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Rick Sanchez FIRED by JEWISH-OWNED CNN, for pointing out the obvious: With Jews DOMINATING the US Congress, Senate, White House, government, media, & Financial Markets, they have a lot of nerve claiming "oppressed minority" status...

Rick Sanchez was FIRED by JEWISH-OWNED CNN tv network this week, for daring to mention the obvious:  CNN is a JEWISH-OWNED company,  (a wholly-owned subsidiary of  the Time/WARNER corporation, "Warner" as in the  Warner Brothers family (born Polish Jews the Wonskolasers)   of Bugs Bunny, Clint Eastwood, HBO, and other Hollywood movies, & movie moguls, fame.) 
  CNN has every right to hire and fire any media personality or actor they want to,  however, Sanchez's firing points out the GROSS HYPOCRISY, and, yes RACISM and BIGOTRY of American Jews:   both "liberal" and "Conservative" Jews in America support open-borders, or at least amnesty for illegal immigration from Mexico and Latin America.  (Neo-Con, or Right-Wing Jews, support illegal immigration and open  borders as a means of DEPRESSING WAGES and standard-of-living for American workers and families; "Liberal" Jews, like those at,, and, pretend to support human rights for Latino immigrants, but utterly fail to hold their Neo-Con Jewish counterparts responsible for the attack on American wages, pensions, benefits, Social Security, health care access, job security, etc.,  which Neo-Con assaults on American wages and families are of course a de facto attack on America's human rights.
 ( Just as English lords and landlords siezing Irish grain estates led to the Great [Irish] Famine which killed over one million Irish souls between 1845-1852 alone - with the Rothschilds being the wealthiest, most powerful, and most profitable British banking house during the entire period of the Great Famine and the British "OPIUM WAR,"   which of course used India slave labor to produce the opium which British merchant-bankers FORCED - under British guns, warships, and bayonets - China to import.)
 Almost without exception,  NO  American Jews will ever be found speaking out for open-borders and right-of-return for Arabs and Palestinians whose families were ethnically cleansed, expelled from Palestine by the Jewish war machine over the course of its many wars the past half  century. 
   THE  JEWISH EDITORS and producers of CNN  REFLECT THIS JEWISH HYPOCRISY, racism, and BIGOTRY  EVERY DAY that CNN produces their Neo-Con media tripe for American 'news' consumers - but Sanchez wasn't fired for pointing  all that out, he was fired instead  for pointing out that, with Jews DOMINATING the U.S. press, media, government, congress, senate, courts,  presidency, and especially the Goddamn-Sachs-swindlers dominated U.S. financial markets,   they have A LOT OF NERVE claiming "oppressed minority" status! 

    Indeed, Mr. Sanchez's comments barely scrapped the the surface of  Jewish DOMINATION of American media,  government, Hollywood, and financial markets.  

  So-called "Liberal"  Phil Maher of HBO's "Real Time with Phil Maher" show hosted Washington Post uber- Neo-Con 'reporter' Bob Woodward this past Friday (Oct. 1), where Woodward was warmly applauded by Maher's nominally "liberal" audience
[note: In typical Neo-Con fashion, HBO has placed a "WE OWN YOU!" copyright claim - CENSORSHIP - on the YouTube posting of Woodward's comments on the Phil Maher show.  The despicable Neo-Cons are trying to PRIVATIZE America's ENTIRE  democratic voter-government relationship, i.e. TERMINATE American democracy so they can PROFIT from and Pinochet sytle "FREE MARKET"  economy - Leave it to the despicable hypocrite Neo-Cons like Milt Friedman to call MILITARY  DICATATORSHIP run monopolies-and-corruption  economies as  "free market" economies!]
    - Phil Maher and his audience FAILING to understand that the Jewish Bob Woodward is a NEO-CON WARMONGERING APPARTCHIK at the "Pravda-on-the-Potomac" Washington Post;   his job is to LEGITIMIZE the NEO-CON COUP in America,  and Neo-Con WARS overseas, and as we pointed out 2 post previously, Woodward does this with the typical Washington Post "oh so establishment con-ventional wisdom" sneer,   in this case Woodward titled his recent book "OBAMA's WAR,"  even though even a casual examination of the U.S. wars in Iraq & Afghanistan reveal that they were pimped by the Washington Post, New York Times, and other Neo-Con (Jewish owned) media - including CNN! - for nearly a half decade before the United States actually started dropping bombs on Afghanistan in late 2001. (Hence the title of this blog is "The JEWISH WARS.")
 (We're referring,  of course, to the Jewish, Likud (Israel) dominated so-called "Project for a New AMERICAN Century"  - even a casual examination reveals that over half the signers of the PNAC manifesto (and "attack Iraq at earliest possible moment" letter)  - advocating "American" hegemony and military dominance over world affairs, are JEWISH NEO-CONS, many of whom - including Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, Scooter Libby, Don Kagan, Norman Podhoretz, and others,  had close ties with the Israel government / war party (Likud) of Jewish war state Prime Minister Netanyahu - IF, that is, they don't 'enjoy' DUAL CITIZENSHIP with the Jewish war state, aka "divided loyalties"!)  

 WHIPPING UP  American armies, to attack and invade Muslim countries, is THE ULTIMATE BIGOTRY and RACISM,  which  practically NO Jews in America (with very few exceptions)  willing to point out that THE DRIVING FORCE, behind BOTH Bush (and Cheney's) Wars, and "Obama's Wars" are the JEWISH NEO-CONS,  who have DOMINATED BOTH the Bush & Obama presidencies!!  

  Our previous post: Bob Woodward SMEARS President Obama with the "credit" for America's EXPANDING WARS in Afghanistan and Iraq, but  the fact that Obama's entire White House is DOMINATED by Jewish Neo-Cons is rarely mentioned.  

