Sunday, December 26, 2010

Jewish War Lobby, their WashPost press/media propaganda arm, and Financial Swindlers drop the axe on U.S. government workers: "NO Goddamn-Sachs BONUSES for you, chumps!"

Ho Hum.

 The Washington Post, one of the 2 most important (along with the Sulzberger owned New York Slimes) Jewish media propaganda organizations in America
 (cnn/TIME/WARNER bros., Newsweek, the LA Times, Chicago Tribune, and other Jewish owned media outlets are not nearly as influential in shaping American daily public opinion and 'news' reporting  on issues that forms 'conventional wisdom"  as the Times & Post are)
 performs its "EXECUTIONER of hapless peons" function yet again, this time dropping the executioner's axe on U.S. government workers. 

Public servants feel sting of budget rancor
 [translation:  Washington Post & DC "establishment" TAR "Public SERVANTS" with the BLAME for the" GODDAMN-SACHS, jpm, & Fed  LOOTING & sabotage "bailouts extortion" destruction of the American Economy]
By Karen Tumulty and Ed O'Keefe, Washington Post Staff Writers
Tuesday, December 21, 2010
More and more, when politicians talk about government employees - whether they are federal, state or local - it is with the kind of umbrage ordinarily aimed at Wall Street financiers and convenience store bandits.
"We can no longer live in a society where the public employees are the haves and the taxpayers who foot the bill are the have-nots," Wisconsin's incoming Republican Gov. Scott Walker declared this month, as he raised the idea of stripping state workers there of collective bargaining rights... (cont'd)
 GOT THAT?!  In it's normal "passive, oh-so-objective, experts on all things government and politics" tone of voice, the Washington Post  whores "THOSE UNIONIZED govt WORKERS are LIVING OFF THE FAT OF THE LAND" radical right-wing Republican talking points.... 
with the  RUBIN/Goddamn-Sachs  enslaved "Democrat" Party falling in line with the "better to SLASH union benefits, pay, and collective bargaining  rights for government workers, than PROSECUTE LARRY SUMMERS, RAHM EMANUEL, ROBERT RUBIN, BEN BERNANKE, and Wall Street for TITANIC BAILOUTS FRAUD!"   Republican talking points. 
   And, we can't help but saying: "SERVES those peon government workers right!"
  THEY've been silent partners, if not actively complicit, to TWO DECADES of FRAUD in U.S financial markets, stolen elections, inquisition-esque prosecutions (America's SEGREGATED 'justice' system in the 'War on Drugs'),  lies-to-war, global depedations (mass-murderous, women-killing, US & Wall Street supported dictator coup in Honduras, anyone?) and, well, just plain warmongering,   for, well, nearly 20 years now. 

  IF   American government workers' unions can't find the "solid brass kahones" (as Bill Murray says in the Christmas movie "Scrooged") to STAND UP to the evil, unholy  Rubinite/emanuel/summers/schumer/feinstein/GoddamnSachs/jpm/Fed (rothschilds)  (et al, ad naseum, ad infinitum) sellouts and HIJACKING of the "Democrat" party and American government...   THEY DESERVE to get some of the same infamous,  concentration-camp "DEATH to ANYONE we declare a terrarist!"  treatment that Rubin, Summers and their toadies have dished out to millions of innocent economic (much less war) victims around the world. 

  PS:  Couldn't  help but notice: There go those Jewish editors at the Post, using their demeaning  OLD WORLD terms like "SERVANTS" (and "Czars") to describe, in this case, AMERICAN GOVERNMENT WORKERS... AMERICAN CITIZENS as no more than "servants" !! 
 Another  decade or so  of the Post's relentlessly JEWISH NEO-CON contempt for American citizens, and maybe the United States will be just another Rothschild plantation. 
The Jewish dominated Washington Post is truly THE MOST DESPICABLE,  THE MOST TREASONOUS  institution in America (more insidiously treacherous and treasonous than even the Sulzberger NY Times).. here slyly making the case that AMERICAN CITIZENS are NO MORE THAN SERVANTS.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Greg Palast a PRISONER of the ROTHSCHILDS-owned "British" Petroleum oil Oligopoly, now being held in the Azerbaijan franchise of the LEIBERMAN-WOLFOWITZ-EMMANUEL Gestapo/kgb Terror & Torture Gulag..

 "Debt Vultures Shot for Chanukah" -  wtf ???

Intrepid investigative journalist Gregg Palast  projects his JEWISH SUPERIORITY on his readers (and the world public) - not even realizing that he is a prisoner of the JEWISH run ROTHSCHILDS  banking cabal! 
  The Rothschilds'  Jewish multi-national London + Europe + israel + New York based banking cartel OWNS  British Petroleum, BP,  (of the infamous Gulf oil blowout that polluted hundreds of miles of American shores and most of the Gulf of Mexico in 2010), if Mr. Palast has been arrested and is now held prisoner by government and military officials answering (as Mr. Palast claims) to the BP oil co.  __bribing__ of their country's 'leaders' in Azerbaijan,   then Mr. Palast is actually being held by the proxies, or vassals, of his fellow JEWISH   'British' citizens, the Rothschilds genocidal bankers &  financial extortion debt lords. 

