Friday, September 24, 2010

Congressman Alan Grayson correctly Compares Congress & Senate to Dictator Emperor Caligula's wholly controlled Roman Senate - He just fails to address the fact that America's Congress must BOW before the JEWISH WAR LOBBY (Israel) and their synonymous Golddamn-Sachs Treasury Looters & Financial Swindlers...

"Help us make sure that government of the people, by the people, and for the people, does not perish from this earth" - Congressman Alan Grayson

Sadly, we do not feel that Congressman Grayson is being overly dramatic: American democracy IS in peril,  but Mr. Grayson, like Paul Krugman and Mark Karlin and thousands of other observers before him, just  fails to connect-the-dots about who exactly it is that poses the threat to America.

Representative (Congressman) Alan Grayson has a tough job: he is trying to resuscitate the Democratic Party from the living corpse that the Lieberman, Emanuel, Schumer, Feinstein, Harman and other Neo-Con "Democrat" Congresswomen, Congressmen,  Senators and goverment officials like Robert Rubin and Lawrence Summers  have made of the party, ever since Senator Joe Lieberman TREACHEROUSLY told Democratic & independent voters in his 2000 Vice Presidential campaign appearances "vote for me [and Al Gore as president] and we will FIGHT for you and your family's needs and  concerns."
  The treacherous Lieberman had no such intention:  as an uber- New York, D.C., and Tel Aviv  Neo-Con, Lieberman was far more closely allied with Wolfowitz-Perle-Feith-Libby-Bolton Jewish war lobby, than he was with the fifty+ million Democratic voters, and millions more working families, in America. 

Fortunately for our analysis, the Wolfowitz-Perle-Feith-Libby-Bolton Jewish  war lobby has a name: the "PNAC"  "Project for a New American Century"  think tank run by Bill Kristol and Robert Kagan.  Since PNAC was composed of over 50% Jewish warmongers and war profiteers - all with close, intimate connections with the Jewish war state (Israel), PNAC should be called the "Project for a New JEWISH WAR STATE DOMINATED CENTURY," and is in fact nothing more than a U.S. based action arm of Netanyahu's radical Right-Wing  Israel Likud Party (the most fervid, fanatic war party in Israel politics).  If the names like Wolfowitz, Bolton, and Libby sound familiar, it is because Paul Wolfowitz became Deputy Secretary of War (under Secretary of War Donald Rumsfeld) from the very start of the Bush-Cheney administration's stolen presidency in January 2001, John Bolton became Bush's U.N. Ambassador-designate to the United Nations, and I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby became Vice President Dick Cheney's CHIEF OF STAFF. 

  The treacherous, treasonous Joe Lieberman was in the summer and fall of 2000 FAR MORE CLOSELY ALLIED with his fellow "PNAC" Jewish Right-Wing (and Republican)  war mongers, than he ever was with the millions of Democratic voters he was pretending to represent in his many years as a "Democratic" Senator from Connecticut - and it was his DISGRACEFUL refusal to sign the Black Congressional Caucus'  simple demand, for a simple Congressional Investigation into what we now know was massive voter disenfranchisement in Florida, that LEGITIMIZED Bush & Cheney's THEFT of election 2000. 

  The TRAITOROUS, TREASONOUS PNAC (Jewish war lobby) Neo-Cons have NO use for American democracy, in fact, the Treasonous PNAC crew despise American voters, nearly as much as Netanyahu's Right-Wing Jewish fanatics and storm-troopers despise Palestinians and Arabs.  And the Netanyahu war-mongers crowd, has an absolute HAMMER-LOCK CHOKEHOLD on the U.S. Congress and Senate:  despite the Democrat's overwhelming majorities in the 111th Congress and Senate,  the weak, cowering Democrats  CAN'T ACCOMPLISH ANYTHING that American voters were hoping they'd accomplish to REVERSE the Right-Wing Republican follies of eight years of Bush & Cheney's criminal corruption and economy-killing policies...
   ...but when NETANYAHU and the Jewish War State whistle on their dog-whistle, the ENTIRE  U.S. Senate snaps to attention, and follows the dictates of the Jewish warmongers, rebuking a United States president NOT for not sufficiently kow-towing to the Jewish war state prime minister in general!   
   The United States Senate now effectively represents the FANATIC, relentlessly warmongering wing of the JEWISH WAR STATE,  far better than it represents AMERICA and AMERICAN voters! 
76 Senators sign on to Israel letter More than three quarters of the U.S. Senate, including 38 Democrats, have signed on to a letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton implicitly rebuking the Obama Administration for its confrontational stance toward Israel.The letter, backed by the pro-Israel group AIPAC, now has the signatures of 76 Senators and says in part... (cont'd)
 (full letter - and list of so-called  "AMERICAN" Senators who TAKE DICTATION from the Jewish War State prime minister - here:  
   It would take more than a book - it would take an entire encyclopedia set - to document all the  anti-democratic tendencies of the Jewish war state and their "American" pimps, warmongers, war profiteers, and treasury looting, economy killing (Golddamn-Sachs) financial swindlers,    but for this post, we will happily let Congressman Grayson's words do the talking:  the TREASONOUS  Jewish War State Neo-Cons, have NO more use for American democracy, than sadistic Roman Emperor Caligula had for the Roman enate - as Congressman Grayson points out,  Caligula, in an act of contempt, appointed his HORSE as a member of the Roman senate. 
 Caligula's Horse
 Rep. Alan Grayson, U.S. Congressman from Florida's 8th District
 September 23, 2010 Here is a short, and very relevant, history lesson.

The Roman Senate governed Ancient Rome for five centuries. It looked much like the Congress today. The purpose of the Roman Senate was to rule in accordance with the wishes of the Roman People. The building in which the Roman Senate met, the "Curia Julia," still stands in Rome today.

In 27 B.C., Augustus Caesar formally took control of Rome, and established the Roman Empire. But the Roman Emperors didn't abolish the Senate. Instead, the Roman Senate continued to meet, for five more centuries, doing pretty much nothing.

Sound familiar?

During the Roman Empire, the Emperor held all the power. The Senate was simply a debating society, chosen by the Emperor, and serving at his pleasure. To prove this point, in 39 A.D., Emperor Caligula appointed his horse, Incitatus, to the Roman Senate.

What we are heading for, here in America, is something very much like that. The way things are going, Big Money will choose our "leaders" in Congress, and they will serve at Big Money's pleasure.

Big Money doesn't put horses in Congress. Just the hind-quarters of horses.

For the past few weeks, we have sent e-mails to our supporters showing how Big Money is trying to select -- not elect, select -- the Congressman from my district. Big Money has now spent three times as much in lying TV attack ads as all of the money that my Republican opponent has raised. Big Money is going all out to replace me in Congress, because I can't be bought.

Big Money doesn't care who replaces me, as long as he's pliant. It might as well be Caligula's horse.

We are at a turning point in our own history. What will we be? A government of the people, by the people, and for the people? Or a dictatorship, ruled by the Empire of Money?
Help us make sure that government of the people, by the people, and for the people, does not perish from this earth.


Alan Grayson