  By contrast, WashPost Neo-Con warmonger Woodward's first two books about the war(s) were generally complimentary, if not laudatory,  of President Bush,  "Bush at War" (2002) and  "Plan of Attack" (2004)
 (Full Disclosure: Woodward's other two books on Bush (George W.) at war were far more critical: "The War Within" [the Bush White House] and  "State of Denial - Bush at War Part III") but again, the LARGER point is that Woodward FAILS TO CONNECT THE DOTS that it was JEWISH NEO-CONS who gave the  Bush, Cheney & Rumsfeld White House and war department their talking points, stragetic plans   (if  "pre-emptive war" FOLLY can be called "plans")  and political backing and support (men like Cheney CHIEF OF STAFF Scooter Libby;  Bush CHIEF OF STAFF Josh Bolten, Bush's war-crazy U.N. Ambassador designate John Bolton, Bush's "clean up" Attorney General Michael Mukasey, Bush's "Homeland Insecurity Czar" Michael Chertoff (leave it to the AUTHORITARIAN "Old World/ancient world" New York, D.C., and Ivy League Jewish Neo-Cons to impose a "CZAR" title on so-called "democratic" AMERICA's  de facto  DHS national police directorate!) (And that's after the so-called "Liberal," so-called "DEMOCRATIC" Jewish Neo-Cons like uber- Neo-Cons Lieberman, Schumer, and Emanuel dreamed up the DHS bureaucratic nightmare in the first place! )   

    Catholic    Editor-in-Chief Melinda Henneberger joins her Neo-Con "media elites" in FAILING to notice (or mention)  that CNN REALLY IS a JEWISH owned & dominated company - as are America's  press/media "leaders." the New York Times, Washington Post, Time  magazine, Newsweek, the LA Times, Chicago Tribune, and others - and, like Bob Woodward, she FAILS to notice that  JEWS REALLY ARE  the DRIVING FORCE ("the Jewish Wars") behind BOTH "Bush's Wars" AND "Obama's Wars" !!! 
The Kernel of Truthiness Behind Rick Sanchez's Ugly Rant
by Melinda Henneberger, Editor in Chief  

No, not the anti-Semitic part, no word of which deserves defending
But there is a sad, circular pattern to the bigotry that Sanchez obviously experienced and was scarred by, embittered to the point that even as a successful cable anchor, it escaped his lips one day and blew up his career. That's why racism, and every form of discrimination, is so insidious: It can make you crazy, and is very, very hard to make a clean break from... (cont'd)
  post-script: is one of the most genuinely "Democratic" and progressive (news) blogs in America - Jane Hamsher's take-down of Lanny Davis as a CORPORATE SELL-OUT "Democrat"  on the Ed Schultz show was a marvel to behold.   Yet even  Jane (yes, she's Jewish)  REFUSES to CONNECT-the-very-obvious-DOTS that     ALL the  real "PLAYERS" in the Obama White House (Summers, Emanuel, Bernstein, Klain,  Gensler, Sutphen, Axelrod, Orszag, Jacob Lew, etc.), & Pelosi Congress & Senate  - are either JEWISH, or bow-down-to the JEWISH WAR LOBBY & GODDAMN-SACHS dominated Wall Street!!  and that the JEWISH financial company GODDAMN-SACHS, via their BRIBERY of the Obama administration and "Democrat" Pelosi 110th & 111th Congress (and, via former Goddamn-Sachs CHAIRMAN Hank Paulson, control of the entire U.S. economy & financial markets under Bush) are chronically AT THE CORE of EVERY PHASE of America's current economic crisis, from the SCANDALOUS  AIG bailout (which was no more than a PASS-THROUGH for Goddamn-Sachs), to Mary Schapiro's AWOL, CRIMINALLY NEGLIGENT S.E.C., to fomer Goddamn-Sachs shyster-lawyer ELENA KAGAN now sitting on the U.S. Supreme Court where she has been positioned,  MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE style,  to approve any financial larceny the Rubin-Summers-Geithner-Paulson-Bernanke  Goddamn-Sachs swindlers can dream up  ("FLASH-CRASH" software that NULLIFIES investors' stop (automatic sell) orders; and/or a modern variation of President Roosevelt's 1933 GOLD CONFISTICATION Act, under Jewish (then) Treasury Secretary HENRY MORGANTHAU),  and as well UBER-NEO-CON  Supreme Court Injustice Elena Kagan is placed to approve the LEIBERMAN-McCAIN  SS CONCENTRATION-CAMP Gestapo police state powers  detention rules  (namely, NO MORE CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS - straight to Chertoff & Brownies DHS/FEMA Concentration Camps -  for ANY American the Neo-Con dominated executive branch labels "a terrorist sympathizer"!)
 (and here, here, and here)
   Maybe so-called "liberal"  FireDogLake's writer "Watertiger" might notice the  torrent of  JEWISH NAMES, including Lieberman, Kagan, Schumer, Emanuel, Chertoff, Mukasey, Emanuel, Klain, Libby, Bolten  (etc.)  behind Ameica's looming CONCENTRATION CAMP, Gestapo-SS rules; behind GODDAMN-SACHS on-going, nation-gutting financial larceny (Rubin, Summers, Emanuel, Gensler, Geithner, Greenspan, Bernanke, Bernstein, etc.) , and behind  the Jewish dominated, RIGHT-WING Obama presidency,  before he  taunts NOW CENSORED,  FIRED, and unemployed (former) CNN anchor Rick Sanchez? 

Hey, Rick, Jew Wanna Piece of Me?
By: watertiger Friday October 1, 2010