We're been huge fans of the intrepid and courageous Greg Palast for years, he's one of the few genuinely "investigative" reporters out there in the Anglo-American journalism world. 

  We've personally met Mr. Palast at a rally for "liberals" and progressive voters that featured  liberal  talk show radio host 'Randi Rhodes,'  back in the days when it looked like the "Democrats" might just wrest  the White House away  from those evil Rethuglican warmongers....
  ...but before the dread realization that almost all the "Democrat" presidential candidates were merely  flip-side of the same Goddamn-Sachs, JP Morgan, Fed, (rothschilds)   Jewish (israel) War Lobby warmongers, treasury looters,  big financial swindlers and debt lords (aka "Neo-Cons") coin had set in -
 - you know,   merely swap Republican  Treasury Looting  former GODDAMN-SACHS Chairman / financial swindler  Hank Paulson and  Jewish Republican "U.S. Defense Department" warmonger Paul Wolfowitz out of the Bush-Cheney Republican administration's Treasury and War Departments,   and simply insert  ROBERT RUBIN (or any of his larry summers, timmy giethner, gary gensler, elena kagan, peter orszag, jacob lew, et al, ad nauseum, ad infinitum proteges/minions/toadies)   along with "israel first" warmonger (and son of Irgun terrorist) RAHM EMANUEL (or any of the other Clintonite or Idiot Obama JEWISH "National inSecurity 'experts'") in Paulson & Wolfo's place....  to get the IDENTICAL  TREASURY LOOTING, ECONOMY GUTTING, WARMONGERING,  gestapo torture gulag, assault-on-America's  economy and civil & constitutional rights  results!

  THIS ain't ROCKET SCIENCE, people!
 Which brings us back to Mr. Palast:  we're huge fans of his reporting on the depradations of the Bush-Cheney administration -  if we haven't actually made any donations to Mr. Palast's journalism fund, we've certainly purchased several of his books - but Mr. Palast, like all the other "reporters" in America - could  never quite MAKE THE CONNECTION  that the Bush-Cheney-McCain-Palin (et al)  TREASURY LOOTING, ECONOMY GUTTING, WARMONGERING,  gestapo torture and unlimited surveillance POLICE STATE dictatorship policies...
  ...were BEING DRIVEN by the JEWISH WAR LOBBY !!  

 Even with Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Jebby Bush's name on that very Jewish (Billy Kristol, Bob Kagan, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, Dougy Feith...)  run "Project for a New 'American' Century"  VERY JEWISH warmongers' cabal, and even with that video of the wealthy, bloodthirsty Jewish warmongers clapping, cheering, and applauding then Vice President Dick Cheney's  "VE MUST BOMB IRAN, NOW!" speech at the AIPAC (Jewish War Lobby,  aka the "Israel-american Political Action Committee") annual conference in Washington DC in March of 2007.

 But linking to a story on Palast's website  that Mr. Palast had been ARRESTED for reporting on BP oil pollution environmental hazards in Azerbijan, we clicked through his most recent posts to discover  this  rather unsettling headline: 
"Debt Vultures Shot for Chanukah -
Liberia is saved but predators are still at large." 
   We couldn't help but feel rather assaulted by Mr. Palast's  "FOR HANNUKAH" tag this cheerful holiday season (much less the rather violent imagery of  "Debt Vultures shot") - anyone who knows anything about the history  of the Jewish "Chanukah" celebration knows that "Chanukah" is NOT a celebration of peace, joy, and the winter's end-of-year solstice,  but is strictly a JEWISH celebration marking a JEWISH war victory against the  Hellenic generals who ruled the Mideast from Egypt to Afghanistan in the decades after Alexander the Great died, but left much of his Greek-Macedonian empire intact for the next hundred years. 
 Now we fully applaud Mr. Palast for his reporting on the  NEW YORK BASED "giant hedge fund operation"  that purchased a "debt note" (unpaid loan of $6 million) from Liberia, and used U.S., New York, and international courts (legal bullies) to  try to extort $43 million  out of the impoverished and war-torn country.
  But why the hell does Mr. Palast have to inflict  his Jewish religion on us with his "for Chanukah" headline? 
 "Hanukah" is, after all, a  Jewish celebration of a MILITARY VICTORY over yet another of the Jewish people's many, many, many historical enemies,  and anyways,  using a metaphor of "DEBT VULTURES SHOT"  for getting a financial fund to give up their extortionate legal claims against Liberia was engaging in some very violent and militaristic  hyperbole...

