Sunday, September 12, 2010

Max Keiser: US Wars (the "Jewish Wars") are SOCIAL WELFARE for Neo-Con Warmongers & Treasury Looters...

 The Max Keiser video from September 9th is a standout, Max and co-host Stacy Herbert outline how America's entire economy is now a WAR PROFITEERING & financial extortion economy -

...SOCIALISM and big-government paychecks for connected bureaucrats, contractors, financiers,  and thousands of  "intel" appartchiks - and how that WAR PROFITEERING (and related GS/JPM financial larceny in critical world  financial markets) is the root cause of the entire U.S. & world economic contractions (recessions).

   Meanwhile,'s headline from the same day says it all:  so-called "Democratic" President Barack Obama, far from delivering the "CHANGE!" that he promised in his 2008 presidential campaign, is delivering MORE of the  GOLDDAMN-SACHS FINANCIAL LARCENY and TITANIC FRAUD, that Bush, Cheney and their Treasury Secretaries John Snow and FORMER GOLDDAMN-SACHS CHAIRMAN Hank Paulson foisted on America -

  Barack Obama is RUNNING a CRIMINALLY CORRUPT and FINANCIALLY MALFEASANT administration - he is ROBBING American consumers and taxpayers of TRILLIONS of dollars, in both global war spending and domestic financial larceny (no-audit "bailouts" and titanic  Rubin/Paulson GS  style defrauding of consumers & investors)  - Obama and his "of, by, and for Goddamn-Sachs" ROBERT RUBIN proteges and MINIONS "economics team" are ram-rodding Bush & Cheney's DESPISED economic policies down America's throats - as Max & Stacy explain. 

(above headline links to - ) SEC Says Citi Execs Charles Prince,  Robert Rubin Knew of Losses on Citi-bank's Assets without Disclosing Those Losses to Investors -
By Joshua Gallu and Donal Griffin, Sep 9, 2010
 [photos] Charles O. "Chuck" Prince, former chief executive officer of Citigroup, & Robert Rubin, former chairman of Citigroup's executive committee testify  at a hearing of the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission in Washington. 

Charles O. “Chuck” Prince and Robert Rubin were among Citigroup Inc. officials who knew 2007 losses were mounting on mortgage assets that U.S. regulators have faulted the bank for not disclosing, a court filing shows. 
Prince, the bank’s chief executive officer at the time, and Rubin, who was then chairman, knew the highest-rated segments of subprime mortgage-backed securities were the source of about $200 million in new losses in October 2007, the Securities and Exchange Commission said yesterday in a filing at federal court in Washington. In July, the agency accused the bank and two other executives of failing to disclose $40 billion in subprime assets before losses surged. It didn’t target Prince or Rubin. 
  PURE FRAUD  is  the GODDAMN-SACHS, J.P. Morgan, & Citi-bank (et al)  recipe for "outsized profits" - the LOOTING of the American & world economies, in concert with  Neo-Con WAR PROFITEERING and GLOBAL, nuclear/military EXTORTION by the  GS, JPM, Citi, and Israel war lobby funded Neo-Con warmongers & global extortionists cabals.