Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Jewish Wars: The Big Finance FINANCIAL TERRORISM WAR against the American people explained...!

Hallelujah! and PRAISE BE! 
Two new additions to the web illustrate, in plain English and for all to see, the systematic means by which  Wall Street, Big Finance, and the  Fed bankers are WAGING economic & financial WAR  against the American people. 
  First, a video explaining how not only is current "Fed" Chairman Ben Bernanke a LYING TOOL of his Big Finance financial terrorist sponsors and career mentors  (particularily GOLDDAMN-SACHS and JP Morgan-Chase),   but that President Barack Obama is also a LIAR, a SWINDLER, and a FINANCIAL TERRORIST  himself,  for  PROMISING the American people "CHANGE  you can believe in!"  while DELIVERING  the DIAMETRICAL OPPOSITE,  delivering  MORE of the very  Golddamn-Sachs sponsored financial terrorism that Bush, Cheney, Greenspan, Paulson, BERNANKE and co. had visited on America over the previous 8 years,  leading millions of American voters to break the race barrier in 2008  and vote for  a minority presidential candidate, a candidate pledging,  promising, above all else, to "change" the ECONOMIC SITUATION in America -

   It must be said:  BLACK and minority voters have done EVEN WORSE under two years of IDIOT, LIAR, SWINDLER and  "step-and-fetch-it" HIRED ECONOMIC HIT MAN Barack  Obama and his PRETEND "liberal" but actually RIGHT-WING  "of, by, and for Golddamn-Sachs" economic policies,  than Black  & minority families were doing back in November 2008 when they proudly  voted  for - and thought they were getting - positive "change." 

   As Professor Michael Hudson explained (posted earlier here at DemNationUSA)  back in February, Obama's re-appointment of Ben Bernanke signaled that Obama was running a radical RIGHT-WING REPUBLICAN style presidency  - JUST LIKE George W. Bush, dastardly Dick Cheney, and their Libby, Wolfowitz, Perle, Feith, Chertoff, Mukasey, and "Heckuva Job, Brownie" hatchet men had run for 8 long dismal years - and, indeed, at the behest of his Neo-Con sponsors and Big Finance puppet-master hatchet-men, Obama has been getting away with assaults on  the American people that Bush could not have gotten away with -
  Obama is enacting MORE RIGHT-WING big finance attack-on-America policies in 2 years, than Bush and Cheney delivered in EIGHT long years of trying! 
Guns and Butter - Obama's Republican Class War Presidency - February 3, 2010 at 1:00pm

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  But first,  before we get to Barry Ritzholtz's awesome, incredibly simplified  explanation  (in the form of an imaginary letter ffrom Warren Buffet, on truth serum, to the SEC and "Uncle Sucker"  formerly known as Uncle Sam) of the INTENTIONAL FRAUD and SERIAL LARCENY that were inherent in the Robert Rubin, Lawrence Summers, Alan Greenspan, & Phil Gramm's DEREGULATION of U.S. financial markets in the late 1990s and early 2000 -
...we'll first post some quick headline links outlining the REAL news - the real ASSAULT ON AMERICA  that the ENTIRE U.S. "major media,"  the ENTIRE  U.S. education system (and especially college and university finance, politics, and economics departments),  and of course both major political parties are COMPLICIT in WHITEWASHING, distracting, distorting, and diverting  public attention AWAY from -
 -  the better to ENABLE  the  RIGHT-WING, big finance,  war-lobby + treasury looters    concentration of wealth & power ATTACK ON AMERICA:

Speaking of DEREGULATION and FINANCIAL FRAUD, in this all time classic edition of the Dylan Ratigan show Mr. Ratigan interviews former S&L Regulator  and lead proseuctor  Professor William Black - who states plainly that Obama SHOULD FIRE Ben Bernanke, the current SEC Chairwoman Mary Schapiro, AND Attorney General Eric Holder, who have all been DERELICT IN THEIR DUTIES to POLICE, prevent, and PROSECUTE FRAUD in America's financial markets!   
video -


  Under the tender mercies of the GODDAMN-SACHS dominated  Obama administration,  America's chief law enforcement and financial oversight regulators  today - two long years after the scandal of Department of Interior 'regulators' literally sleeping with, and having drug parties with, the oil & mining company officials they were supposed to be overseeing - today under the Barack Obama "Democrat" administration,  justice department &  financial regulators    ARE STILL  IN BED with the Financial  CRIMINALS  attacking America's economy!