...and besides, Palast ought to know that just about every financial swindling operation coming out of New York and New Jersey has some Jewish operators in it,   going all the way to the top of BEN BERNANKE run U.S.  "Fed Reserve" banking extortion cartel, and  Robert Rubin's minions (Timmy Geithner and Larry Summers) running   President "Idiot Obama's" Treasury Department, which is to say, continued economic larceny &  continued financial  destruction  and extortion policies.

  Well, Mr. Palast should know, "THE FIRST RULE OF WAR is to KNOW YOUR ENEMY."
  While Mr. Palast certainly has a right to be proud of his faith.... he really ought to know: 
 BP is the SHELL COMPANY or holding company, or oil operations franchise,
 of the ruthless, warmongering, treasury looting, slavery supporting, coup financing,
dictatorial, elitist, genocidal, London, Israel  (and NY) based  ROTHSCHILDS banking cartel.

   So while Mr. Palast portrays his reporting in Azerbaijan as being interrupted by a BRITISH colonel  and Azerbaijan officials... THEIR  PUPPET-MASTERS are Mr. Palast's CO-RELIGIONIST,  the London, New York, and israel based   financial predators of the Rothschilds banking cartel.

     We hope Mr. Palast can appeal to his fellow "British" co-religionists,  win his freedom, and get back to his investigative reporting.... but if  his first allegiance is to whitewash the crimes perpetrated by those of his own faith,  if he is actually helping to  COVER UP the PUPPET MASTERS behind the DESTRUCTION of the American economy,  and the architects of American treason (9-11 terrorists allowed to roam freely in America with no hindrance from US govt.)  and relentless, ever expanding 'United States'  wars in Muslim lands (and, in case of  Israel and  'American'  JEWISH SUPPORT for SAAKASHVILLI's ATTACK on RUSSIAN troops in South Ossettia, the Jews are actually even financing and instigating CHRISTIAN vs CHRISTIAN wars in the former Soviet Union!)  -
 - then Mr. Palast is merely getting a taste of that which the  treasonous Wolfowitz-Lieberman-Rubin-Feinstein-Rothschild-Netanyahu  (et al) cabal is dishing out to millions of innocent war & economic victims - including those in England, Ireland, and the United States.  
 Palast Arrested
by Greg Palast
"For the safety of the people with whom we operate, we are taking this post 'private.' And by the way, Palast and those with him are safe and away. Happy holidays - The Palast Investigative Team."
Greg Palast is an investigative journalist and the author of the New York Times bestsellers Armed Madhouse and The Best Democracy Money Can Buy. His reports can be seen on BBC Newsnight.

Friday, December 24, 2010

JP Morgan OWNS the Food Stamp MONOPOLY in America: They are the lead PROFITEERS of the New, SLAVE PLANTATION USA....

Terrific video & dialogue by Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert:  JP Morgan owns the Food Stamp  business in America (both issuing & redemption)
 Max contends that while Americans believe that food stamps are issued and controlled by the Federal government (presumably with a very low profit margin), they are actually nearly a "100% profit margin" scam for the  JP Morgan-Chase bank debt lords! 

  The only dots Max fails to connect, is that JP Morgan is actually the FRONT COMPANY in America FOR the ROTHSCHILD London/Europe/israel based ruthless JEWISH BANKING cartel.
 (JP Morgan and GOLDMAN SACHS are the two biggest co-owner banks of the "United States Federal Reserve" - to repeat,
 "the Fed" is NOT a part of the U.S. government, it is a privately owned banking cabal.)

 In banks like Goddamn-Sachs  (+ Kuhn-Loeb, Salomon Bros.,  Bear-Stearns, Lehman Bros., etc.)  the Rothschilds israel + Europe + 'American'  ultra-zionist (jewish war state)  banking cartel dispenses with the pretense to even  need a WASP (White Anglo-Saxon Protestant) name fronting for their American operations, although  for the real dirty work - administering the "slave scrip" that is food stamps; artificially depressing the world silver price with billions of dollars of naked shorts, and operating the Fed's  Congress-bribing, taxpayer EXTORTION 'bailouts' scheme (etc.),  the Jewish banking cabal prefers to use the JP Morgan WASP name as their active front company.

Early in the video Max does point out that the JP Morgan issued Food Stamps are basically another form of currency:  an alternative currency (to the U.S. dollar) that spends just like 'money'  (dollars) for the purchase of food that ONE out of FOUR American CHILDREN.... and nearly ONE out of EIGHT American adults are now DEPENDENT on!
   As Max explains,  JP Morgan (along with Goddamn-Sachs and other large banks) are really the de facto issuers of REAL "money" in America:  "over 90% of the  'money'  in existence was not printed up by the federal government as currency in your pocket, but issued as loans by the big banks." 
(Who of course collect interest on every "American"  dollar that they "create"!)

