Saturday, December 25, 2010

Greg Palast a PRISONER of the ROTHSCHILDS-owned "British" Petroleum oil Oligopoly, now being held in the Azerbaijan franchise of the LEIBERMAN-WOLFOWITZ-EMMANUEL Gestapo/kgb Terror & Torture Gulag..

 "Debt Vultures Shot for Chanukah" -  wtf ???

Intrepid investigative journalist Gregg Palast  projects his JEWISH SUPERIORITY on his readers (and the world public) - not even realizing that he is a prisoner of the JEWISH run ROTHSCHILDS  banking cabal! 
  The Rothschilds'  Jewish multi-national London + Europe + israel + New York based banking cartel OWNS  British Petroleum, BP,  (of the infamous Gulf oil blowout that polluted hundreds of miles of American shores and most of the Gulf of Mexico in 2010), if Mr. Palast has been arrested and is now held prisoner by government and military officials answering (as Mr. Palast claims) to the BP oil co.  __bribing__ of their country's 'leaders' in Azerbaijan,   then Mr. Palast is actually being held by the proxies, or vassals, of his fellow JEWISH   'British' citizens, the Rothschilds genocidal bankers &  financial extortion debt lords. 

We're been huge fans of the intrepid and courageous Greg Palast for years, he's one of the few genuinely "investigative" reporters out there in the Anglo-American journalism world. 

  We've personally met Mr. Palast at a rally for "liberals" and progressive voters that featured  liberal  talk show radio host 'Randi Rhodes,'  back in the days when it looked like the "Democrats" might just wrest  the White House away  from those evil Rethuglican warmongers....
  ...but before the dread realization that almost all the "Democrat" presidential candidates were merely  flip-side of the same Goddamn-Sachs, JP Morgan, Fed, (rothschilds)   Jewish (israel) War Lobby warmongers, treasury looters,  big financial swindlers and debt lords (aka "Neo-Cons") coin had set in -
 - you know,   merely swap Republican  Treasury Looting  former GODDAMN-SACHS Chairman / financial swindler  Hank Paulson and  Jewish Republican "U.S. Defense Department" warmonger Paul Wolfowitz out of the Bush-Cheney Republican administration's Treasury and War Departments,   and simply insert  ROBERT RUBIN (or any of his larry summers, timmy giethner, gary gensler, elena kagan, peter orszag, jacob lew, et al, ad nauseum, ad infinitum proteges/minions/toadies)   along with "israel first" warmonger (and son of Irgun terrorist) RAHM EMANUEL (or any of the other Clintonite or Idiot Obama JEWISH "National inSecurity 'experts'") in Paulson & Wolfo's place....  to get the IDENTICAL  TREASURY LOOTING, ECONOMY GUTTING, WARMONGERING,  gestapo torture gulag, assault-on-America's  economy and civil & constitutional rights  results!

  THIS ain't ROCKET SCIENCE, people!
 Which brings us back to Mr. Palast:  we're huge fans of his reporting on the depradations of the Bush-Cheney administration -  if we haven't actually made any donations to Mr. Palast's journalism fund, we've certainly purchased several of his books - but Mr. Palast, like all the other "reporters" in America - could  never quite MAKE THE CONNECTION  that the Bush-Cheney-McCain-Palin (et al)  TREASURY LOOTING, ECONOMY GUTTING, WARMONGERING,  gestapo torture and unlimited surveillance POLICE STATE dictatorship policies...
  ...were BEING DRIVEN by the JEWISH WAR LOBBY !!  

 Even with Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Jebby Bush's name on that very Jewish (Billy Kristol, Bob Kagan, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, Dougy Feith...)  run "Project for a New 'American' Century"  VERY JEWISH warmongers' cabal, and even with that video of the wealthy, bloodthirsty Jewish warmongers clapping, cheering, and applauding then Vice President Dick Cheney's  "VE MUST BOMB IRAN, NOW!" speech at the AIPAC (Jewish War Lobby,  aka the "Israel-american Political Action Committee") annual conference in Washington DC in March of 2007.