 Writing an imaginary letter by Warren Buffet, on truth serum, to  "Uncle Sucker"  (formerly known as Uncle Sam),    Barry Ritholtz explains how the United States government -  the Congress, the executive (government) agencies, and BOTH political parties,   INCLUDING the  so-called "Democrats" -  enabled what would become the decades-long  LOOTING and GUTTING of both the productive (industrial) parts of the American economy,  and specifically the TITANIC FRAUD in the critical financial markets.
  As our above  cartoon video on Bernanke, the Fed, and "Quantitative Easing"  explained, the inherent nature of the Fed - a PRIVATELY OWNED BANKING CARTEL that  "issues"  ALL of America's (dollar) currency "money" - IS INHERENTLY FRAUDULENT, undemocratic,  dictatorial, and PARASTIC - for it, the Fed Reserve very private banking cartel system, allows connected operators, to  PREY ON American workers, companies, and especially pension funds,  by using  FAKE, FIAT, CREATED-out-of-THIN-AIR 'money'  to  SIEZE  ALL PRODUCTIVE ASSETS in the country (and world), by organized financial, debt leveraging cartels,   creating such concentrations of  fiat money that large fund operators can use  "PUMP & DUMP" tactics to    EXTRACT the real wealth right OUT OF  pension funds,  COORDINATED pump-and-dump stock PRICE MANIPULATIONS  by large funds operators working together.
    (See Jim Cramer's "how large hedge-fund operators like me MANIPULATE markets and individual stock prices -  he uses the word "fomenting"- and he uses as an example large companies like Apple (APPL) and Blackberry (RIM)"!!  and video here.  Jim Cramer worked FOR  financial swindlers Golddamn-Sachs, and  Warren Buffet  PARTNERED  WITH Golddamn-Sachs when Buffet, during the September 2008 stock market implosion, "injected" over a billion dollars into GS to stave off bankruptcy, making Buffet now a major stock holder of the  "VAMPIRE SQUID" fraudulent, parasitic, criminal,  IF NOT TREASONOUS treasury looting hedge fund....

From tech stocks to high gas prices, Goldman Sachs has engineered every major market manipulation since [including]  the Great Depression — and they're about to do it again.

  WE KNOW who the FINANCIAL TERRORISTS   engineering  REPEATED ATTACKS on the American economy are:  they are ROBERT RUBIN, LAWRENCE SUMMERS, ALAN GREENSPAN and BEN BERANKE and their pals  at Golddamn-Sachs, JP Morgan-Chase, and other treasury looting big finance swindlers on Wall Street - and in the  few short items listed below,  WE KNOW HOW Rubin, Summers, Greenspan, their Republican hired economic hit-men Phil Gramm, Jim Leach, and Thomas Bliley 


and their GS sponsors "DEREGULATED" the ENTIRE  U.S. economy and financial markets....  which  financial "DEREGULATION"   was merely the ENGINEERED   "loot consumers, savers, and pensioners as much as you can" prerequisite for TRASHING the economy, leading to the Lehman Bros, Bear Stears, Fannie, Freddie, Merrill-Lynch, AIG  (etc.)  economic failures,  which gave the Big Finance terrorists the  excuses  they needed to just plainly EXTORT  Congress & American taxpayers out of TRILLIONS of dollars of "bailouts"   for failed, fraudulent bankers &  financial sabotage traitors

Dear Uncle Sucker . . .
By Barry Ritholtz - November 17th, 2010
 (posing as Warren Buffet,  on truth serum, writing a "thank you, suckers" letter to the SEC, Securities & Exchange Commission.) 

Before I get to the bailouts, I have to remind you [the U.S. government, SEC, & Congress] that in:
• 1999, you passed the Financial Services Modernization Act. This repealed Glass-Steagall, the law that had successfully kept main street banking safely separated from Wall Street for seven decades. Even the 1987 market crash had no impact on Main Street credit availability, thanks to Glass-Steagall.
• 1997-2010, you allowed the Credit Rating Agencies to change their business model, from Investor pays to Underwriter pays — a business structure known as Payola. This change effectively allowed banks to purchase their AAA ratings, and was ignored by the SEC and other regulators.
• 2000, you passed the Commodities Futures Modernization Act. It allowed the shadow banking industry to develop without any oversight by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, the SEC, or the state insurance regulators. This led to rampant creation of credit-default swaps, CDOs, and other financial weapons of mass destruction — and the demise of AIG.
• 2001-04, the Fed, under Alan Greenspan, irresponsibly dropped fund rates to 1%. This set off an inflationary spiral in housing, commodities, and in most assets priced in dollars or credit.
• 1999-07, the Federal Reserve failed to use its supervisory and regulatory authority over banks, mortgage underwriters and other lenders, who abandoned such standards as employment history, income, down payments, credit rating, assets, property loan-to-value ratio and debt-servicing ability.
• 2004, the SEC waived its leverage rules, allowing the 5 biggest Wall Street firms to go from 12 to 1 to 20, 30 and even 40 to 1. Ironically, this rule was called the Bear Stearns exemption.
These actions and rule changes were requested by the banking industry. Rather than behave as adult supervision, you indulged the reckless kiddies, looking the other way as they acted out. You were the grand enabler of the finance sector’s misbehavior. Hence, you helped create the mess by allowing the banking sector to run roughshod over decades of successful constraints. (Kudos again on that). (cont'd)