  But the notion that JP Morgan is PROFITING MASSIVELY from the poverty and food stamps of America's needy seniors, children, and unemployed & disabled adults, is only the tip of the iceberg in this  astoundingly perceptive - and chilling - video dialogue, for as Max explains,  this video captures the ugly, cruel reality:
      - that, thanks to the evil,  "fifth column" Jewish bankers like Robert Rubin, Larry Summers, Ben Bernanke, Alan Greenspan,  Lloyd Blankfein, and their hired "American" toadies (like Jamie Dimon, Hank Paulson,  Timmy Geithner, and Mark Patterson, not to mention bribed-and-bought politicians like Senator Chris Dodd, Speaker Nancy Pelosi,  and the current and 3 most recent presidents)  America is NOW, ONCE AGAIN, A  debt slavery SLAVE PLATATION gulag nation, just as it was before the American civil war!

Monday, December 20, 2010

"TOP DOWN _ENGINEERED_ Financial Crash: to LOOT & EXTORT the remaining wealth of citizen/taxpayers in Ireland & Europe...

  In an RT (Russia Today) video interview with Irish musician and financial activist Jim Corr, RT's interview host asks THE QUESTION OF THIS ENTIRE DECADE:
  "IF it is money GOING TO the PEOPLE WHO CAUSED THE CRISIS, then what is going to STOP THEM from CONTINUING to practice their FRAUDULENT [economic & financial EXTORTION] policies?"


  In a previous post, we discussed how the Irish "GREAT FAMINE" of 1845-1852 was only one of  a SERIES of  mass-killing FAMINES that the Irish people endured  while under  centuries of OCCUPATION by the ruthless and brutal British government & British imperial army forces...
...and we merely connected some very simple dots, that the ROTHSCHILD's multi-national, London centered European Jewish banking cartel was far and away England's wealthiest financial family during the era of the Great Irish Famine.
  Therefore, there is almost a certainty that the Rothschilds were PROFITING from the grain  EXTORTED from fertile Irish estates,  at the very height of the worst death & misery  of the "Great Famine,"    a ruthless, genocidal financial overlord rule that would have been quite impossible had the Irish had a free voice in their embattled nation's government.
 (A freely elected government would of course have PROHIBITED  GRAIN EXPORTS FROM Ireland during such a mass-murderous crisis...  much less to pay for the debts and "profits" of murderously ruthless foreign bankers... who were already filthy rich to begin with!!!)   

Irish musician and  financial-activist Jim Corr understands that today's  Ireland and Europe-wide ECONOMIC CRISIS is  the MODERN EQUIVALENT of  London's bankers, merchants, and military elites'  murderous EXTORTION  of grain from Ireland at the height of the Great Famine 1845-1852 (excerpts from video)

Jim Corr:  "What we're actually experiencing here is a TOP DOWN ENGINEERED FINANCIAL CRASH,   An IMPLOSION of the world economy BY DESIGN,   designed so as to affect a CORPORATE TAKEOVER not just our own country, but of many other countries around Europe.    

And now we're having to SUBMIT to DRACONIAN welfare and health care CUTS... that are going to IMPOVERISH  the Irish people more.  There's people in this country who are afraid to turn on the heating because they don't know where the money is going to come from, this is absolutely dreadful.
 The Irish people are being made to pay for the sins... the CONTRIVED SINS of elite international  bankers.
 We've a situation where  $34 billion of TAXPAYER MONEY was pumped in to the bottomless pit known as ANGLO-IRISH BANK.
    IT recently came out who the bondholders were, WE BAILED OUT probably THE RICHEST FAMILY IN THE WORLD,  the ROTSHCHILDS, we bailed out GOLDMAN-SACHS... this is Robin Hood in reverse,
  THIS IS THE POOR and the Middle Class BAILING OUT the SUPER RICH."

RT:  "So you're saying when it comes to blame,  the blame LIES AT THE TOP of the economic food chain, the banks, the government, and the fraudulent [financial] practices. 
  JC:  "Absolutely.... [There is] an EXPANSION or CONTRACTION in the MONEY SUPPLY in the system, the people behind the MONEY ISSUING CENTER BANKS of the world are able to move a great many people between PROSPERITY and POVERTY  and grades thereof.
   RT:  But if you're talking about THE ROTHSCHILDS being financially SAVED here with the big "BAILOUTS,"  IF  it's the MONEY that's GOING TO the PEOPLE WHO CAUSED the Crisis,
   what's to stop them from CONTINUING to PRACTICE their FRAUDULENT policies, IF THEY'RE JUST GOING TO CONTINUE TO GET MONEY   at the end of the day?"

"IF it is MONEY GOING to THE PEOPLE WHO CAUSED THE CRISIS, then WHAT's GOING TO STOP THEM from CONTINUING to practice their FRAUDULENT [economic & financial EXTORTION] policies?"  indeed! 

