Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Jewish uber Neo-Con ("Israel uber alles") "American" warmonger John Bolton lusts for a NEW WAR in Mideast...

In the "picture and headline speak 1,000 words" category,  we have HuffingtonPost's headline & photo, of uber Likudnik warmonger John Bolton... trotted out, right on schedule, by the Jewish war lobby in NY or DC, to tell us how very, very urgent it is that the Jewish war state (or the United States military) ATTACK IRAN,  right now.


      Question for Mr. Bolton and all his other Neo-Con, PNAC, Likudnik traitor friends:
 "WHERE WERE YOU between October 12, 2000, and September 11, 2001?
 October 12, 2000 - a mere 4 weeks before the 2000 presidential elections -  was the day that  al Qaeda terrorists launched a SUICIDE BOMB ATTACK on the USS Cole in a Yemen harbor, nearly sinking the U.S. Navy warship.   The Bush, Cheney, Wolfowitz, Bolton, Libby, PNAC, 'Neo-Con' "national security experts" took power, after the stolen election of November 2000, upon Bush & Cheney's inauguaration on January 20, 2001... but  the Bolton-Wolfowitz-Perle-Feith-Libby Neo-Cons running the Bush-Cheney foreign policy & war machine DID NOTHING, NOT ONE DAMN THING, to either exact retribution on al Qaeda for the USS Cole attack....
  ...nor to DEFEND American against a FUTURE  al Qaeda attack,  which was soon coming, less than a year after the Cole attack, on 9-11-2001.

   IT LOOKS LIKE  Mr. Bolton and his other Neo-Con, PNAC, Jewish war lobby friends, ARE MORE CONCERNED with  ISRAEL's  "security," than with AMERICA's security.
   In fact, a very strong argument could be made, that Mr. Bolton and his Likudnik,  "American" Neo-Con friends  DID NOTHING  to prevent the 9-11 hijackers from hitting  American targets on 9-11-2001, on purpose,  so they could get their precious "New Pearl Harbor" excuse to attack, invade, and occupy Iraq... and then Iran and Syria.

 post script: The Jewish war state has been operating outside of international law, regarding its own thermonuclear warheads, missiles, and 'wmd' weapons stockpiles,  for several decades now.    Needless to say, Mr. Bolton and his war-lobby, Likud, PNAC, Neo-Con friends are in no hurry, to bring the Jewish war state into international compliance for its own nuclear weapons stockpiles....