Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Jewish Warmonger (Neo-Con) Bob Woodward Places Blame for Bush, Cheney, and PNAC (Likud) War Catastrophe... squarely on DEMOCRATS and the cluless, arrogant, & easily manipulated "Democratic" President

Text book Washington Post, D.C.  Neo-Con  "hit piece" on Democrats -  "OBAMA's WAR" - 

Even though Barack Obama's ENTIRE WHITE HOUSE is staffed by (almost) NOTHING BUT Jewish Neo-Cons, the rats nests of influential  New York and D.C. fellow Neo-Cons  are trying to make Obama look like an impotent, weak, and clueless leader - which he is, but it's  because he is following the treacherous and despised   Neo-Con (Jewish war-lobby + Goddamn-Sachs financial swindlers) advice! 

Obama and his servile sidekick Vice President Joe Biden have done the impossible:
they have allowed the treacherous Neo-Cons who DOMINATE (if not own) the U.S. press-media
(i.e. the Sulzberger New York Times, the Meyer-Graham Washington Post, the Warner Bros. owned Time/Warner/CNN magazine, TV network, and Hollywood empire;  the Sam Zell owned  Chicago Tribune & LA Times, the Bloomberg owned Business Week, the Sidney Harman owned Newsweek, the Kristol owned Weakley Standard, etc.)  TO BLAME DEMOCRATS for  BUSH, CHENEY's, and the Neo-Con's disastrous wars !!!!!
  This is treachery (by the Neo-Cons) and stupidity (on the part of Obama, Biden, and Nancy Pelosi) of the first order.
  Obama and Biden are too arrogant, too clueless, too compromised, and too corrupted, to realize that they are, once again, HELPING the treacherous (if not treasonous) Neo-Cons  DESTROY the Democratic majorities,  just as the New York Times, Washington Post, and other Neo-Con media outlets enabled the Republican assault on the Clinton presidency.
 (The Times and Post breathlessly tried to make Barbara Striesand and other Clinton guests overnighting in the White House into the so-called "Lincoln bedroom 'SCANDAL'' - then, just a few dozen months later, the Post & Times GAVE the Republican  George W. Bush White House a FREE PASS, for giving gay male prostitute Jeff Gannon  daily White House press passes - for months on end - despite Gannon's  up-and-running gay male prostitute web-site, and Gannon's use of a pseudonym to conceal his real name - red flags that Secret Service security could not possibly have not known about.)