  Through the ABSOLUTE JEWISH CONTROL - via the SULZBERGER New York Times, the MEYER/Graham WASHINGTON POST, the  CNN/Time/WARNER family media empire,  the Sam Zell owned Chicago Tribune & LA Times & Florida "Sun" papers - of the "major media" that most Americans and Europeans see and hear, there has been a relentless, continual WHITEWASHING of the CRIMES of the FINANCIAL CLASS and the  FED RESERVE BANK... the "Central money issuing bank" of the United States  DOES NOT  ANSWER TO the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT,  it, the "Fed Reserve"  is a PRIVATELY OWNED BANKING CABAL  jointly owned by THE WEALTHIEST FAMILIES in America and the world:   namely, the ROTHSCHILDS, the ROCKEFELLERS, and other hyper-wealthy rich elites. 
 (note:  FOX 'news,' Italy's Berlusconi owned media networks,  Greece's 'news' and media outlets, and other embattled European countries'  "major media" 'news' outlets  may or may not be owned by Jewish owners... but they all take their lead and talking points from the Neo-Con Warmongers, Treasury Looters, and  FINANCIAL DEREGULATION  economy wreckers cabal, of whom the New York Slimes,  Washington "Pravda on the Potomac," and TIME magazine are far and away the most influential public opinion manipulators... in America and in Europe.) 

  Just as America's  "major media" RELENTLESSLY REPORTED on the "SURPLUS" that the Treasury (nominally) "accumulated" during the boom years of the Clinton presidency, only for those same media outlets to to FAIL to report and tabulate the  BAILOUTS"  totals for FAILED, BANKRUPT, and FRAUDULENT bankers  (so to justify America's economic extortion fiscal policy),
     so too do the JEWISH OWNED MEDIA   RELENTLESSLY REPORT on  "THE NEED" for BAILOUTS - without giving American (or European) taxpayers a DIME'S worth of OVERSIGHT for same!    
  THIS IS PARASITIC FINANCE, operating under the cover of  FRAUDULENT, TREASONOUS media "journalism" !!!

    The Jewish owned TIME magazine is QUICK to  demand "CREDIT" for  "ECONOMIC GENIUS" on  GREENSPAN, SUMMERS, and RUBIN when TIME editors think thought they could justify making a case for the trio's alleged "greatness" - but now that  the Fed and Big Banks are EXTORTING the taxpayers of America and Europe out of TRILLIONS of dollars of "bailouts,"    suddenly  "NO ONE" is responsible... except the peons being driven in to unemployment, destitution, and poverty!!! 

      HERE are THE self-proclaimed ARCHITECTS of America's  & Europe's "TOP DOWN ENGINEERED CRASH" - it's the RUBIN, SUMMERS, (Greenspan, now retired), BERNANKE (Greenspan's replacement at the JPM/GS __owned__ Federal Reserve very private banking cabal), HANK PAULSON, TIM GEITHNER, and other ruthless GS, JPM,  Rothschilds & Rockefeller FRONT MEN: 

Jewish COMMISSARS to RUIN the WORLD: Rubin, Greenspan, Summers
Paulson & Bernanke testify before Congress for the DESTRUCTION
they have wrought on the American economyPaulson, LIKE RUBIN,
had been a Goldman-Sachs CHAIRMAN before becoming (Bush II's) TREASURY SECRETARY.
Bernanke was GREENSPAN's REPLACEMENT as 'Fed Reserve' CHAIRMAN.
Rubin, Summers, Greenspan, Bernanke, Jamie Dimon (at JP Morgan-Chase bank), Geithner,
and even PRESIDENTS  Bush, Clinton, Bush II, and Obama are no more than the FRONT MEN,
 or public faces, for the hyper-wealthy ROTHSCHILDS, ROCKEFELLERS, and other hyper-wealthy
 economy killing BAILOUTS RECIPIENTS.    JP Morgan was the Rothschilds FRONT in America for 100+ years;
CHASE bank was the family bank of the ROCKEFELLER dynasty, who merged their interests with the ROTHSCHILDS (JP Morgan-CHASE bank),  just as today WARREN BUFFET is now a sidekick for the GOLDDAMN-SACHS cabal.... like JP Morgan, Khun-Loeb, Shearson, Lehman, and Solomon brothers, Goldman Sachs was and is an American FRONT for the hyper-zionist Rothschilds "banking" and financial extortion cartel. 
      UNTIL  SOMEONE  CALLS THEM OUT,  THE MORE the above Goddamn-Sachs/JPM/Fed wealthy  FRAUDSTERS  DESTROY the US (and world)  ECONOMY,  THE MORE  they will EXTORT from Taxpayers in form of no-oversight "BAILOUTS" !!!!!   
  And it is NO coincidence that OVER HALF of the 'financial experts' one reads about and sees on TV are either FROM JP Morgan or Goddamn-Sachs, or ARE JEWISH:     cleary, with them WRECKING the economies MORE year by year, it is NOT because they are "financial geniuses" - it is because they are PAID  to SABOTAGE national sovereignties, by SABOTAGING national economies and currencies, which allow the Rothschilds, Goddamn-Sachs, and their partners in crime to BUY UP ASSETS for PENNIES on the dollar... using  "MADE UP OUT OF THIN AIR"  Fed Reserve  "FREE MONEY"  fiat dollars!!!!  

