's not important that it arrive by Christmas day."
      To which we replied,  "Well,  you could be mailing it to some Christian friends in Israel"   which she misheard as "....Christmas in Israel."
   She hurridly assured us, with a smile, "that there are 32 holidays in Israel, and Christmas is not one of them." 
   To which we lightly replied, "Well,  you could have some Christian friends in Israel,  to whom you are mailing the package"  upon which a frown crossed her face,   and she assured us, that, No, there were very few Christians in Israel. 

      To which we replied, a tad snarkily we will confess,   that ever since the U.S. invasion of Iraq there are far fewer Christians there (in Iraq) now, than there were before, under Saddam...  and that maybe some of the Wolfowitz-Perle-Feith-Libby-Wurmser  Neo-Con 'war planners' [warmongers & war-profiteers, aka 'war-pigs']  had planned it that way...?"  ?!!!

   It must be said that American Jews, at least those in affluent areas with well established, affluent & influential Jewish communities, are practically wearing their smug superiority on their sleeves - they clearly regard themselves as culturally, ideologically, politically, religiously, and nationally  superior to their 'gentile' neighbors, and clearly the Rubin-Summers-Greenspan-Emanuel-Bernanke-Blankfein-GoddamnSachs (et al)  crew regards the entire U.S. economy,  much less the U.S. Treasury, as their own private fiefdom... if not their own private, personal piggy-bank.  

   Do they really  have no  use for us American peons,  except  as poorly paid hired  mercenaries (U.S. govt. issue soldiers in their ever expanding wars in Muslim lands), or as   indentured 'servants' on their plantations and Rothschilds-esque estates?
Shades of the Hessian mercenaries killed fighting to uphold King George III's rule over the American colonies during the American Revolution!
   Prince William, Elector of Hesse-Goethe,  became Europe's richest prince precisely for hiring out his elite and well trained mercenaries, infamously hijacked the death payment King George paid for every Hessian killed in America, William stiffing the orphans and widows of those death benefits.  It was this great slush fund of war profits that enabled Hamburg merchant and coin dealer Mayer Amschel Baur to win favor with Prince William, the patriarch of the soon-to-be Rothschild's banking dynasty selling Prince William rare gold coins at a discount,  and gaining enough favor thereby to win future business first cashing checks, and then writing bonds (selling loans) to Prince William,  "Europe's most blue-blooded loan shark."    
    Yes, it is true:  the great (not to say infamous) Rothschilds dynasty banking fortune was born of Hessian mercenaries spilling American blood... and spilling their own blood on distant American shores - as the R's European banking cabal fortune took off.  For the next 100+ years, the Rothschilds would invariably support emperors, despots, and dictators, and oppose popular rule and popular democracy (much less economic improvements that actually helped the bottom half of society). 
 Some things never change!