Sunday, September 26, 2010

The GENOCIDAL Jews: "Settlements" now cover 42% of Palestinian West Bank. Genocidal EXTERMINATION of "other" Tribes, IS the message of the "Old Testament" bible...

As today's Huffington Post headlines and front-page photo reveal, what the Jewish state propaganda meisters call "SETTLEMENTS" are actually multi-billion dollar luxury condominiums and apartment buildings - SUBSIDIZED by the Jewish state government, often (usually) using  money SUBSIZED (in form of  tax exempt "charity" "religious donations")  BY AMERICAN TAXPAYERS. 
   This is SOCIALISM FOR JEWS,  while, here in America, America's Right-Wing Jewish "Neo-Cons" are the most vociferous ideologue haters and hate-mongers** against social programs for AMERICAN citizens. 
 [**note:  Even so-called  "mainstream American" WASP  media  hate-mongers like Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly, and former Australian media mogul Rupert Murdoch take their  marching orders from - and know not to cross - the Goddamn-Sachs/JPM Jewish dominated Wall Street Big Finance extortion machine, and the Jewish State "Neo-Con" warmongers propaganda machine - just as "Bibi" Netanyahu, NOT Barack Obama or Nancy Pelosi, is actually, effectively  "the leader" of the U.S. Congress, Senate,  and both political parties.]   
  As to the Jewish War State having to "choose between Settlements or Peace," well, we already know that answer: the Jewish state PROFITS from WAR,  the deeper they enmesh American armies in Mideast wars, THE MORE THEY EXTORT the American economy, THE MORE THEY EXTORT _AMERICAN_ taxpayers, and the more their  Neo-Cons (like formery Attorney General Michael Mukasey, former "Homeland Security Czar" Michael Chertoff, and former FEMA "emergency powers" Director Michael Brown)  demand PURE DICTATORIAL police-state powers here in America.
  It is an agenda of PURE HATE, racism,  DECEIT, INSIDIOUS TREACHERY, and SABOTAGE DESTRUCTION of the American economy, so Jewish families can live in high-rise luxury, subsized by the Israel government and war machine,  AND by  AMERICAN TAXPAYERS,  at Palestinian and AMERICAN citizens' expense...
 (note: The so-called "liberal"  HuffingtonPost, in typical Rothschilds/Jewish fashion, is actually owned and controlled by New York/Israel very Neo-Con   Jewish media owners - despite deceptively having little Greek girl Arianna Huffington's name on the masthead, and pretending to be "liberal" to deceive readers and followers.) 
Israel Settlements Cover 42 Percent Of West Bank
by Matti Friedman, July 2010
...Around 1,400 Gazans, many of them civilians, were killed in three weeks of fierce urban fighting and aerial bombardments. Thirteen Israelis were killed. A report commissioned by the U.N. Human Rights Council accused Israel of deliberately targeting civilians, a charge Israel rejects... (cont'd)
Mideast Peace Talks Hit Settlement Roadblock: Abbas Says Israel Must Choose Between SETTLEMENTS or PEACE
by Ali Akbar Dareini, 9/25/10 11   
United Nations — Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said Saturday there will be no peace deal with Israel unless the Jewish state stops settlement construction in areas the Palestinians claim for their future state.

"Israel must choose between peace and the continuation of settlements," Abbas said in his address to the U.N. General Assembly's annual ministerial meeting.
Direct peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians stalled only three weeks after starting in Washington in early September** over the impending end of a 10-month freeze on new Israeli settlement construction on land claimed by the Palestinians.
 [** - i.e. pure  Jewish-state  DECEIT bought at least 3 weeks of U.S. "major media" complicity and propaganda "spin;" pure  lies  that the Jews had ANY intention of cooperating peacefully in the land-for-peace negotiations.]