Friday, December 17, 2010

Overheard at the post office today...

  Just stumbled on a book that was personally signed a dozen years ago, bringing back memories:
    Back in the "good old days" before 9-11-2001.. 
(or, more precisely, before every Jewish senator in the "Democratic Party" - people who had spent their entire political lives appealing to Blacks and  minorities voters for votes, donations, and political support against the entrenched, often blatantly segregationist 'establishment'  Jim Crow politicians - perpetrated their ultimate political treachery,  every single one of them  stabbing minority voters in Florida and across the nation  in the back by  pretending  that George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and their Neo-Con warmongers' cabal (Perle, Feith, Libby, Wolfowitz, Wurmser, Zackheim, et al, ad naseum)   had 'a right' to steal election 2000)  
 ...we personally attended a presentation by Jewish author Bat Ye'or on her book "The DECLINE of Eastern CHRISTIANITY under Islam - From Jihad to Dhimmitude," whose main point, of course, was that those evil Islamic people had  'dimminished' the population of Christians in areas under Islamic control....
     which leads us to today's Holiday Festivities....
We hate to read too much into people's offhand comments and attitudes, but in line at the post office today, a postal "expediter" (such as he was) was going through the line, and told the gal behind us that her package, if mailed today, should arrive in time for Christmas.  Proudly (and a tad smuggly?) she stuck out the address  corner of her large envelope, displaying the bold letters "ISRAEL," and said,  "Oh, it's not important that it arrive by Christmas day."
      To which we replied,  "Well,  you could be mailing it to some Christian friends in Israel"   which she misheard as "....Christmas in Israel."
   She hurridly assured us, with a smile, "that there are 32 holidays in Israel, and Christmas is not one of them." 
   To which we lightly replied, "Well,  you could have some Christian friends in Israel,  to whom you are mailing the package"  upon which a frown crossed her face,   and she assured us, that, No, there were very few Christians in Israel. 

      To which we replied, a tad snarkily we will confess,   that ever since the U.S. invasion of Iraq there are far fewer Christians there (in Iraq) now, than there were before, under Saddam...  and that maybe some of the Wolfowitz-Perle-Feith-Libby-Wurmser  Neo-Con 'war planners' [warmongers & war-profiteers, aka 'war-pigs']  had planned it that way...?"  ?!!!

   It must be said that American Jews, at least those in affluent areas with well established, affluent & influential Jewish communities, are practically wearing their smug superiority on their sleeves - they clearly regard themselves as culturally, ideologically, politically, religiously, and nationally  superior to their 'gentile' neighbors, and clearly the Rubin-Summers-Greenspan-Emanuel-Bernanke-Blankfein-GoddamnSachs (et al)  crew regards the entire U.S. economy,  much less the U.S. Treasury, as their own private fiefdom... if not their own private, personal piggy-bank.  

   Do they really  have no  use for us American peons,  except  as poorly paid hired  mercenaries (U.S. govt. issue soldiers in their ever expanding wars in Muslim lands), or as   indentured 'servants' on their plantations and Rothschilds-esque estates?
Shades of the Hessian mercenaries killed fighting to uphold King George III's rule over the American colonies during the American Revolution!
   Prince William, Elector of Hesse-Goethe,  became Europe's richest prince precisely for hiring out his elite and well trained mercenaries, infamously hijacked the death payment King George paid for every Hessian killed in America, William stiffing the orphans and widows of those death benefits.  It was this great slush fund of war profits that enabled Hamburg merchant and coin dealer Mayer Amschel Baur to win favor with Prince William, the patriarch of the soon-to-be Rothschild's banking dynasty selling Prince William rare gold coins at a discount,  and gaining enough favor thereby to win future business first cashing checks, and then writing bonds (selling loans) to Prince William,  "Europe's most blue-blooded loan shark."    
    Yes, it is true:  the great (not to say infamous) Rothschilds dynasty banking fortune was born of Hessian mercenaries spilling American blood... and spilling their own blood on distant American shores - as the R's European banking cabal fortune took off.  For the next 100+ years, the Rothschilds would invariably support emperors, despots, and dictators, and oppose popular rule and popular democracy (much less economic improvements that actually helped the bottom half of society). 
 Some things never change! 

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Jewish War... on the British People. As GS, JPM, & allied Fed PRIVATE banking cartel bankers wallow in unearned billion dollar "bailouts" BONUSES, millions of elderly in England, Europe, & America face freezing cold winters with no heating...

Would the Jewish people of America, Europe, and the Mideast please stop making an honest man of Hitler & his Nazi "anti-semitic"mid-1930s propaganda? 

