Sunday, August 8, 2010

Live Video of the Jewish War State SS-like Military Ethnically Cleansing Palestinians... for alleged crime of "stealing water"

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  American and Jewish war-state Right-Wing  Jews**, are working overtime, to PROVE every word of Nazi propaganda from the pre-war (WWII) war years: they ARE warmongers, they DO own the "major media" outlets of the U.S. press-media corporations (Sulzberger New York Times; Meyer/Graham Washington Post, CNN/Time/Warner; Harmon owned Newsweek, Kristol Weakly Standard, Sam Zell owned Chicago Tribune, LA Times, Florida 'Sun' papers, etc.), they DO dominate the U.S. and world financial markets through funds like Golddamn-Sachs, Bear-Stearns, Lehman Bros, Salomon Brothers, Wasserstein-Perella, KKR, (etc.), they ARE Financial Swindlers (see Golddamn-Sachs former Chairmen Robt Rubin and Hank Paulson LOOTING the U.S. economy),  and they WILL BRIBE, EXTORT, and DESTROY democracy, and representative government, at every opportunity they can make...
 just as quickly as they will demolish Palestinian homes...

 **with all due apologies to those American, European, and worldwide Jews, including those at FDL,  who oppose the theocratic, dictatorial, racist,  ethnic cleansing, genocidal  warmongering tendencies of the radical Right-Wing "Neo-Con," AIPAC lobby, and Likud  Jewish state  war-lobby  Jews,   see video here -
Unfortunately, their voices have been so MUTED by the American corporate media (aka quasi-government propaganda) as to be nearly inconsequential. 
    The video above is a short clip, showing a small boy in the Occupied West Bank watch his father seized by Israeli soldiers. His father’s crime? He’s charged with “stealing water.” The boy’s name is Khaled Jabari and he is five years old. The Israelis have decided that the local water system, sanctioned by the Palestinian Authority and supplying water which Jabari’s father pays for – is illegal and so Israeli police rip out the community’s water pipes and arrest the local men.

Another view of life in the Occupied Territories can be seen in this video which Max Blumenthal reported on last week. The Bedouin village of al-Arakib was razed by Israeli forces as part of their ongoing land grab. Max is doing astonishing work documenting events in the West Bank and his reports on this event include a discussion of the use of Israeli high school kids as part of the Israeli forces demolishing this community.