Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Neo-Con warmongers ENABLE the Ruthless, theocratic, dictatorhship SAUDI Wahabi regime... while the same Neo-Cons whip up war-hysteria about the far more democratic Iran...

Dylan Ratigan and Glenn Greenwald  call out uber DC Neo-Con  Cliff  May, the   President of  the policy institute "Defense of Democracies,"   for ARMING SAUDI ARABIA and  FOMENTING NUCLEAR HYPOCRISY in the Jewish war-state,
   where Israel spokesmen  hysterically jump on their soap-boxes agitating for war against Iran for Iran having a LEGAL nuclear program, while the entire world well knows that the Jewish war state has a MASSIVE  nuclear arsenal, almost certainly including fusion-warhead ("H-bombs") using technology stolen from America's nuclear weapons labs.
(Yes, the very type of  nuclear "spying" that the Jewish owned New York Times tried to accuse Chinese-Ameircan  Los Alamos national nuclear weapons lab scientist Wen Ho Lee of delivering to Communist China, "spying" data that everyone inside the U.S. military/intel community well understands was actually obtained by China - AND ISRAEL - during the late years of the Reagan-Bush-1  Republican administrations (1981-1993), when American "conservatives" and Neo-Cons were trying to empower China as a Cold War ally for America, and a Cold War  nightmare for the former Soviet Union.)

 Andrea Mitchell's report on opposition to US-SAUDI mega-billions ARMS SALE confirms Dylan Ratigan's concern that the SAUDI REGIME - a U.S. and Israel supported "ally" - is FAR WORSE on human rights, than Iran is... the hysterical warmongering lies  of professional Neo-Cons like Cliff May, Paul Wolfowitz, Joe Lieberman, Bill Kristol, and hundreds of other Neo-Cons not-with-standing.