     "Scenes we've seen before" - as Irish men, women, and children were starving to death  by the tens-of-thousands during the "Great Famine" 1845-1852, wealthy British  bankers - foremost among them the Rothschilds -  were building themselves monstrous new mansions  partially financed by "profits" extorted from Irish rents & hijacked, "privatized") fertile Irish estate's grain exports  -

As Ireland endured a series of  genocidal famines, one alone, "The Great Famine"  that killed over 1 million souls  under British "free enterprise" rule between 1845 and 1852, the Rothschilds banking clan - Britain's most powerful and profitable fianciers -  were buying up properties  and bulding mansions  all over the countryside outside of London - their "investment"  "profits" fattened by GRAIN EXPORTED FROM fertile Irish "private estate"  grain fields,  at THE VERY HEIGHT of the mass-murderous famine...
 (wiki pictures, left, Rothschild's Mentmore mansion, corner stone laid in 1851 at the very height of the Irish famine;
right - Irish children on verge of death from starvation & disease)
Wiki's entry for Hannah Rothschild, Countess of Rosebery and inheritor of the Mentmore estate, confirms that the Rothschilds heir was firmly set against Irish home rule (democratic self-government), agreeing with Queen Victoria and other British establishment voices that democratic self-rule for Ireland (which could have prevented at least some of the worst extent of the famines) would have been "radical" and even "communistic" - link.
   below -    Jewish  Fed Chairman Ben "The Swindler"  Bernanke  - dishing out  TRILLIONS of dollars in "bailouts," "liquidity injections,"  "backstops," "guarantees," "QUANTITATIVE EASING" and other  cheap excuses to PRINT MONEY for his GS, JPM, Citi, and other banking crony friends (and  the closely related  Jewish (israel) War Lobby)   while millions of Britons, Europeans, and Americans on limited incomes  face  freezing winters with little or no heat....     
Bernanke the economy-gutting genocidal Fed "banker" &  financial swindler: 
 (i.e. Bernanke has GIVEN AWAY  hundreds of *BILLIONS* of  dollars of   "good money" for  the SHEER GARBAGE, worthless,  s***   "securities"   that his gs/jpm/citi  pals are trying to unload  from their fraud saturated books and portfolios. Bernanke's ONLY concern, is for  the taxpayer extorted  "profits" of the gs/jpm banking cartel - the U.S. and world economies be damned.) 
  • "Bernanke's Lie of the Day":  "MarketWatch reports the Fed chairman saying 'Increasing inflation [is] not a goal'."
  •     "Bernanke belongs on the cover of Mad Magazine with his 'What me Worry?' attitude about asset bubbles. He could not spot a housing bubble even though it was obvious to practically everyone on the planet except the other members of the Fed, real estate agents, and home builders."  (link)  
  •  only reluctantly does the U.S. press/media inquire into the true cost of Bernanke's massively fraudulent "bailouts" - $3.3. trillion taxpayer extorted dollars in this one set of six loan programs, alone.
The results of the Fed/GS/JPM/  relentless DEFRAUDING of the people of America, England, and Europe:  millions of now impoverished citizens forced to face a freezing winter with little to no social support. 

(note: for 200 years,  since at least when Nathan Rothschild funded Wellington's  British army  & Britain's allies in their  victories over Napolean in the "Peninsula Campaign" in Spain 1808-1814 and at the Battle of Waterloo
(Nathan purchased the East India Tea Company's entire stock of gold bullion and silver that  the rapacious  British had extorted out of India, and used that money, smuggled through Napoleon's Europe blockade,  to fund and supply Britain's allies in Spain, Austria, Prussia, Russia, etc.)
..."the City of London" British financial district (and indeed the entire British empire!)    has been synonymous with the Rothchilds multi-national zionist banking cartel.   For over 100 years,   J.P. Morgan,  Chase Bank (the Rockefeller bank is now part of JP Morgan-Chase bank), Citi Bank (the chief NY competitors of  the Rockefeller's bank), Lehman Brothers (a Jewish bank originated by the Jewish slave owning Lehman brothers  in the slave owning Deep South before the Civil War), Golddamn-Sachs,  Kuhn-Loeb, the Warburgs, and other Anglo/German/'American' banks have all been  part of the American arm, or "front," of the multi-national R's very zionist banking cabal.)