 But linking to a story on Palast's website  that Mr. Palast had been ARRESTED for reporting on BP oil pollution environmental hazards in Azerbijan, we clicked through his most recent posts to discover  this  rather unsettling headline: 
"Debt Vultures Shot for Chanukah -
Liberia is saved but predators are still at large." 
   We couldn't help but feel rather assaulted by Mr. Palast's  "FOR HANNUKAH" tag this cheerful holiday season (much less the rather violent imagery of  "Debt Vultures shot") - anyone who knows anything about the history  of the Jewish "Chanukah" celebration knows that "Chanukah" is NOT a celebration of peace, joy, and the winter's end-of-year solstice,  but is strictly a JEWISH celebration marking a JEWISH war victory against the  Hellenic generals who ruled the Mideast from Egypt to Afghanistan in the decades after Alexander the Great died, but left much of his Greek-Macedonian empire intact for the next hundred years. 
 Now we fully applaud Mr. Palast for his reporting on the  NEW YORK BASED "giant hedge fund operation"  that purchased a "debt note" (unpaid loan of $6 million) from Liberia, and used U.S., New York, and international courts (legal bullies) to  try to extort $43 million  out of the impoverished and war-torn country.
  But why the hell does Mr. Palast have to inflict  his Jewish religion on us with his "for Chanukah" headline? 
 "Hanukah" is, after all, a  Jewish celebration of a MILITARY VICTORY over yet another of the Jewish people's many, many, many historical enemies,  and anyways,  using a metaphor of "DEBT VULTURES SHOT"  for getting a financial fund to give up their extortionate legal claims against Liberia was engaging in some very violent and militaristic  hyperbole...

...and besides, Palast ought to know that just about every financial swindling operation coming out of New York and New Jersey has some Jewish operators in it,   going all the way to the top of BEN BERNANKE run U.S.  "Fed Reserve" banking extortion cartel, and  Robert Rubin's minions (Timmy Geithner and Larry Summers) running   President "Idiot Obama's" Treasury Department, which is to say, continued economic larceny &  continued financial  destruction  and extortion policies.

  Well, Mr. Palast should know, "THE FIRST RULE OF WAR is to KNOW YOUR ENEMY."
  While Mr. Palast certainly has a right to be proud of his faith.... he really ought to know: 
 BP is the SHELL COMPANY or holding company, or oil operations franchise,
 of the ruthless, warmongering, treasury looting, slavery supporting, coup financing,
dictatorial, elitist, genocidal, London, Israel  (and NY) based  ROTHSCHILDS banking cartel.

   So while Mr. Palast portrays his reporting in Azerbaijan as being interrupted by a BRITISH colonel  and Azerbaijan officials... THEIR  PUPPET-MASTERS are Mr. Palast's CO-RELIGIONIST,  the London, New York, and israel based   financial predators of the Rothschilds banking cartel.

     We hope Mr. Palast can appeal to his fellow "British" co-religionists,  win his freedom, and get back to his investigative reporting.... but if  his first allegiance is to whitewash the crimes perpetrated by those of his own faith,  if he is actually helping to  COVER UP the PUPPET MASTERS behind the DESTRUCTION of the American economy,  and the architects of American treason (9-11 terrorists allowed to roam freely in America with no hindrance from US govt.)  and relentless, ever expanding 'United States'  wars in Muslim lands (and, in case of  Israel and  'American'  JEWISH SUPPORT for SAAKASHVILLI's ATTACK on RUSSIAN troops in South Ossettia, the Jews are actually even financing and instigating CHRISTIAN vs CHRISTIAN wars in the former Soviet Union!)  -
 - then Mr. Palast is merely getting a taste of that which the  treasonous Wolfowitz-Lieberman-Rubin-Feinstein-Rothschild-Netanyahu  (et al) cabal is dishing out to millions of innocent war & economic victims - including those in England, Ireland, and the United States.  
 Palast Arrested
by Greg Palast
"For the safety of the people with whom we operate, we are taking this post 'private.' And by the way, Palast and those with him are safe and away. Happy holidays - The Palast Investigative Team."
Greg Palast is an investigative journalist and the author of the New York Times bestsellers Armed Madhouse and The Best Democracy Money Can Buy. His reports can be seen on BBC Newsnight.