 "MIDDLE class families are among millions of Britons who cannot afford to heat their homes this winter, as elderly ride on buses all day to stay in the warm.
 After a week of snow and freezing temperatures a shocking picture has emerged of the bleak months ahead for 5.5 million households.
Pensioners, who are among those most ­vulnerable to the cold, are resorting to ­extraordinary measures to keep warm. 
Many have been using their free travel ­passes to spend the day riding on buses while others are seeking refuge from the cold in libraries and shopping centres.
Dot Gibson, spokeswoman for pressure group the National Pensioners’ Convention, said: “Now that we have one of the coldest winters, older people are going to have to make the unenviable decision whether or not to put the heating on. The Government should guarantee that they won’t cut the winter fuel allowance.”
The death toll from the big freeze rose to seven yesterday. They included two men who were killed in a crash on the M62 in Humberside and two teenage girls who died when their car collided with a Royal Mail van in Cumbria.
 The winter death toll is set to rise steeply as official figures show that nine elderly people died every hour because of cold-related illnesses last year. The number of deaths linked to cold over the four months of last ­winter reached nearly 28,000..."  (cont'd) 
   bonus:  The New York Times Neo-Con  loot, plunder, rape, &  pillage propaganda machine "economics" appartchik Paul Krugman:  Krugman was sponsored for the lucrative & influential NY Times  economics guru op-ed position, by fellow (Jewish) Princeton economics department  academic Ben Bernanke...   which probably goes a long way to explaining why Krugman would rather blame China for "currency manipulation," than point out that his pal Bernanke  at the Fed has dished out nearly FORTY TRILLION DOLLARS in  made-up-out-of-thin-air "money" - taxpayer extorted "bailouts" loot - just handed over, with almost no strings attached, to the failed, fraudulent,  U.S. & world economy killing  Goddamn-Sachs & JP Morgan-Chase banksters  (here's one  $3.3 trillion chunk, alone!) .... they are the member-owner banks of the Fed Reserve system, as  "Nobel prize winning economist"  Paul Krugman well knows.

     Far from having the "Conscience of a Liberal"  as his recent book title claimed,  Mr. Krugman is now just a typical, soulless, NY, DC, Ivy League Neo-Con  radical right-wing economic commissar apparatchik,  pushing & whitewashing  extortion , bailouts fraud,  and propaganda lies.   As we pointed out, above,  "Who needs death camps and work gulags, when you can just freeze people to death in their own homes  and towns by killing their jobs & economy and sabotaging their social safety net?"   under the Right-Wing propaganda whitewash mantra of  "FREE MARKETS," when actually  Wall Street bankster extortionists  GO RUNNING to  CONGRESS and  The Fed for  TAXPAYER SOCIALIZED  "bailouts"  every 5 minutes!?!
  The caption for this Bloomberg photo of Krugman states
 "Krugman says Iceland may be an example of “bankrupting yourself to recovery”" 
 but Krugman, Bloomberg, the (Sulzerger family owned) New York Times, and the other American "mainstream" press/media outlets  rarely mention that the multi-national bankers and vampire blood-sucking, credit extortion "bond holders" have  IMPOSED  "BAILOUTS" on the people of Iceland (and Ireland, Greece, Portugal, Britain, and of course the United States, etc.)  for the VERY PRIVATE losses, FAILURES, and BANKRUPTCIES, of the very PRIVATE  banking cartels.

   Just as Queen Victoria once labeled  democracy for Ireland a "communistic" proposition, so to whitewash her country's genocidal extortion and murderous ethnic cleansing of that downtrodden, British army occupied  country,   so too today do the Jewish owned media outlets in New York and America whitewash, and rule out, the prospect that public citizens and American taxpayers  should NOT have to pay for the  very PRIVATE BANKING FAILURES of the criminally run Fed/gs/jpm/rothschilds banking cartel - the GENOCIDAL, mass-murderous banksters who wallow in ill-gotten,  taxpayer extorted "bailouts" BONUSES, as they crush and kill the American economy & social safety net that took 100+ years of blood, sweat, toil, tears, and sacrifice to create.

  below,   Terrific cartoon video / pictoral explanation of how the "Vampire bankers" loot,  plunder and destroy the entire world economy while killing  tens upon hundreds of thousands of jobs - needless to say, Golddamn-Sachs, the prototypical "vampire squid" bank,  is and has always been a Jewish owned bank  even if they hire gentile WASP (White Anglo Saxon Protestant) front-men like Hank Paulson and Mark Patterson (and Jamie Dimon over at JPM)  to do some of the dirty work for them.   
    Indeed, U.S. presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama, and British Prime Ministers Tony Blair and his replacements,  are effectively nothing more than hired front-men for the murderous GS-JPM (+ Citi, BoA, etc.)  treasonous  vampire squid banking cartel. 
   The Fed,  JP Morgan, and Golddamn-Sachs ARE SYNONYMOUS, they are all three the same entertwined  & interconnected (via the Fed) "vampire squid" banking cabal bankers -

   - GS & JPM are member-owner banks of the Federal Reserve,  Ben Bernanke is merely their hired economic-hit-man front-man,   they are parasites who make TRILLIONS of taxpayer extorted "bailouts"  dollars DISAPPEAR into thin air - as the below video  so artfully  illustrates.
 (That's why, even after they have been "bailed out,"  they always come back seeking new,  more extensive bailouts.)